Tome of Beasts

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The Tomes of Beasts are a series of Monster Manuals for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition written and published by Kobold Press. Whilst officially setting neutral, all of the creatures entered in these books have an official presence in the Midgard setting, and often include small sidebars addressing lore specific to that setting.

Quality is all over the place, and not just because many of the first ones were clearly built and designed with 3.X/Pathfinder sensibilities in mind rather than 5e design principles.

Currently, there are three books in the series; the Tome of Beasts, the Tome of Beasts II, and the Creature Codex, which despite its different name is officially a "Tome of Beasts 1.5", with a number of monsters that expand upon entries seen in the first Tome of Beasts.

Tome of Beasts[edit]

Aboleth, Nihileth: Planeswalking aboleths transformed into monstrous undead versions of themselves that can shift between corporeal and ethereal states.

Abominable Beauty: A twisted form of nymph that is not only so beautiful as to blind with a look, deafen with a word and burn to ashes with a touch, but which is also murderously jealous of other beautiful creatures around it.

Accursed Defiler: Curse-born undead created from the damned souls of a desert tribe that desecrated a sacred oasis, doomed to thirst forever.

Ala: Monstrous fey that are half air elemental and half hag, which are spawned from parasitic galls that form on the trunks of treants. They worship thunderstorms and crave flesh. Based on a Slavic monster.

Algorith: Strange extradimensional beings, not quite angel and not quite golem, algoriths are living manifestations of pure math and universal physical laws which exist to battle extreme manifestations of chaos and tangles in the skeins of fate.

Alseid: A forest-dwelling centaur-like creature resembling a hybrid of elf and deer.

Amphiptere: A tiny serpentine relative of the wyvern, essentially its dragonet counterpart.

Andrenjinyi: Massive celestials in the form of gargantuan black-headed rainbow-scaled snakes, these ageless fertility spirits are taken from Australian Aboriginal mythology.

Angatra: Undead created when the mummified remains of a tribal ancestor who was ceremonially excommunicated and then executed for breaking taboos has its family killed or otherwise stopped before they can complete the generations-long process of redeeming its soul. The result is a creature that looks like a mummy, but wields raking talons and a gaze that inflicts incredible pain. It particularly yearns to hunt down and kill its living descendants and members of its former tribe.


  • Chained: Angels captured by fiends and tortured into serving the forces of devil.
  • Fidele: Paired angels born from the souls of devoted lovers who exist to protect and succor love.

Angler Worm: A giant worm that uses a combination of sticky silk threads and enthralling magical lights to lure prey into its corrosive coils.

Ant, Giant: Your basic giant version of an ant, portrayed here as roughly pony-sized.

Anubian: A sandy elemental that takes the form of a humanoid jackal, frequently summoned as a guardian of tombs and treasures.

Arboreal Grappler: An aberration that resembles an ape whose limbs have been warped into absurdly long prehensile tentacles. Carnivores with a particular taste for humanoids in general and elves in particular.

Aridni: A shadow-tainted pixie offshoot, distinguished by their ashen coloration and moth-like wings. They use their innate ability to enchant arrows to become bandits, kidnappers, and slavers. They're one of four races that Kobold Press provided PC stats for on their website; +2 Dexterity, +1 Charisma, Small, Speed 20 feet, Fly speed 40 feet (Light or No Armor only), Darkvision 60 feet, free proficiencies in Stealth, Deception, Dagger and Shortbow, and the racial traits Blood of Your Ancestors (Detect Magic 1/day, with Charm Person 1/day at 3rd level and Invisibility 1/day at 5th, all keying off of Charisma), Flight of the Aridni (once per short rest, spend a Reaction to impose Disadvantage on an Opportunity Attack against you), and Quick Witted (Advantage on Int and Cha saves vs. magic).

Asanbosam: A hairy aberration that resembles a half-ape, half-ogre with iron fangs and claws, and elongated legs that end in talon-toed prehensile feet. Likes to live in treetrops and snatch creatures up that pass below, but has enough intelligence to build a tribal society.

Azza Gremlin: A goblin-like fey with an almost elemental affinity for lightning. Mischievous pests whose obsession with zapping people makes them dangerous.

Baba Yaga's Horsemen: Three enchanted warriors who serve as emissaries, scouts and soldiers for the ur-witch. Each has authority during a particular time of day, and can only manifest on the material plane during that time; Bright Day (dawn to noon), Red Sun (noon to dusk) and Black Night (dusk to dawn).

Bagiennik: A strange aberration that looks like a mass of wood, moss and fungus in the form of a hideous mockery of a man, oozing oily black slime from its nostril slits. Spends most of its time bathing in springs, rivers and marshes, but randomly wanders out to do either good (healing the injured and sick) or mischief (ranting like a maniac and attacking anybody it sees with jets of acid and ripping claws).

Bastet Temple Cat: An ordinary cat specially bred over generations to serve as a sacred guardian for the faith of Bastet.

Bearfolk: Viking-flavored humanoid bears.

Behtu: Savage, cannibalistic monsters resembling tusked mandrills, mutated by demonic influence from tribes of pygmies that succumbed to the worship of Mechuiti, Demon Lord of Apes and Cannibals.

Beli: Malicious sprites native to arctic environments.

Bereginyas: Malevolent fairies that resemble humanoid masses of mist with protruding insect wings.

Blemmyes: A race of voraciously cannibalistic ogres with no heads, instead having eyes and mouths set directly into their headless torsos.

Boloti: A water fey that resembles a Tiny-sized humanoid frog with wings made of jellyfish flesh. They like to drown the unsuspecting so they can rob them of shiny objects and then eat their corpses.

