Tomb Ship

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The biggest god-thang flying croissant you're ever gonna see. Probably the last one too.

At 15km across from the beam, a Tomb Ship is the Necron's answer to a Battleship, of which the Cairn-class Tomb Ships are among one of the largest and most powerful class of Necron croissants.

They are the most powerful and heavily armed of Necron ships and are easily strong enough to mano on mano with an entire Imperial Navy Battlegroup. Though they are powerful, these giant flying croissants are also rare and have only been encountered seven times in the entirety of the Imperium's history. They are heavily equipped with an array of OCP weapons, such as the Sepulchre, Lightning Arcs, Energy Drain generators, and ECKS BAWKS HUEG Particle Whips.

They are always part of a fleet and have never been seen without three escorts of Scythe-class Harvest Ships. They are all of the same design, indicating a well-planned and tested ship, brought to the fruition of its design. Though there are no known variants to the Imperials, there is a rumour that a Necron ship that dwarfed an Ork Space Hulk may have engaged an Ork fleet, although this may be typical Orkish exaggeration.

  • Length: 9-10km; approx
  • Width: 15km

In Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2[edit]

For a ship costing nearly half the average fleet point limit, you are getting one hell of a killing machine. 6 dps and 1.8 critical hits per minute, right off the bat, will never miss, fires at 13,500 units and goes right through enemy shields. Another 20 that never misses, does, unfortunately, get reduced by armor, but can be combined with the dispersion skill to apply another raw 10 dps to each enemy ship within firing range. Have fun raping Tyranid players with their lack of shielding and god-awful defence against Particle weapons.

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