Titan (Moon)

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Malcador's super secret pet project.

Titan is the moon of Saturn, in the Solar System, located in Segmentum Solar and current super-secret HQ of the super-secret SPEHSS MEHREEN Chapter. It is a frigid moon cold enough to freeze even the nutsacks of a Space Marine; it's thick nitrogen atmosphere clouds and obscures the Moon's surface, making it a really good place to hide all your secret shit (or at least the best you're gonna find in the most densely populated star system in the Imperium).


In pre-Imperial times (that is, after the old human government collapsed), Titan was part of the Saturn polity which was defended by the Saturnine Fleet. Titan, along with the rest of Saturn and its moons, were eventually absorbed into the fledgling Imperium during the early Great Crusade.

Later under order of Malcador the Sigillite, ships and supplies were quietly siphoned off other projects and covertly sent to Titan under the code name Othrys. These shipments were discovered by Administratum Scribe-Adepta Second Classificate Katanoah Tallery when she was processing cargo shipping through the Riga Orbital Plate over Terra, and she believed that they represented a Horus-backed plot to undermine the Imperium via the Departmento Munitorum. An attempt to alert others to the discovery caused her to be hunted, but she was rescued by Nathaniel Garro who believed her story about a possible threat to the Imperium. He was aboard the plate searching for Saint Keeler, and Tallery's devotion to the Lectitio Divinitatus persuaded him to her honesty.

After slipping aboard a derelict ship sent to be used as material to build a fortress-monastery on Titan, they managed to navigate through various construction sites as they discovered esoteric weapons being shipped in and the arrival of the Mertiol wounded arriving. They managed to fight their way to the top of the newly constructed fortress only to find Malcador awaiting them. Upon discovery, Malcador revealed that it was not a traitorous plot but one that would ensure humanity would be able to fight the growing threat of Chaos after the Horus Heresy came to an end. However, Tallery could not live with the knowledge, and Malcador ordered Garro to *BLAM* her. Garro rebelled against the order, and Malcador relented, taking Tallery into confidence and putting her to use in completing the facility as Curator-Adepta Primus. Somewhere around this point, one of Mars's moons, Deimos, was moved to Titan's orbit to act as a mini Forge World.

Shortly before the Siege of Terra Titan and the remaining Knights-Errant, through Malcador's mystical means, was hidden away from the traitorous Warmaster Horus. When Titan eventually returned after the Heresy, the Citadel of Titan had been constructed along with the creation of the 666th Space Marine Chapter, the Grey Knights. Whilst in the Warp, time had passed at a greater rate for Titan and so it had emerged not with the original eight Space Marines and their raw recruits, but with a full Chapter of one thousand fully trained Battle-Brothers.


Under the surface of Titan lies a cool, damp crypt. It is here that every Grey Knight wishes to finally reside, in the hallowed halls of the dead. Almost every member of the chapter will have their body recovered and brought to this crypt beneath the Emperor's Temple. As a final tribute to those that have given their lives, the names of the dead are carved ceremoniously into a great basalt wall in the heart of the fortress. Among these names are some of the Imperium's greatest heroes who died trying to out-do Kaldor Darigo's greatest achievements, to this end, none of them came even close. Like all other matters in regard to Grey Knights, they will remain almost completely unknown.

The defences of Titan consist of a vast array of defence fleets, interceptors, and ground-based weaponry. It is said that only Terra, Mars, and Cadia sport more formidable defences.

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