Bone Collective: A mass of disparate bone shards animated into a single undead creature of surprisingly high intelligence.

Bone Crab: A voracious scavenging crab with a limited hive mind that likes to use bones as armor, ala a more macabre hermit crab. They carry the deadly disease White Ghost Shivers.

Bone Swarm: An enormous mass of skeletal remains from defeated undead that spontaneously rekindle to unlife and go on the rampage.

Boreas: A powerful and highly malevolent elemental spirit of wind, cold and storms.

Bouda: A gluttonous shapechanging fiend version of a werehyena, able to assume the form of a human, a hyena, or a gnollish humanoid hyena. It can secrete a noxious defiling slime, its claws brim with poisonous parasites, and it can heal itself by devouring the organs of corpses.

Broodiken: A noxious fleshy construct created by particularly demented beings, who literally impregnate themselves and give birth to these twisted, unearthly children. Broodiken possess an empathic link with their "mother" (who may not actually be a woman) and want to keep them happy.

Bucca: A malevolent underground fairy that resmbles a cross between a bat and an imp, notorious for creating small, trap-guarded caches of precious minerals, gems, and valuables stolen from miners.

Bukavac: A bizarre monstrosity that resembles a giant, six-legged toad with claws, fangs, and gnarled horns. In addition to being a fast-moving and physical powerhouse, this toad-like monster can emit a thunderous croak that can kill and deafen those around it.

Buraq: An angelic creature that resembles a pegasus with a human face, renowned for its speed, determination, righteousness and honorable nature.

Burrowling: A race of sapient, bipedal, tool-using prairie dogs. They're one of four races that Kobold Press provided PC stats for on their website; +2 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom, Small, Speed 30 feet, Burrow 10 feet, Darkvision 60 feet, free proficiency in the Sling, and the racial traits Natural Attacks (spend an action to make a melee weapon attack with either your clawss or your bite; both have a range of 5 feet, hit 1 target and do 1d5 damage, but claws are Slashing and bite is Piercing), Burrow Awareness (from 2nd level, gain Advantage on Perception checks if a burrowling or an ally is awake and within 10 feet), and Pack Tactics (from 3rd level, gain Advantage on attack rolls against a target that is adjacent to at least one other ally).

Cactid: A predatory cactus bred by a long-lost nomadic druid sect, which preys on animals to feed its need for fluids using thorny tendrils and projectile thorns.

Cambium: A many-armed fiend that drains humanoids of the four humors to concoct fiendish serums and drugs, often building short-lived cults of addicts.

Carrion Beetle: A particular species of carrion and fungus-eating giant beetle native to the Underdark, often domesticated by denizens of that place.

Cavelight Moss: Carnivorous moss that uses bioluminescence to lure living creatures in range of its strength-sapping tendrils so it can kill and devour them.

Chelicerae: Aberrations that resemble giant ogre spiders with humanoid intelligence. They hunt wizards above all else, because though they have a natural ability to cast spells, they can only replace spent mana by siphoning mana and/or life-force from living creatures, and spellcasters are the most efficient "batteries".

Chernomoi: A strange tiny fey creature that may be descended from Half-Dragon Pixies; they look like little elf-like humanoids with dragon wings and often fulfil a role in dragon or dragonborn homes similar to that of a brownie. They're one of four races that Kobold Press provided PC stats for on their website; +2 Dexterity, +1 Charisma, Tiny, Speed 20 feet, Fly 20 feet (Light or No armor only), Darkvision 60 feet, and the racial traits Draconic Heritage (can cast Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Mending and Message, plus Invisibility 1/day from 5th level, all off of Charisma) and Shriek (1/day, inflict 3d6 Thunder damage on all creatures within 60 feet; a Con save vs. your spell save DC halves the damage).

Child of the Briar: Tiny goblin-like humanoid plants covered in spikes and thorns that cultivate dense fortresses of briars and thorny thickets. Often used as agents of the darker fey, they are capricious, wicked, and have a taste for blood.

Chronalmental: An elemental of time.

Cikavak: An ugly but surprisingly intelligent magical bird summoned by hedge witches and ambitious peasantry to steal valuable fluids - traditionally honey, milk, beer and wine - from their neighbors.

Clockwork - Assorted constructs made up of clockwork technology.

  • Abomination: The disastrous result of binding a devil into a clockwork or steam-driven construct.
  • Beetle: A tiny clockwork animal in the shape of a beetle, usually used as a familiar. Some have the unique ability to evolve into a different clockwork creature. Masterless clockwork beetles can gather into dangerous swarms.
  • Hound: Artificial hounds typically used for law enforcement.
  • Huntsman: A humanoid clockwork golem created to serve as a hunter and tracker, be it of animals or people.
  • Myrmidon: A powerful humanoid clockwork golem created as an elite shock trooper.
  • Watchman: A humanoid clockwork golem created as an artificial guardian and law enforcer.
  • Weaving Spider: A spidery clockwork construct created to assist tailors and weavers.

Clurichaun: The mean-spirited drunkard cousin of the more famous Leprechaun, which makes a nuisance of itself by haunting butteries and wine cellars and playing pranks. Some do choose to make themselves useful by driving off thieves and drunkards who invade "their" storehouses, but generally they are more trouble than they're worth.

Cobbleswarm: Strange insectile creatures that look like animated paving stones, and which use that to disguise themselves until they can ambush prey.

Corpse Mound: An enormous mass of dead bodies, typically the products of a mass grave, animated as a single animate pile that seeks only to kill any living creature it encounters and assimilate them into its mass.

