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(Under Construction) Another work inspired by Fantasy Flight Games' Deathwatch Role-playing Game's Space Marine Chapter Creation Tables, these are another /tg/ homebrew but made for the purpose of creating your own custom Legion of God-Machines, history, deeds, and all. Unlike the other Creation Tables present below, these were over halfway-finished and then abandoned in incomplete form, where they languished for years in a forgotten archived thread. Now they rise to the surface through 8chan like newly uncovered STC fragments, free from obscurity. As it was unfinished, however, the generator is in deep need of further edits and additions.

Engines of the Legio & Lupus Primus[edit]

What is the Mainstay Engine of the Titan Legio? (1d100)
Warhound Pattern 1-30
Reaver Pattern 31-60
Warbringer Nemesis Titan 61-75
Warlord Battle Titan 76-85
Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan 86-95
Imperator/Warmonger Pattern 96-100

First and Lead Engine of the Legio (1d100)
Warhound Pattern 1-15
Reaver Pattern 16-35
Warbringer Nemesis Titan 36-55
Warlord Battle Titan 56-75
Warmaster Heavy Battle Titan 76-85
Imperator/Warmonger Pattern 86-100
  • If desired, the lead engine can be automatically chosen to be an equal or bigger pattern than the mainstay engines.

Deeds of Legend of the First Engine ("1d100")
01-25 This Engine is remembered as the bane of the Orks, laying waste to whole Empires and countless Gargants and Stompas to such an extent that its name is known to the vile greenskins even to this day.
26-50 This Engine is a stalwart enemy of the servants of Chaos, and laid low a Daemonically Possessed Titan of one of the Traitor Titan Legios in glory.
51-70 This Engine was at the forefront of a glorious crusade deep into uncharted regions, defeating countless foes and bringing an entire sector back into the light of the God-Emperor.
71-85 This Engine fought against the Eldar and destroyed several of their own Titans, leaving a mark so deep that to this day it still sung of by the Eldar as they seek vengeance against the Legio.
86-95 This Engine led the Legio against a minor Xenos Race, destroying it so utterly that centuries later only the Legio remembers its name.
96-100 This Engine is a relic of the most ancient days, dating back to before the Heresy even if the Titan Legio itself was founded much later. It fought under the eye of the God-Emperor Himself in some mighty battle during the Great Crusade, and the Machine Spirit still remembers the touch of the God-Emperor's light and His fury in battle.

Origins of the Legio[edit]

Legio Homeworld (1d100)
1-10 Armory World - Amongst the Forge Worlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus, a rare few gain renown as masters of the forge. Whether they produce Land Raiders or bolters, these Armory worlds are renowned for the quality and quantity of their production. The establishment of a Titan Legio is a moment of great pride.
11-20 Forge Altar - Even amongst the ranks of the Forge Worlds, this world stands out for its devotion to the Omnissiah. The esoteric symbols of the Cult Mechanicus infuse all its creations, from the lowliest powercell to the mightiest Titan. The tech-priests blessed to service these awe-inspiring creations are all the more attentive to their devices.
21-30 War World - The 41st Millennium is a time of war, and not even Forge Worlds are free from it. Despite formidable defenses and nigh-unlimited resources, this for is embroiled in a war for its very survival. Yet even so, the Imperium's demands must be met, lest other worlds fall. A Titan Legio from a War World is made up of battle-tested Titans.
31-40 Manufactorum - The millions of worlds of the Imperium rely upon the Adeptus Mechanicus, and this Forge World is one of the most important. A tremendous variety and quantity of the technologies that hold the Imperium together are produced on this world, but such prodigious production means that less of their production capacity is a dire blow to the Imperium.
41-50 Shipyard - Focused on the complex and secretive art of shipbuilding, it is rare but not unheard of for forges of this sort to turn their arts to the construction of Titans. With their intimate knowledge of void shielding and fusion plants, they can produce Titans with similar enhancements.
51-60 Silent Forge - Insular and isolated, this forge has little to do with the Imperium as possible. Its masters foresee a time of great disaster and failure, and devote the vast majority of their resources to preparing for the coming fall. When a Titan Legio is torn away from this World's selfish grasp, its begrudging warriors are as self-reliant as possible.
61-70 Ghost Forge - A terrific cataclysm has befallen this forge. Whether by accident or design, it's manufactories have fallen silent, powerplants glow no more, and its people have turned from the Omnissiah. The unfortunate Legio to originate from this world is cut off from its home, unable to leverage its once terrific resources in their isolation.
71-80 Primeval Forge - Without the resources of the Primeval Forges, the Adeptus Mechanicus would be entirely unable to function. Not simply mining worlds of the Imperium, Primeval Forges are responsible for the extraction and processing of rare elements and trans-phasic substances required in the production of some of the most ancient weapons in the galaxy.
81-90 Datahive - Extremely rare and nigh-legendary, a datahive is a Forge World devoted entirely to the collection and analyzation of data. On those rare occasions when a Titan Legio is established upon a datahive, they are invariably equipped with immense and comprehensive databases on the foes of mankind from those long-dead tomes.
91-99 Arsenal World - The wars of the Imperium require vasts amounts of materiel, and it is the Arsenal Worlds which produce them. These forges are key and critical parts of the Munitorum's vast logistics chain, supplying everything from engine grease to bolter shells to Vortex torpedoes. With such massive foundries at their command, the Titan Legio is never at a loss for fresh ammunition.
100 Antiquary World - The Adeptus Mechanicus is a millenia-old empire, spanning hundreds of thousands of worlds throughout the galaxy, and privy to uncounted secrets of the distant past. Some worlds ruled by the Mechanicus are repositories of that past, charged with safekeeping of the most ancient and mysterious relics of the Dark Age of Technology.

