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Tl'a'ikith are one of two species of undead githyanki which can be found in the realms of Dungeons & Dragons. Specifically, they are one of the two unique githyanki undead created by Vlaakith CLVII through the powers of the Crown of Corruption, with the other being the Kr'y'izoth.

Created from githyanki warriors, predominantly fighters and rangers, tl'a'ikiths are much more common than their kr'y'izoth counterparts, but are usually kept on Tu'narath or other githyanki strongholds as elite guards.

These undead githyanki appear as pale, spectral versions of their former living selves, still wielding their race's trademark silver swords. They never speak, instead simply obeying whatever orders they have been given.

Tl'a'ikith Template[edit]

For obvious reasons, whilst this template can actually be used on any dead Humanoid or Outsider typed creature, Vlaakith CLVII only employs the power of the Crown of Corruption to transform Githyanki in this fashion.

Hit Dice: Increase to D12
Fly Speed 40 feet outside of the Astral Plane, Speed 10ft per point of Intelligence on the Astral Plane.
AC: Natural Armor Bonus is converted to a Deflection bonus, which is further increased by the tl'a'ikith's Charisma modifier.
Attacks: Retain all base creature attacks.
Special Attacks: Retain all special attacks, including psionics, and gain the following special attacks:
All psionic powers now function as Spells cast by 20th-level casters.
Ghost Touch (Sp): Any weapon touched by the base creature when the tl'a'ikith rises is thereafter considered to be a Ghost Touch weapon so long as it remains in the tl'a'ikith's hand; if the tl'a'ikith is slain or drops the weapon, that weapon loses its Ghost Touch property.
Spell-Like Abilities: Can cast Darkness, Detect Thoughts, Dimensional Anchor, True Seeing and Weird, all at will. Caster level is equal to base creature's level or HD. Save DC is 10 + spell level + tl'a'ikith's Charisma bonus.
Special Qualities: Retain all special qualities, gain the Undead type, gain the Incorporeal subtype, and gain the following special qualities:
Turn Resistance: +4
Saves: Same as base creature
Abilities: Same as base creature, bar reducing Constitution to NA due to being undead and gaining +6 Charisma.
Skills: Same as base creature.
Feats: Same as base creature.
Environment: Astral Plane
Challenge Rating: Base Creature +2
Advancement: Same as base creature.