Dau: Desert-dwelling relatives of sprites and pixies, dau are lazy, mischievous, hedonistic creatures who are normally welcoming of guests, but who can turn notoriously cruel if their byzantine codes of etiquette are breached. They're one of four races that Kobold Press provided PC stats for on their website; +2 Charisma, +1 Dexterity, Small, Speed 20 feet, Fly 60 feet (Light or No armor only), Darkvision 60 feet, Telepathy 60 feet, free proficiency with Deception, and the racial traits Illusory Awareness (Advantage on saves vs. Illusion Magic), Magically Deceptive (Detect Thoughts 1/day, Mirror Image 1/day from 3rd level, Invisibility 1/day from 5th level, all keying off of Charisma), and Tangible Illusion (1/day, an illusion of an object no larger than 5 cubic feet can be turned into a real, non-magical object that lasts for 10 minutes and then dissipates).

Death Butterfly Swarm: A swarm of carrion-eating butterflies mutated by consuming the flesh of a dead fiend, imbuing them with a necrotizing toxin that can even rot away the undead, which they actually prefer to eat.

Deathwisp: A breath-stealing spectral undead created from the violent death of a Shadow Fey or any evil fey.

Deep Ones: Everybody's favorite Lovecraftian fishman race.


  • Apau Perape: Black-furred carnivorous fiendish gorillas with noxiously diseased blood and the ability to summon walls of flame, favored servants of Mechuiti.
  • Berstuc: A murderous green-skinned giant with a thick mane of moss, which likes to pretend to be a peaceful woodland spirit to lure victims within reach.
  • Kishi: A gluttonous cannibalistic seducer and hedonist which looks like a handsome man with a demonic hyena's head sprouting from the back of his skull.
  • Malakbel: A destructive fiend in the form of a malformed, fire-wreathed skeleton sent to convey the messages of demon lords and dark gods, but which tends to just kill everyone it meets.
  • Psoglav: One-eyed demons with mechanical jaws bred as abyssal bodyguards.
  • Rubezahl: Humanoid black-furred stag-demons that love to fatally trick and deceive others.

Demon Lords


  • Fetal Savant: A derro baby with incredible innate psychic abilities, to the point it can swap bodies with other creatures. Carried into battle in an enchanted cage as a combination of living god and living weapon.
  • Shadow Antipaladin: A derro blackguard devoted to Mythosian gods.



  • Automata: A kyton promoted into an infernal cyborg that rules over hellish prisons and factories. Also known as "Castigas".
  • Chort: Pigfaced but otherwise generic looking devils that revel in first tricking people into making Faustian pacts with them, and then humiliating them by revealing this to others.
  • Crystalline: Gem-studded gargoyle-like devils that can transform into jewels, servants of Mammon.
  • Gilded: Your typical-looking devil, but with bronze/gold skin, the primary servants of Mammon.
  • Ink: A small, inky-black wingless imp that serve as hellish accountants, record keepers, translators and note takers.
  • Harvester: Fiendish warriors with four arms and three scorpion tails bred by Arbeyach, whose sting can transform other creatures, even demons, into lemures. Also known as "Koralks".
  • Lunar: Bat-like ghostly devils who live to corrupt druids and other faiths that center around moon-worship, as well as leading packs of werewolves.
  • Orobas: Powerful devilish tacticians and mages that look like humanoid nightmares.
  • Salt: Reptilian-looking devils with skin coated in salt crystals, particularly associated with the creation and stocking of slave markets and salt mines.


  • Mbielu: A partially amphibious stegosaurus-like dinosaur whose back sports large bony blates brimming with toxic algae colonies. Based on the "surviving dinosaur cryptid" of the same (but triply-repeated) name.
  • Ngobu:' A pugnacious, six-horned, ceratopsian dinosaur with a serious bad attitude, a territorial streak, and a major hatred for elephants. Also based on a "surviving dinosaur cryptid" of the same name.
  • Spinosaurus: An actual dinosaur, a theropod adapted to a primarily aquatic-focused hunting style.

Dipsa: A poisonous [slime]] that naturally looks like an eyeless snake or a monstrous leech made out of yellowish-green jelly. Its bite injects an anesthetic venom that slowly liquifies a victim's organs.

Dissimortuum: A three-armed, skull-masked Flesh Golem-like undead construct created to harvest body-parts and assist its master in experiments.

Dogmole: Giant starnosed moles bred by dwarves as loyal pets and beasts of burden. Derro breed hideously mutated and abuse-warped giant versions, known as "Juggernauts".

Domovoi: The Slavic fey, envisioned here as a Medium sized, goblin-like humanoid with oversized heads and elongated arms, who are used as enforcers by more civilized fey races.

Doppelrat: A rat subjected to an experiment with a Clone spell gone horribly wrong, creating a rat that can magically generate shortlived clones of itself, turning into a living plague with rapid speed.

Dorreq: Starfaring aberrations that look like an octopus with a grotesquely human face growing around its beak. Devoted servants to more powerful and intelligent aberrations.


