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Tomb Princes are the younger sons of Nehekharan rulers, as well as Hero choices for Tomb Kings faction. While the firstborn son is given to the Mortuarity Cult, and the secondborn becomes the king, all other sons are trained to be generals and lieutenants. Given that Tomb Kings (and Queens) are known for having large, extended harems, it means that there are probably lots and lots of Tomb Princes, and probably in life the line of succession was rarely exactly clear. In a tradition, princes were buried alongside their sovereign, so when one dick reanimated all corpses in the region, they were forced to continue their job... forever this time.

On the Tabletop[edit]

Like the Tomb King unit proper, Tomb Princes technically debuted in 6th edition's "Warhammer: Tomb Kings" army book, although their precursor was the lower-leveled Mummy in 4th edition Warhammer Armies: Undead.

In 6e, the Tomb Prince is a Hero unit who costs 100 points and sports Movement 4, Weapon Skill 5, Ballistic Skill 4, Strength 4, Toughness 5, Wounds 3, Initiative 3, Attacks 4 and Leadership 9. That's basically 1 point less WS, S, W and Ld than the Tomb King for -70 points of baseline, so when it comes to raw stats, actually not that bad a deal. He (or she, if you want to flavor them as a Tomb Princess; ain't like the model would look any different!) comes with just a hand weapon, but can swap it out for great weapon or a flail, and take light armor and/or a shield. He can also choose to ride a chariot, in which case he can swap his hand weapon for a spear, and take up to 50 points of magical gear. The 6e Tomb Prince has the same rules as the Tomb King; Undead, Flammable/Embalmed, The Curse and "My Will Be Done". The only difference is that Tomb Princes can only use "My Will Be Done" to cast one Incantation per turn, and they can only cast it on themselves or the unit they're with.

In 8e, the Tomb Prince has the exact same statblock, save for dropping to BS3 (but since he has no ranged weapons, no matter), but still costs 100 points. He now comes with hand weapon and light armor by standard, doesn't need to be mounted to take a spear, and can now ride either in a Skeleton Chariot or atop a Warsphinx. Still the same rules as the Tomb King, save his dying Curse only inflicts d6 S4 hits instead of D6 S5 hits and "My Will Be Done" only boosts his grunts' WS to 5.

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