Legio Age (1d100)
1-5 Pre-M30 Age of Strife - Deep within the abyss of time, this Legio was founded by the proto-Mechanicum to defend its far-flung colonies. As Imperial compliance was met, the Forge World and it's Legion(s) joined the Imperium as the successor to the old human government which collapsed after the Iron Rebellion and the beginning of the Age of Strife.
6-15 M30-004.M31 The Great Crusade - In the wake of the signing of the Treaty of Olympus, the Legios of Mars are unleashed at the Emperor's command. This Legio was created at the behest of the Emperor, in order to meet the needs of the Great Crusade.
16-20 005.M31-014.M31 The Horus Heresy - The Horus Heresy devastates the Mechanicum, as Forge Worlds throughout the galaxy are forced to choose a side. Your Legio was born in that chaotic time, a Loyalist offshoot of some long-dead heresy.
21-25 Early M31-Mid M34 The Forging - Following the death of Horus, long centuries pass as the Imperium rebuilds itself. This Legio was established in order to aid the reconquest of the galaxy, or in the aftermath of the catastrophic War of the Beast.
26-35 Mid M34-Early M36 The Nova Terra Interregnum - The dark age of the Nova Terra Interregnum saw the Cult Mechanicus cleft in twain as the Moirae Schism rocked its own stability even as the Ur-Council declared independence from the High Lords of Terra.
36-45 Mid to Late M36 The Sanction of Vandire - The end of the Nova Terra Interregnum failed to bring the hopeful peace as the Moirae Schism continued. Declaring its independence from the corrupt and mad rule of Goge Vandire, the Adeptus Mechanicus rearmed its defenses to fight for Mankinds freedom against the insane tyrant.
46-55 End of M36-M37 Age of Redemption - Following Vandire's defeat and the Thorian Reformation finally fixing the clusterfuck that started with Nova Terra Interregnum, the Moirae Schism was also peacefully ended as the schismatics rejoined the mainstream cult, probably after fighting together to end the reign of terror. As the Imperium prospered, so too did the Adeptus Mechanicus.
56-65 M38 Crusades of the Fringe - Long and bloody, the crusades of the fringe consume billions of lives and trillions of tonnes of materiel. Founded to sustain a long and difficult crusade, this Legio has fought with honor and won much glory alongside the Imperium's greatest heroes.
66-75 M39-M40 Tides of the Outer Dark - The rise of powerful new xenos threats in the fringes of the Imperium such as the awakening ancient and mysterious Necrons and the arrival of the innumerable hordes of Tyranids forces the Mechanicus to respond.
76-85 M41 Hold Back the Apocalypse - As the 41st Millenium drew to a close, the might of the Imperium was strained to the breaking point. This Legio was founded to stem the tide.
86-90 999.M41-012.M42 The Indomitus Crusade, first phase - As the great scar cut the galaxy in half the Legio was raised on the orders of the Re-Awakened Primarch to stem the flow of blood from a beleaguered Imperium.
91-100 012.M42-Present Age of the Dark Imperium - With a galaxy-wide spike in Psykers and the Imperium in more peril then ever before even after the first phase of the Indomitus Crusade brought borderline heretekal relief across the galaxy your Legio was founded to deal with the new threats that have appeared in the aftermath of the Battle of Raukos (the final battle of the first phase of the Indomitus Crusade) and definitely not in preparation for a potential Mechanicus civil war.