  • Cave: Eyeless dragons of the Underdark whose wings mutate into secondary arms as they age, stripping them or their limited flight abilities.
  • Flame: Capricious, arrogance, jealous and fiery-tempered dragons with a cat-like view of the world, regarding all other creatures as prey and all prey as toys to be played with. This sadism only grows more sophisticated as they mature.
  • Mithral: Hyper-durable dragons who exploit their defensive abilities and aptitude for spellcasting to try and promote peace across the world.
  • Sea: A limbless, finned dragon with an appearance reminiscent of a shark crossed with an eel crossed with a dragon, with a surprisingly whimsical and playful attitude. Unfortunately, their great size and strength means their play can be deadly.
  • Void: Starfaring dragons who look like living chunks of the night sky, but whose expeditions through the depths of space tend to slowly drive them mad.
  • Wind: Nomadic dragons with an innate ability to control the weather, but notorious as braggarts and bullies, even by draconic standards.

Dragon Eel: Giant eels with distant draconic ancestry that gives them surprising intelligence and a number of electrical powers.

Dragonleaf Tree: Trees magically bonded to a single dragon, granting them rudimentary minds and the ability to attack with pounding limbs, razor-sharp steel-hard projectile leaves, and the ability to replicate their master's breath weapon.


  • Alehouse: Gregarious but mischievous drakes with emotional manipulating abilities that can be boon or bane to the bars, taverns and inns they feel so drawn to.
  • Ash: Fireproof drakes who regard ash the way a cat regards catnip, notoriously obnoxious little nuisances.
  • Coral: An oceanic drake that looks like a cross between a dragon, a sea snake, and a lionfish, covered in venomous spines. They incubate their young inside of throat pouches, but also use them as weapons against assailants.
  • Crimson: Malicious, arrogant drakes that often disguise themselves as pseudodragons.
  • Deep: Long-legged and sinister drakes native to the underdark, which prefer the company of aberrations and the undead, but still sometimes bond with others, especially necromancers.
  • Elder Shadow: Unusually large and powerful shadow drakes.
  • Paper: Strange paper-like creatures that blur the line between origami construct and living creature.
  • Rust: A tatter-winged drake which sheds rust constantly from its rust-hued scales, carries a deadly tetanus-like disease in its bite, and can vomit shards of jagged scrap metal at its foes.
  • Star: A drake warped into a powerful star-colored form by traveling across the planes. It now views itself as a protector of the Material Plane from extraplanar meddlers.

Drakon: A giant winged snake with a body-melting gaze attack and an acid vapor breath weapon.

Dream Eater: A manipulative fiend that uses dens of vice supplemented with illusions to lure victims in so they can strip them of all their emotions.

Drowned Maiden: The vengeful undead created when a woman dies in water due to a doomed romance.

Dryad, Duskthorn: A relative of the dryad that is spiritually connected to thorn-bearing creeper vines. They use dead trees as a support frame for their vines.

Dullahan: The iconic Irish psychopomp, here presented as a monstrous fey rider that can be mistaken for a headless undead ogre.

Dune Mimic: A giant desert-dwelling relative of the mimic that disguises itself as dunes, date palm groves, riverbanks, boulders and other large landscape shapes.

Eala: An extraplanar bird resembling a fire-breathing swan with metal feathers.

Eater of Dust: A bizarre aberration that looks like a baroque knight in full-plate, wielding a greatsword adorned with slavering fanged mouths.

Edimmu: The hateful spirit of an exile desert or plains tribe criminal returned as a water-sapping ghost of malevolent wind.

Eel Hound: A fey-bred hunting beast resembling an eel with four limbs, allowing it to hunt on land.

Einherjar: The spirit of a warrior chosen to an afterlife of eternal battle in Valhalla by a valkyrie.

Eleinomae: A nymph-like fey that inhabits wetlands, typically maintaining a perverse aquatic cemetery filled with the preserved corpses of past lovers.

Elemental Locus: The living spirit of a tract of land or other major geographical feature.

Elf, Shadow Fey: A corrupt branch of the elf family tree representing the Unseelie archetype.

Emerald Eye: A "speaking crystal" that has gone rogue, killed its master, and now wanders the world as it sees fit.

Empty Cloak: A cloak animated as a guardian construct.

Eonic Drifter: A humanoid from a dying civilization that tried to seek help through time travel, only to lose itself in the timestream and become unable to find its way home.

Erina: A shy and reclusive race of humanoid hedgehogs.

Far Darrig: Gnome-like fey who serve as the hunters, herders and equerry of fey society.

Fate Eater: Bizarre, centipede-like aberrations that literally consume the threads of Fate itself.

Fear Smith (Fiarsidhe): Loathsome unseelie fey who relish in torturing mortals.

Fellforged: Construct bodies animated by trapped wraiths.

Fext Fallen warlocks commanded to return from the grave as undead servitors for their patrons.

Fey Lords & Ladies

  • Bear King
  • Lord of the Hunt
  • Moonlit King
  • Queen of Night and Magic
  • Queen of Witches
  • River King
  • Snow Queen

Feyward Tree: A construct of metal in the shape of a tree, created to guard against and slay the fey.

Firebird: A fiery-feathered avian angel that seeks to redeem those whose hearts are stained by darkness.

Firegeist: The vengeful pseudo-undead remnants of a fire elemental that was destroyed away from its home plane in a particularly humiliating manner.

Flutterflesh: A repulsive undead construct resembling a twisted parody of a giant moth made of skulls, limbs, and wings of flayed skin.

Folk of Leng: The degenerate, satyr-like slavers from the Dreamlands.

Forest Marauder: Brutish, forest-dwelling ogre-kin with a particular tendency to work alongside orcs and goblins.

Fraughashar: A goblin-like race of wintery fey with a particularly strong territorial streak.

Frostveil: Strange, deadly floating carnivorous plants that are found in artic environments.

Garroter Crab: A large (but not giant) crab which has a right claw specially adapted to function like a grappling whip.

