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"Why Should You Play Time Wizards!?: You should not play Time Wizards!."

– The original Time Wizards!

Time Wizards or LOS MAGOS DEL TIEMPOOOOOOOOO is a silly and chaotic rules-lite homebrew. It first surfaced on /tg/ in the writings of a tripfag named "DM Kroft." Anons laughed, said "man, that sounds like a hell of a lot of fun," and screencapped his posts. Many wanted to play the game, and it was spoken in hushed whispers that maybe Kroft would post the rules, but nothing came of it for quite some time.

The original compiled ruleset that /tg/ came up with.
DM Kroft spins a tale of shenanigans and time dickery.

Shit gets done[edit]

Some odd number of months later, anons reverse-engineered some rough rules for Time Wizards from DM Kroft's descriptions, making flowcharts of gameplay. On October 14, 2013, an anon posted a proper rulebook, and the fa/tg/uys saw that it was good.

The rulebook's in 1E currently, so if you play it with your friends, post results!

A flowchart showing the convoluted flow of a MAGOS DEL TIEMPO game.
The rules as reverse-engineered by fa/tg/uys, known as "Corgi Edition" for the cover. Behold its ridiculous majesty.
Some examples of Change Cards. In a flowchart for some reason.
Examples of phrases for use in character creation. In an Excel spreadsheet for some reason.

The Lawrence Incident[edit]

In early November, 2013, Time Wizard Lawrence storytimed his glorious experience playing Magos del Tiempo. Not once, but twice. DM Kroft himself was in the thread, and POSTED THE ORIGINAL RULES. He says they should not override or invalidate the reverse-engineered rules. In fact, there may be an effort to create a hybrid rules set... And then /tg/ delivered those rules too, with cards.

The original rules as posted by DM Kroft, known as "Hat Edition" because... well, read it.
The combinaton of the 1e and Ke rules including all the cards.

Time Wizard Archibald and The Sober and Serious Edition[edit]

A group of elegan/tg/entlemen decided in September of 2015 that they wished to play a game of Time Wizards. However, the Time Master was considerably taller and longer-armed than the rest of the group, so he decided that, so as to let the poor spindly-armed Time Wizards have a chance, slapping dice would be removed in favor of dice pools based on character resources. (Naturally, some declared this heresy, but slapping dice is somewhat Khornate to begin with, so who knows for sure?) This, as expected, led to shenanigans, including dropping the Red Army in Berlin and turning a Jedi into a cardboard box.

Sober and Serious Edition is an ongoing project; in order to spare this wiki the pain of repeated uploads of revised versions, public releases will be made available on GitHub. The repository also hosts the current development versions as a .tex file, but it's highly advised to play with release candidates, as rules in development versions will change around and it's a pain to compile a file from source just to play Time Wizards!.

The initial rules of The Sober and Serious Edition.

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