Power of the Legio[edit]

Strength (1d10)
1 Sole Survivor - Failure. The Legio has been reduced to a single engine, leaving the First Engine a leader with no followers. However, the irridescent fury within the survivors blazing reactor and vengeful servo-motors is something to behold indeed.
2 Decimated - Defeat has dogged the Legio, exacting a terrible toll in engines and crews. It has been decimated, reduced to a shadow of its former self.
3-4 Under Strength - The Legio's victory has come with terrible costs.
5-7 Half Strength - Scarred by war, the legion grows tighter.
8 Battle Damaged - The costs of war have taken their toll on the Legio, but the value of the experience gained is incalculable.
9 Full Strength - The Legio stands ready for battle (50 Titans).
10 Over Strength - This Titan Legion has grown strong over the centuries as replacements have outpaced losses.

Deeds of the Legio[edit]

Deeds of Note (1d15)
1 Victorious Campaign - Victory! Your Legio was critical to the success of an Imperial crusade.
2 Unending War - The long war continues unabated, despite the firepower of your god-machines. The forces of the enemy, led by an uncharacteristically brilliant warlord, continue to grind down the forces of the Imperium.
3 Destroyer of Daemons - This Legio has laid low a Daemonically Possessed Titan of one of the Traitor Titan Legions.
4 Forlorn Hope - In the last moments, your Legio stood proud in the midst of defeat, buying time for Imperial reorganization.
5 Last Stand - Beset on all sides, your Legio survived a desperate last stand when all other Imperial forces had fallen.
6 Lost in the Warp - For untold centuries, you were deemed lost to the Warp, until suddenly you reappeared and joined battle without a moment's hesitation.
7 Champion Slain - A mighty warlord renowned and feared by the forces of the Imperium was finally brought down by your Legio.
8 Failure and Despair - The forces of the Imperium have been shamed! And the Legio played its part. Your stratagems were weak, your Princeps inefficient, your Titans found wanting. The enemies of Mankind know your weakness, and to complete their humiliation, hunt you throughout the galaxy.
9 Service at the Gate - In centuries of service, your Legio has faced down the Great Enemy at the Cadian Gate and won. (reroll if formed on or after 999.M41)
10 Overwhelming Victory - The forces of the Imperium have triumphed! The Legio has covered itself in glory, becoming renowned across the Imperium for its role in conquering a terrible foe. Your princeps are vetted from Sol to Constantium, and your Titans have oath-bonds from the grateful powers of mankind.
11 A Knife Blunted - Foul enemies of the Imperium knew they could never fell your Titans on the field of battle and attempted to lay you low using more subtle methods. Whether through ambush, sabotage, or the assassination of the Legio's Princeps, unseen foes set about silencing your guns with stealth and subterfuge. They failed; you foiled their plots, uncovered their plans, and tore away the veils under which they hid before annihilating them in the way only the mightiest war-machines in the galaxy can, that they may never again lay low the Omnissiah's chosen in such a manner.
12 Stand Defiant - In the Dark Imperium, the Astronimicon is dim and the enemies of man run rampant against an Imperium that can do little to beat them back. Yet where your God-Machines tread, this is not true. Where your Titans walk, hope is brought to the hopeless, and the tides of Darkness are kept at bay for just a little longer.
13 The Great Rift - When the Cicatrix Maledictum tore open the Galaxy and Daemons descended on the Galaxy, the Legio was not caught unaware. With the thunder of guns and great mechanical zeal, the Legio obliterated the Forces of Chaos with impunity, allowing its world to reassume nominal production almost immediately before setting out to staunch the flow on other worlds.
14 Reclamation - Thanks to the Legio's valiant actions an extremely valuable piece of Archaotech was reclaimed by the Adeptus Mechanicus; this could be an ancient weapon, remains of a mighty warship, scraps on an STC or even a Venerable Titan which now marches at the forefront of your Legio.
15 Saviours - Somewhere out there is a powerful or notable Imperial force which owes its continued existence to the Legio's god-engines. Whether it be a fellow Forge World, a planet vital to its sector, a full Chapter of Space Marines or even a Shield Host of Adeptus Custodes, they are forever in the debt of your mighty engines.