Gbhali: Terrestrial crocodilians with chameleonic camouflage abilities.

Gearforged Templar: An elite gearforged champion.

Genie, Al-Aeshma: A corrupted djinn warped by being tortured for 1,0001 years by the efreet for refusing to grant wishes to a mortal.

Gerridae: A giant water-strider bred by elves to serve as water-crossing steeds.


  • Beggar: Weak, emaciated lesser strain of ghoul, often created from a stronger strain that is starved of flesh.
  • Bonepowder: A ghoul starved until it has crumbled into an animate mass of dust and teeth.
  • Darakhul: An intelligent, civilized ghoul strain with dreams of world domination.
  • Emperor: The ruler of all darakhul.
  • Imperial: A more intelligent ghoul strain bred by darakhul as shock troopers.
  • Iron: Elite strain of intelligent ghoul soldiers that serve the darakhul as NCOs, officers and standard-bearers.


  • Desert Giant: Desert-dwelling giant nomads, the last remnants of a fallen empire, that record their knowledge in secret designs on their skin.
  • Flab Giant: A bizarre, morbidly obese lesser strain of giant. Dumber and lazier even than Hill Giants.
  • Hraesvelgr: A unique god-blooded giant who can transform into a roc.
  • Jotun: A divine-blooded strain of giants, similar to Titans.
  • Thursir: Greedy, competitive and naturally adept at metalworking, almost like an oversized parody of the darkest aspects of dwarfdom.

Glass Gator: A bizarre aquatic predator that resembles a gator-headed water-dwelling giant centipede with translucent flesh.

Gnarljak: A bear trap animated into a simple yet murderous construct.

Gnoll, Havoc Runner: An elite gnoll raider.

Goat-Man: A twisted half-man, half-goat monster created from wretches foolish enough to spy on sacred women-only rites in worship of Shub-Niggurath.

Goblin, Dust: A goblin strain native to wastelands ruined by the presence of mighty aberrations.


  • Eye: A statue adorned with embedded eyes and enchanted eye sigils that allow it to create blinding flashes of light.
  • Hoard: A dragon-created golem that animates a mass of gold and treasures into its own anti-theft guardian.
  • Salt: An animated statue of salt typically built by druids or residents of coastal or desert regions.
  • Smaragdine: A golem built of dark green glass with potent innate occult abilities.
  • Steam: A steam-fueled mechanical golem that requires a constant supply of fuel to function.

Gray Thirster: Water-sapping undead born of those who died of dehydration in the badlands and deserts.

Gremlin, Rum: A booze-loving and mischievous goblin-like fey typically found around port towns.

Grim Jester: Malevolent undead created from jesters who seek to prolong their unlife by amusing their creator deities through acts of murder and slaughter.

Gug: The foul cannibalistic giants of the underworld and Dreamlands.


  • Blood: Face-stealing hags with an insatiable thirst for blood, children of red hags and vampires.
  • Mirror: Hideously ugly hags who can lay a disfiguring curse on any who recoil from their vile visage.
  • Red: Blood mages and dark druids, these hags resemble crimson skinned elves rather than the usual hideous women.
  • Sand: Desert-dwelling hags that loathe beauty and peace.

Harpy, Owl: A more powerful strain of harpy with innate darkness-creating abilities and superpowerful hearing.

Haugbui: An undead spirit that guards a burial mound or barrow, and acts like a protective spirit to nearby mortals - so long as they regularly pay its tribute.

Herald of Blood: 20ft tall fiends who resemble purple-skinned, blood blister-covered giants, save for when they revert to their true form; a swirling vortex of blood, bone and raw magical power. They feed on ley line magic and the black blood of the earth, and found dark apocalyptic druidic cults dedicated to humanoid sacrifice and the murder of innocents.

Herald of Darkness: Powerful fiends native to the Shadow Realm which can transform mortals into Shadow Fey if they accept their touch. They disguise themselves as beautiful dark-haired fey, but their hearts are foul and treacherous.

Horakh: A vile insect-like monstrosity that favors eyeballs above all other foods; the eyes it has eaten can be seen floating in a translucent sac on its back.

Hound of the Night: Frost-breathing fey wolves bred by the Shadow Fey.

Hulking Whelp: A fey beast that normally looks like a nervous little puppy, but can transform into a giant brute when it feels threatened.

Hundun: Celestials devoted to the cosmic concept of Chaos that resemble four-armed people with a giant toothless mouth in lieu of a head. Their hearts are Eggs of Worlds, some of the most powerful creative artifacts in all existence.

Ice Maiden: Blue-skinned fey creatures of ice and cold that paradoxically yearn for love, but which will melt into nothingness should their hearts ever fill with genuine love.

Idolic Deity: The diminished remnant of an ancient godspawn, sealed in a small, demonic idol as punishment for trying to usurp the worship owed its mightier progenitor.

Imy-ut Ushabti: A guardian mummy created when a loyal servant willingly allows themselves to be mummified alive and consumed by flesh-eating scarabs so they may guard a deceased master for all eternity.

Isonade: A gargantuan oceanic monstrosity that seeks to slake a ravenous hunger on anything on, in or near the ocean.

Jaculus: A forest and jungle-dwelling dragonette that seeks to steal whatever shiny or reflective items it can to add to its hoard.

Kalke: A fiendish pest resembling a monkey with the head of a goat. Obsessed with magic, they combine the social grace of a baboon with the pretensions of a scholar.

Kikimora: A malevolent fey resembling a weird cross between a crow and a bird, they infiltrate houses and make a nuisance of themselves by tormenting the occupants.


