Tomb Banshee

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"Go "aaaaaaaahh" yourself!"

"Uh oh."
- Free City Guildsman, Samuel the Serious, encountering a tomb banshee.

"You hear laughter, cracking through the walls
it sends you spinning
you have no choice
following the footsteps
of a ragdoll dance
we are entranced, spellbound!

– Siouxsie And The Banshees - Spellbound
"Nag nag nag, all you do is nag, don't you have anything interesting to say?"

Tomb Banshees are a unit within the armies of the Nighthaunt and the legions of Nagash, they are the classic stereotypical banshee, women who were at the peak of their life, suddenly killed either by someone jealous of them or someone who thought that maybe this horrible horrible person needs to die, either way, after stewing in pure bitterness and hatred enough to make a skaven queasy, these undead gals latched themselves upon Nagash's promises of mortals upon which to take out their frustrations. With a single scream a banshee can turn the ichor in even the most hot-blooded warriors veins to ice, stopping them in their tracks or outright killing them.

On the Tabletop[edit]

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