Trophies (1d15)
1 Head of the Waaagh! - The might of an Ork Waaagh! was shattered by the might of your Legio's Titans, and the head of the Warboss remains a treasured trophy of the Legio, and a sign of the power of the Omnissiah.
2 Scars of Behemoth - Your Titans were scarred by the massive chitin claws and biological acid of the Bio-Titans of Hive Fleet Behemoth, whom you faced directly in battle.
3 Icon of the Cadian Gate - The forces of Chaos hate and despise your Legio for foiling a major attack during one of their horrendous Black Crusades. (Re-roll if founded on or after the Great Rift's formation)
4 Xenos Helm - A vile xenos race faced your Legio and was found wanting. Their might was broken against your strength, and their race shattered into oblivion.
5 Shattered Blade - At the height of battle against the full force of the Eldar, your Titan shattered the blade of their mightiest Titan against its god-machine hide, suffering no damage in the slightest.
6 Monolithic Ruin - The ruins of a world long dead are the only monument to your Legio's passing. The allies of yours during these battles substitute the word massacre for your Legio's name.
7 Twisted Drive Chain - Over the ages, your Legio has slain countless armoured vehicles and enemy titans on the field of battle.
8 Broken Monument - The crushing power of your Legio has reduced whole cities or worlds to ruination, shattering their fortresses like they were little more than meat under the weight of your Titans.
9 Crusader's Banner - Your Legio was at the vanguard of an Imperial Crusade, serving as a beacon of glory and a spearhead of massacres. They won many honours for their actions.
10 Blessing of the Emperor - Your Legio has fought closely alongside the Astartes of the God-Emperor in the forefront of a great battle, turning the tide in their favour and carrying the day to victory.
11 Ancient Machinery - Though most Titans are not bereft of Archaeotech, your Legio has come across something truly ancient and unique. Whether it was discovered by the Legio or its Forge-World, granted to it in return for some extreme heroism, or has been a part of the Legio for as long as it has existed, one or more of your God-Machines walk equipped with arcane technology otherwise lost to the Imperium.
12 Skeletal Champion - They were a legend amongst their people and a terror against the Imperium: an unmatched General, a peerless warrior, a powerful psyker or a indomitable orator. Before they stood against your Legio they were a living legend amongst their kind. Now their shattered corpse is all that remains of their efforts against the Imperium of Man and the doomed cause for which they took arms.
13 Sacred Salvage - A number of Titans from the Legio (or a another Legio) fought bravely against impossible odds before falling beneath the tide. Their sacrifice that day allowed other Imperial forces to achieve an unlikely victory after many years of fighting and while the remains of the fallen God-Machines were too far gone to possibly be repaired. The Engines of the Legio proudly adorn themselves with scraps of their fellow Titans' hulls, and have equipped themselves with those few weapons that could still be recovered as a way to honour their comrades great sacrifice.
14 A Mural of Magnificence - A Titans hull is huge, and your Legio makes great use of the space that it provides. Every Engine is adorned with masterfully wrought pictures of its glory over the enemies of mankind, from notable kills and deeds of that particular Titan to intricate frescos of the Legio's finest hours, every single God-Machine is a walking, smiting exhibition of the superiority of Man - and it shall only become ever more detailed as the Legio commits more deeds worthy of commemoration.
15 Spotless - Your Legio has no need for something as petty as a trophy to commemorate its victory - they are Imperial Titans, and their presence is enough. When your Legio marches to war, they are spotless and polished to a resplendent shine. Once your enemy has been wiped from the face of the Galaxy by blessed gunfire and holy servos the last traces of your foe will be wiped from the feet of your Titans, leaving whatever they had been sent to annihilate to wallow for all time in the halls of the forgotten - as they deserve, for daring to challenge Mankind's rightful dominion over the Galaxy.