  • Alchemist
  • Chieftain
  • Trapsmith

Kongamato: A jungle-dwelling beast that resembles a pterodactyl, it has a peculiar tendency to attack boats that enter its territory.

Koschei: A fallen wizard-king whose fear of death led him to remove his own soul, becoming a creature somewhere between a lich and a demon.

Kot Bayun: Sinister fey cats with a cruel streak, dedicated enemies of elves and Blink Dogs. They can put enemies to slumber with their song, but they can also heal others of ailments by telling them poems and stories.

Krake Spawn: A nightmarish blend of giant squid and spider, these warped relatives of the kraken have the ability to attack the land by scuttling over it with their spider-like legs.

Lantern Dragonette: A Tiny-sized relatively friendly dragon that feeds on candle wax and can emit light from its torso. Believed by some to be the result of magically fusing a radiant spirit and a paper drake.

Lemurfolk (Kaguani): A race of intelligent tribal humanoids resembling ringtailed lemurs with the patagia of flying squirrels. Led by spellcasting elders called "Greyfurs". Essentially a royalty-evading Phanaton.

Leshy: A monstrous humanoid that resembles a wild man with solid green eyes and leafy vines for hair and beard. They see themselves as guardians of the forest against civilization, and loathe metal in particular.

Library Automaton: A strange construct fashioned to organize and defend libraries, especially those of wizards.

Lich Hound: A vile undead hound created from the mutilated spirit of a celestial hound.

Likho: A powerful and vicious organ-eating monstrous humanoid that resembles a claw-digited cyclopean goblin.

Lindwurm: An animalistic member of the dragon family native to frozen reaches and icy seas, resembling an elongated, serpentine crocodile.

Liosalfar: Strange elementals that resemble elves made of solidified ever-shifting rainbow colored light.

Living Wick: A relatively cheaply made construct of wax animated by a magical taper that extrudes from its back.

Lorelei: Malevolent river nymphs with siren-like powers that seek to torment and slay males of all races.

Loxoda: Savage centaur-like creatures that resemble a cross between an ogre and an elephant. Far cleverer than they appear, loxodas are still voracious cannibals and pitiless raiders.

Mahoru: A vicious aquatic predator of the arctic regions resembling a snake-necked hybrid of orca and wolf.

Mallqui: A wind-dried undead corpse created to preserve the knowledge of respected ancestors.

Malphas (Storm Crow): Shadow Fey warriors which resemble kenku, but serve as fey knights.

Mamura: Former sprites twisted into bizarre babbling aberrations.

Mask Wight: Powerful fiendish undead warriors created to annihilate all demonkind.

Mavka: Undead dryads corrupted into twisted, nightmare-riding vampires.

Mi-Go: The iconic fungus-based space-faring winged lobster-things of H.P. Lovecraft.

Millitaur: A jungle-dwelling race of insectoids, with a humanoid upper-torso mounted centaurstyle on the body of a giant millipede.

Mimic, Map: An infant mimic that disguises itself as a map to lure humanoid prey into the jaws of its progenitor.

Mindrot Thrall: A humanoid utterly consumed by a mind-controlling fungus, which exists only to spread its infection across the multiverse.

Mirager: A desert-dwelling nymph that feeds, vampire-like, on the blood and bodily juices of mortals.

Miremal: A malicious race of goblin-like fey, distinguished by its long claws, constant bloody tears, and the thick coating of moss and fungus that grows from its flesh.

Mngwa: A lion with distant Ethereal Plane-touched ancestry, granting it increased intelligence and a limited ability to shift between the material and ethereal.

Monolith Champion: A powerful warrior construct built by the Shadow Fey.

Monolith Footman: A servant construct built by the Shadow Fey.

Mordant Snare: A gargantuan starfish-like aberration that burrows under the ground and deploys filaments that let it control corpses as zombie-like puppets, which it uses to try and lure prey into reach.

Morphoi: Shapeshifting four-eyed humanoid plants that hate all intelligent animal life. They can assume a humanoid form, but cannot hide their second pair of eyes.

Moss Lurker: A gnome-like creature with green skin and hair that can poison food and drink with a touch. These reclusive hunters regard all other races as prey.

Mummy, Venomous: A strain of mummy created by cults that revere patrons associated with poison, resulting in the creation ritual being changed to incorporate deadly toxins into the preservative bandages.

Myconid, Deathcap: An offshoot branch of the myconid race with particularly venomous spores.

Myling: A spectral undead created from the souls of youths who died of abandonment or exposure and were never buries.

Naina: A strange shapeshifting and all-female branch of the dragon family that can shift between the form of an old humanoid woman or their true form, which resembles a scaled and plumed drake with three different kinds of noxious gas breath weapons.

Nichny: A highly xenophobic and gleefully carnivorous forest-dwelling fey that resembles a humanoid cat. Though they have powerful luck-granting and oracular powers, they are loathe to share them.

Nightgarm: A magically spawned worg variant that appears as a crimson-furred humanoid wolf. By devouring humanoid corpses, they can become pregnant with and give birth to living clones that are compelled to serve them loyally - but one in 13 of these "falsemen" go rogue.

Nkosi: A race of leonic humanoids that can shapeshift into the form of normal lions.

Noctiny: A humanoid that has sworn an oath to serve the undead fext in exchange for power and the chance to become a fext in turn.

Oculo Swarm: A spell gone horribly wrong birthed these aberrations, which resemble swarms of torn-out eyeballs jammed into a single fleshy mass. They constantly seek out new eyes to add to themselves.

