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Tiktaq'to is a Special Lizardmen character from Warhammer Fantasy and the current Master of the skies in Hexoatl. He is also the Lizardmen's version of an ace pilot mixed with Evel Knievel, making him one of the most badass Skinks around.


Tiktaq'to (no really, thats his name), also known as The Eye In The Heavens, is a Skink Terradon Rider and the current Master of the skies from Hexoatl, the title meaning he is a sort of general over the the Lizardmen flying units. Currently, he has made it his personal business to fuck up the plans of every invader to Lustria by launching raids, counter attacks and tactical strikes on the enemy from his personal Terradon "Zwup" (I swear to god, I am not making these names up). Due to his role and rank, he has two unique artifacts: the Mask of Heavens, which has a magical aura that allows the wearer to combine his mind with the mind of their mount and dominate it, like a less fucked-up version of those weird-ass hair tail things from Avatar, and The Blade of Ancient Skies, a jawbone fragment of some extinct avian predator that lived in Lustria, attached to a handle and made into a great big bollocking stick.


Tiktaq'to rose to prominence due to his sharp eye at spotting trouble and his bold and daring tactics, which usually involved him and his squadron dive-bombing enemy forces much larger than his own in hit-and-run attacks that would be the envy of any veteran Stuka pilot. One of these daring raids he pulled off was against a large savage Orc Waaagh. Knowing that Orcs follow the Warboss and without him, the horde would fall apart, Tiktaq'to swooped down grabbed the Warboss and flew up hundreds of meters before dropping the Warboss, who came screaming back to earth, after which the Orcs ran for the hills.

His most famous engagement was with the Chaos horde of Vashnaar the Tormentor. A huge Chaos Warhost was making a beeline to Hexoatl and to make matters worse Lord Mazdamundi was absent from the city cleansing the world, and had taken a large part of the standing army with him. So apart from the few Slann Mage Priests who were in Hexoatl (who were all sleeping mind you) and a small battalion of warriors, Hexoatl was defenseless against the Chaos horde. Tiktaq'to gathered up his Terradon riders and set off towards the Chaos horde, and began a number of delaying actions against the Chaos forces, slowing them down by a few days so that when the Chaos horde finally reached the Temple City the defenders had been able to rouse the Slann and prepare the defenses the best they could. Tiktaq'to lead the defense Hexoatl and was able to hold out long enough for Mazdamundi and Kroq-Gar to show up and destroy the Chaos forces.

Also in a Battle report, Tiktaq'to and his squadron of Terradons dive bombed a Daemon Prince (that just happened to look like Belakor) and killed it by dropping rocks on it. This event was then added to the Lizardmen fluff. Yes, a mighty and near unstoppable Daemon Prince was killed by a bunch of Goblin-sized lizards riding Pteranodons, who dropped rocks on him. Because that's how Tiktaq'to fucking rolls.

Total War: WARHAMMER[edit]

He was featured in the Total War: WARHAMMER 2 campaign as a free Legendary Lord alongside the release of The Prophet and The Warlock DLC. He was a unique legendary lord because he starts with a flying mount on default, which no other lord had at the time in either campaign or multiplayer. With the release of The Twisted and The Twilight DLC, the Sisters of Twilight are now the only other legendary lord that starts with a flying mount, and they are also far better than Tiktaq'to because they actually have ranged attacks. He has the unique ability to drop an armour-sundering magical bomb and gives special bonuses to Terradon and Ripperdactyl units. He also has the unique Rite of Tzunki on the campaign map which renews the movement points of all armies in his faction, which makes him a really dodgy bastard on the campaign map because he covers more than double of the amount of map that another faction could. He also buffs Skink heroes by giving them all a Terradon mount automatically.

Many fans and competitive players rightfully rank Tiktaq'to in the dogshit tier of legendary lords. A lot of units that can fly on table top can't fly in the Total Warhammer games. This is actually really bad for Tiktaq'to. Why is that? Because if he and his opponent are duking it out in the air, Tiktaq'to's signature weapon gives him +15% AP damage, Weapon Damage, and Melee Attack. With less enemies flying, that means that there is less opportunity for him to dog fight. His special ability is used entirely on infantry and other ground units, so he doesn't even necessarily excel in the air. Combine that with how he is extremely squishy and has NO RANGED ATTACKS AND MUST ENGAGE IN MELEE, then you have a recipe for disaster if you're an inexperienced player. A masterful player can get a lot of value out of Tiktaq'to, but it's better to just pick Lord Mazdamundi, Kroq-Gar, Gor-Rok, or even Tehenauin if you want to play a fun Lizardmen campaign or to do well in multiplayer. At least he is better than Nakai!