Failures (1d15)
1 Excommunicate Traitoris - Your Legio has the blackest stain; at some point in its past, it raised its hand against the Imperium. Echoes of that treason echo still in the Mind Impulse Units of your most ancient war machines, a constant threat and lure.
2 The Triumph of the Flesh - Tyranids consumed a world under your protection, and the failure to keep the planet safe is forever a stain on your Legio's honour.
3 Graceful Slaying - You were driven from the field of battle by the swift-footed forces of the Eldar.
4 Machine Unbound - Your Legio suffered defeat at the hands of the Tau and their foul Techno-Sorcery.
5 Fallen City - The Legio has a reputation for destruction and woe, destroying whole hives in its drive to destroy the enemy.
6 Old Sins Die Hard - The forces of the Dark Mechanicus have survived your wrath and fled with their machines intact, leaving a dark mark of shame on your Titans and Princeps alike.
7 Failings of Man - The incompetence of an Imperial Guard general cost your Legio dearly, but his connections laid the blame on your servos to carry for all time.
8 Vainglorious Pride - The Legio's stubbornness caused the failure of a great battle, costing the Imperium dearly in doing so.
9 Curse of the Machine - Some flaw within the Forge's results in unreliable equipment and the reputation for this is known.
10 Lost Legacy - At some point in its past, the Legio suffered irreplaceable losses of experienced crew and ancient Titans. This lost legacy of heroism, bravery, and knowledge can never be recovered.
11 Looted - The Legio stood against a mighty Ork WAAAGH!, but was overcome by the Greenskins. The Legio was forced to retreat in shame, leaving their fallen God-machines to the crude machinations of the victorious Ork Meks.
12 Xenos Victory - The Legio set to exterminate a newly discovered Xenos race, but came up short against the unexpectedly powerful alien forces, resulting in defeat for the Legio and the continued survival of the enemy.
13 Sudden Ravaging - The Legio fell victim to a Dark Eldar ambush. More then one Titan was brought low and its occupants defiled before the rest of the Legio could respond, though the Titans could well have been salvaged and re-crewed the attack cost more then a simple loss of Princeps. Even now the legion walks in tight formation, disliking solo engagements, compulsively watching behind them and are loath to walk at all on any battle field where there has been reports of Eldar activity of any kind. Should they be forced to march on such a battlefield, the Legio is wary to the point of paranoia, always choosing to strike from the longest possible range rather than risk exposing themselves to Eldar predation.
14 Humiliating Defeat - The Legio set out to exterminate a truly pathetic force of the enemy but somehow, perhaps through the raw tenacity of their foe, overconfidence on the Legio's part, or sheer bad luck, the Legio was forced to retreat from the fight in shame. Perhaps the measly forces of the enemy were later wiped out by other some other force or escaped to become legends amongst their misbegotten kind; either way, the fact remains that this is a loss that will haunt the Legio for as long as they walk.
15 The Spirit Isn't Willing - The Machine-Spirits of your Legio are finicky and arcane, even more so than the spirits of other Titans. Whether they are too eager/reluctant to join a melee then is healthy, slowly drive their Princeps mad or kill them, have an unnerving knack for stepping on allies, often target a particular foe over more pressing enemies or are generally difficult to wrangle in the middle of a warzone, the nasty disposition of your Engines has been known to cost the Legio entire battles and may cost them even more if you can't find a way past these problems.

