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Golden harp
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Initiate / Temporal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Thought)
Portfolio Hidden truths, music, poetry, storytelling,
Domains Thought, Oracle, Dreams, Arts
Worshippers Bards, entertainers, storytellers
Favoured Weapon Quarterstaff

Tiresias is the Immortal associated with music, poetry, and hidden truths.


Born as Dallbard MacCrubach, he was a mixture of musician, entertainer, and prophet in life. And that all that's certain, as he has told others many different versions of his life.

One version claims he came across a bathing Immortal, who blinded him, but gave him a staff that guided him and the gift of poetry that told deeper truths than what usually were told to mortals. Another version claims he was a mortal companion of Immortals who, for his chauvinism, cursed him to live as a woman for seven years, eventually being turned back but losing his sight as well. Yet another claims he was a harper at a king's court who tried to court the kings daughter and was blinded and exiled for his attempt.

He also tells multiple versions of quest on the Path of the Epic Hero. He tells of his quest for Turlock's Harp, of the Harrowing of the Afterworld on the Plane of Undeath, and of his journey to collect the magical chants of the fire giants at the Hinges of Hel.


Tiresias appears a venerable old man, with a long, white hair and a flowing beard, and his eyes are covered by a white cloth, wrapped around his head. In one hand he carries a small harp, in another a twisted walking staff made of ironwood.


To Tiresias, legend is more interesting than truth, which is why he often lies, and they are so entertaining that others forgive him for it, and rarely gives a straight answer. He's neutral toward most controversies, only caring about music, poetry, and storytelling.

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