Oozasis: A giant ooze that disguises itself as a peaceful, pristine watering hole to lure victims close.

Ooze, Corrupting: A mass of foul-smelling, acidic slime that can assume a grotesquely humanoid form.

Ostinato: A malicious aberration born of living music that feeds off the vitality and personality of mortals.

Pombero: An obnoxious fey trickster that loves to steal, but at the same time is viciously protective of animals and trees in its territory.

Possessed Pillar: A powerful golem made by animating the large statue of an animal-headed deity or fiendish patron.

Putrid Haunt: A noxious, leech-infested, muck-shrouded zombie-like undead that arises from individuals who died lost in the depths of a swamp or marsh.

Qwyllion: Fallen nymphs warped into bloated, ugly parodies of their former selves with deadly gaze attacks.

Ramag: A human subspecies warped into long-limbed, magically resistant creatures due to their ancient magocracy.

Rat King: A massive rat swarm physically melded into a single humanoid shape by demonic blessings.

Ratatosk: A squirrel-like celestial with a trickster's mentality and a messenger's abilities.

Ratfolk: A race of nimble and canny survivors who just happen to be humanoid rats.

Ravenala: A tropical cousin of the treant made from a tropical palm.

Ravenfolk: Humanoid flightless ravens that claim descent from the magical raven servants of Odin.

Redcap: A dark gnome-like fey that must routinely dip its cap in the blood of the living in order to sustain its own existence.

Rift Swine: Hideously mutated pigs touched by the energies of portals to alien dimensions.

Rime Worm: An icy elemental that resembles a giant slug.

Risen Reaver: A twisted undead that arises from the ruins of warriors slain on the battlefield. It almost resembles a skinless parody of a centaur, with four human legs attached to an otherwise human upper torso, with the whole creature studded with jagged blades.

Roachling: Repulsive humanoid insects that combine the worst qualities of human and cockroach.

Rotting Wind: A terrible undead elemental; an unliving mass of cold, noxious air that can rot away whatever it touches.

Rusalka: The vengeful undead born from a woman who dies of drowning and now seeks to drown the living in turn.

Sand Silhouette: The spectral undead born of somebody who died in desperation in sandy ground, buried during a sandstorm, thrown into dry wells, or swallowed by a collapsing dune. It now commands the sand itself as its avatar for vengeance.

Sandman: Strange celestials that specialize in bringing intense dreams to mortals in order to strengthen the Plane of Dreams.

Sandwyrm: A bestial branch of the dragon family that dwells in the desert, using the ribcage-like protrusions on its back to lure prey in reach of its paralytic stinging tail.

Sap Demon: A malevolent body-stealing ooze that sometimes forms from cuts or injuries dealt to enchanted trees.

Sarcophagus Slime: Slime-like undead made of ectoplasm that are used as dangerous guardians for valuable tombs.

Sathaq Worm: Enormous and dangerous worm-like predators from the Elemental Plane of Earth.

Savager: Bizarre, rage-filled beasts that resemble a cross between a grizzly and a porcupine. They loathe all life so intensely that they routinely bite and scratch themselves until they can find something else to attack.

Scheznyki: A malevolent dwarf-like fey that haunts abandoned quarries and ancient ruins to rob and kill any who stumble into their reach.


  • Night: A giant scorpion with blinding venom.
  • Stygian Fat-Tailed: A "small" giant scorpion (1ft long) with incredibly powerful venom.

Selang: Malevolent Shadow Fey that resemble a satyr-style blend of elf and cricket. Worshippers of dark gods, they seek to bring their malevolent patrons through the void between worlds into the realms of mortals.

Serpopard: A long, sinewy beast that blends elements of a leopard and a serpent.

Shabti: A construct created to act as the servant of a deceased noble in the afterlife.

Shadhavar: A shadowy fey beast that resembles an undead unicorn that uses hypnotic music to lure prey in for the kill. Despite their fearsome meins and demand to be treated well, they are not inherently evil.

Shadow Beast: A Shadow Fey warped into a ghostly, skull-faced form. These twisted creatures yearn to snuff out all light.

Shellycoat: A fey cousin of the troll with a froggish mien that wears a magical cloak of shells that lets it breathe underwater.

Shoggoth: The most iconic H.P. Lovecraft slime.

Shroud: A spectral undead that represents the "intermediate state" between spirit and shadow.

Skein Witch: A celestial that acts as a curator of destiny and an enforcer of what must be.


  • Sharkjaw: Blending the line between skeleton and bone golem, this undead creature is made up of shark jaws interwoven into a parody of a humanoid form.
  • Vine Troll: A skeleton animated by a powerful magical plant that grants it troll-like regenerative abilities.

Skitterhaunt: A parasitic ooze that inhabits the hollowed-out carapaces of giant bugs, using them for defense and camouflage.

Slow Storm: A chaotic and unpredictable elemental of time.


  • Swamp Adder: A large (Small Beast) swamp-dwelling snake with powerful paralytic venom.
  • Zanskaran Viper: A giant snake noted for extremely powerful venom.

Son of Fenris: A monstrous beast that resembles a part-dragon wolf with two snakes in lieu of tongues. Though violent and destructive, they are far smarter than they appear and wield powerful magic.

Soul Eater: A spirit-eating fiend often summoned as a tracker or assassin.

Spark: A tiny elemental of electricity that can form symbiotic links with a mortal host.

Spectral Guardian: An undead created when an ancient warrior or noble breaks an oath, commits an act of terrible cowardice or is otherwise cursed by the gods and then dies before achieving redemption. Their spirit returns, bound to serve in death as they failed to do in life.