Traditions of the Legio[edit]

Quirks ("1d15")
1 Divergent Pattern - The Legio is harboring divergent practices, like experimental machinery or unorthodox beliefs.
2 Steel Body, Steel Mind - The Legio is slavish in its devotion to the tenets and traditions of the Collegia Titanica.
3 Martial Rime - The histories of the Legion are borne proudly by the Titans of the Legio.
4 Spiritless Servants - Crews exclusively servitors, save for the princeps.
5 Nomads of War - Crews raised with the Legio on the road.
6 Contempt of the New Way - Contempt for the Emperor and the Imperium.
7 Embrace of the New Way - Worship the Omnissiah as the God Emperor.
8 The Long Hunt - Specific enemy Titan is focus of Legio hate.
9 Fears Unspoken - The Legio has a hidden fear of a certain foe.
10 Fractured Mind - Princeps are made insane by either training or connection to their war machines.
11 Human Frailty - Legio strives to reduce combat losses and collateral damage.
12 Collateral Damage - Legio is infamous for widespread destruction and damage.
13 Efficiency Coefficient - Unorthodox Legio structure, not pyramidal.
14 Throw Down - Legio has deep seated grudge against a particular body or individual within the Imperium.
15 Life Debt - Legio has a debt to a specific power/group within the Imperium.

Relations of the Legio[edit]

Allies ("1d15")
1 Adeptus Astartes Chapter
2 Imperial Guard Regiment
3 Custodes Shield Host
4 Imperial Navy Fighter Squadron
5 Imperial Navy Task Force
6 Knight World
7 Skitarii Cohort
8 Another Titan Legio
9 Explorator Fleet
10 Adeptus Sororitas Convent
11 Rogue Trader Dynasty
12 Holy Ordos of the Inquisition
13 Planetary Government
14 Warmaster of the Imperium
15 High Lord of Terra

Enemies (1d10)
1 Ork Warboss
2 Minor Xenos Leader/Foe (See table below)
3 Necron Overlord/Phaeron
4 Eldar Autarch
5 Dark Eldar Lord
6 Tyranid Hive Tyrant
7 Traitor Titan Legio
8 Dark Mechanicus Magos
9 Chaos Space Marine Warlord
10 Traitor Guard

Minor Xenos Species/Empires(1d100)
1-10 Tau Empire (alternatively, you may select a particular Tau force or leader)
11-20 Hrud
21-30 Fra'al
31-40 Uluméathic League
41-50 Yu'vath/Legacy of the Yu'vath/Rak'gol
51-60 Enslavers
61-65 Bargesi
66-70 Tarrelians
71-75 Thyrrus
76-80 Hellgrammite
81-85 Loxatl
85-90 Saharduin
91-92 Xenarch
93-95 Cythor Fiends
96-97 Nightmare-Engines of the Pale Wasting
98-100 Other Xenos Species (pick one or roll/write one up)

Combat Doctrine of the Legio[edit]

Tactics ("1d15")
1 There is no inappropriate amount of death - Kill everything as much as possible.
2 The Big Guns Never Tire - Each muzzle blast is a note in a never ending orchestral score.
3 Inexorable Advance - Move and fire, a moving bulwark of high firepower.
4 Electro-Shadow - There is no such thing as being too large and visible to lay an ambush.
5 Plains of Ash - Fire and plasma cleanse the battlefield righteously.
6 Mechano-Biceps - Rip and tear the enemy asunder and grind them underfoot.
7 Bulwark of Sturdiness - Hold that ground until all the enemy have thrown themselves against you and died.
8 Mechanical Supremacy - Kill all other machines by any means, then turn them into slag and stomp the remains.
9 Adapt and destroy - Observe the enemy discover their strengths, learn their weaknesses and exploit them with impunity.
10 Hellfire - Place your odds, ladies and gentlemen - which one dies next? Scatter weapons, nuclear missiles and salvo bombardment.
11 Data War - Blind and confuse these fools, make them unable to notice the others. Support Warfare, EM Warfare.
12 Thunder and Lightning - These fools don't know about the electromagnetic storms? Good cover for our advance. Environmental Warfare.
13 Titan Killers - Finally, a fair fight. Let's bring them into the realm of the utterly annihilated.
14 Siege Breaker - Crush the walls, the bunkers, the forts. Cave them in on the cowards inside and break the rubble to dust.
15 Advanced Doctrine - Roll 2 more times on this table re-rolling multiples of the same result

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