Tomb Prince

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Tomb Princes are the younger sons of Nehekharan rulers, as well as Hero choices for Tomb Kings faction. While the firstborn son is given to the Mortuarity Cult, and the secondborn becomes the king, all other sons are trained to be generals and lieutenants. In a tradition, princes were buried alongside their sovereign, so when one dick reanimated all corpses in the region, they were forced to continue their job... forever this time. Princes usually fight with khopesh, flail or spear, they can use shields and magic, and can be mounted on Skeleton Chariot or Warsphinx.

Forces of the Tomb Kings

Leaders & Characters : Tomb Prince - Tomb King - Icon Bearer - Liche Priest - Liche High Priest - Tomb Herald - Necrotect
Troops : Skeleton Archer - Tomb Guard - Skeleton Warrior - Tomb Swarm - Dust Goblin - Bone Giant - Skeleton Horsemen - Carrion - Necropolis Knight
Chariots : Skeleton Chariot
Constructs : Sepulchral Stalker - Ushabti - Warsphinx - Necrosphinx - Heirotitan - Tomb Scorpion - Screaming Skull Catapult