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A Tomb World is a planet with a Necron tomb on it (and by "on" we mean "in").

The Necrontyr Empire once spanned the galaxy, but after the Wars of Succession, the disastrous War in Heaven, the biotransference into Necron bodies, and the sharding of the C'tan, the empire was left weak and the galaxy was a mess. The Necrons thus decided to go to sleep and let things settle down, so they sought refuge in great tombs, preparing to wake up in sixty million years' time to retake a healed galaxy.

In that time, the galaxy didn't just stop moving; since the vast majority of the inhabitants of the galaxy (basically everyone but the Eldar, who were too busy having orgies/staying away from Slaanesh to remember them) never heard of the Necrons, they didn't know to check for them when settling planets, and so any inhabited planet (and any uninhabited planet, for that matter) could be a Tomb World. However, as of the 41st Millennium, the sixty million years are up, and the Necrons are starting to wake back up. Most of them are not keen on sharing their world with the upstarts who have moved in during their slumber.

For the unlucky traveler who finds him or herself confined to a tomb world, the list of benefits is a short one, but there are at least a couple. Firstly, the world is unlikely to come under threat by the Tyranids or the forces of Chaos. In the case of the former, the space-vermin consistently take pains to stay clear of Necron domains and especially of any potential engagements, as any prospective biomass to be gained is extremely limited since everything is Blackstone and Necrodermis, whereas combat will only result in a loss as there's simply no out-evolving weaponry that destroys its targets at the atomic level. In the case of the latter, while Chaos has certainly been known to attack Necron holdings, when this happens it is typically with intent to destroy some or all of the world and not of conquest. As with the Tyranids, Chaos will typically bypass Tomb Worlds whenever they can, if for no other reason than, even for Space Marines, you're hard-pressed to find a harder target to hit in 40k than one controlled by the Necrons. Furthermore, Necron technology tends to nullify any Warpfuckery that the slaves of chaos would normally employ. So to warrant an attack, the location itself has to be seen as a severe, operational threat to the larger aims of Chaos, and requiring a planned, dedicated, and highly-coordinated strike to neutralize it, as was the case with Abaddon's targeting of the various Necron pylons around the Cadia system in the lead-up to the 13th Black Crusade.

Notable Tomb Worlds[edit]

Kaurava 3. Seems cozy if you're a desert tortoise or a Necron

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