Tomb Sentinel

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The grilled cheese sandwich is not going to show mercy to your tanks.

Tomb Sentinels are the cousins of the Tomb Stalker and like their cousins, are super-robotic creepy-crawlies that look like a giant centipede of doom. Tomb Sentinels were designed by the Cryptek master-artificer Toholk the Blinded, at the order of the Silent King the Tomb Sentinels were distributed to Triarch Praetorians for wider circulation across Necron Dynasties before the Great Sleep.

They are considered as the more Dakka version to the Tomb Stalker's Choppa version.

A Tomb Sentinel is an enormous mass of living metal carapace teeming with flashing legs and possessed of a will designed to RIP AND TEAR. Easily the size of a dozen or so men, this centipede-like robotic construct makes use of arcane phase-generators, allowing it to stalk the Tomb Worlds whilst its lords slumber in their 60+ million year beauty sleep.

Like the Tomb Stalkers, Tomb Sentinels can detect the pulse of life and sense the frenzied rhythm of a panicked heartbeat through hundreds of meters of solid rock, and they use this ability to home in unerringly on their victims. This is due to the powerful sensors built into their primary sensor cluster which can work in all conditions, including complete darkness.

Acting as both a guardian and attack construct, the Tomb Sentinel is a heavily modified Tomb Stalker, forgoing the Stalker's close combat capability in place with fucking bullshit HAX such as the Exile Cannon which is capable of blasting objects and banishing everything from battle tanks to the most immense xenos creature or daemonic entity to a dimension beyond the realms of the material universe which makes it a fast firing D-Cannon. The Tomb Sentinel is also capable of further Necron bullshit such as phasing between realities, allowing them to bypass the defenses of lesser races much to the rage and butthurt of Imperial Guard players who rely on armored divisions and fortified buildings.

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