Sphinx, Gypsosphinx: Malevolent carrion-eating sphinx-kin that resemble lions with the heads and wings of vultures.


  • Ghostwalk: Giant spiders descended from magically mutated phase spiders, letting them create ghostly webbing that exists partially between the material and etheral planes.
  • J'ba Fofi: A giant spider that resembles a tarantula with exaggeratedly long legs, and with the power to telepathically control other normal spiders.
  • Red-Banded Line: A hand-to-dog sized spider that uses its web like a swingline to pounce on prey.
  • Sand: A giant trapdoor spider that burrows beneath the sand and uses its spiky legs to impale prey that gets too close.

Spider of Leng: A malevolent, highly intelligent race of giant spider wizards native to the Dreamlands.

Spider Thief: A spider-shaped, dog-sized clockwork construct that is highly prized amongst thieves and rogues.

Spire Walker: Rough-and-tumble fey with an affinity for electricity, commonly seen dancing on high peaks during thunderstorms or hanging around monsters with lightning-based powers.

Star-Spawn of Cthulhu: Another iconic Call of Cthulhu monster.

Stryx: A horrifying monstrosity that looks like an owl with a wide mouth full of alarmingly human teeth hidden behind its beak. Created as spies and servants by the insane archfey known as the Moonlit King.

Stuhac: Malevolent fiends that disguise themselves as old human or dwarven men living a hermit's life to lure victims close so they can rip the ligaments and tendons from their bodies and weave them into a cloak.

Subek: A cursed race of crocodile-folk who are peaceful, friendly and highly intelligent during the dry season, but become mindless berserker feral animals during the flood season.

Suturefly: Dragonfly-like magical bugs that attack anyone who speaks a lie and attempts to sew their mouths shut.


  • Fire Dancers: Tiny fire elementals resembling blue skulls.
  • Manabane Scarabs: Turquoise beetles that seek out and consume magical energy and the flesh of those who wield it.
  • Prismatic Beetles: Brilliantly colored beetles who, in a massive swarm, can hypnotize victims until they can kill them with euphoria-inducing poisonous bites.
  • Sluagh: Malevolent fey that look like a lamia-style crosos between a vampire sprite and a giant maggot.
  • Wolf Spirits: The vengeful ghosts of an entire pack of slain wolves.

Temple Dog: A bestial celestial that resembles a mixture of dog and lion, which devotes itself to guarding holy sites and temples.

Theullai: An elemental of ice and wind that resembles a cross between a blizzard and a werewolf.


  • Ancient: A Gargantuan demigod, and one of the last survivors of a long-fallen Celestial civilization.
  • Degenerate: A Titan that has mentally broken, leaving it little better than a crazed killer that is a pale, bloodthirsty shadow of its former glory.

Titaoboa: A constrictor snake of absolutely enormous size.

Tophet: A horrifying golem created by animating a a special hollow statue filled with flames into which humans are fed for punishment or as religious sacrifices.

Tosculi: A race of humanoid wasps native to Midgard.

Treacle: A blood-drinking ooze that disguises itself as harmless, appealing forms in order to lure victims close enough that it can start draining their blood through their skin.

Treant, Weeping: A strain of treant found in certain dark, shadowy forests, mostly distinguished by the constant stream of corrosive black sap that weeps from around their eyes.

Troll, Lake: A freshwater-dwelling troll that can only be killed by applying both fire and frost damage simultaneously.

Trollkin Reaver: A trollkin who has gone a-viking.

Tusked Skyfish: A peaceful aberration that looks like an enormous flying jellyfish with massive "tusks" emerging from its bell.

Uraeus: A celestial beast that resembles a fire-breathing, metal-scaled cobra with feathered wings.

Urochar (Strangling Watcher): A monstrous giant cyclopean leech-like aberration that inhabits the underdark and feeds on the final moments of the dying.

Ushabti: An Egyptian-themed golem created to guard a tomb against defilers.

Vaettir: A Norse-themed undead that is a combination of an ancestral spirit and a land spirit.

Valkyrie: Celestials in the guise of warrior women riding winged wolves that are sent by Odin to collect the souls of the courageous slain.

Vampire, Umbral: A strange vampire-like shadowy fiend created from the denizens of a city that fell under a terrible curse.

Vapor Lynx: A sapient lynx with the ability to assume a gaseous form and exhale poisonous mists.

Vesiculosa: A desert-dwelling species of giant pitcher plant that uses water tainted with sweet-smelling, soporific venom and tentacles to ensnare prey.

Vila: A nymph-like fey creature resembling an elf-maid with deer antlers and some dryad-like abilities, which she uses to guard forests from trespass and harm.

Vile Barber: The Siahbra, to give them their proper name, are sadistic unseelie fey who act as assassins, torturers and executors of vengeance against those who offend the Archfey.

Vine Lord: A former plantfolk subsumed by a malevolent vegetative parasite, now seeking to expand and empower forests and jungles in the service of some patron god or demon.

Voidling: A writhing mass of tentacles and eerie green light summoned from the cold space between the stars.

Wampus Cat: A magical beast that resembles a mountain lioness with the head of a beautiful woman. Driven by a hatred of all males, they wield hypnotically beautiful voices as weapons to slay their foes. Based on a critter from early American folklore.

Water Leaper: A weird aquatic predator that resembles a giant snake with the head of a giant frog and a set of vestigial wings that let it make spectacular leaps out of the water.

Wharfling: An ugly, hairless, aquatic-adapted raccoon-like animal with an annoying penchant for thievery.

White Ape: The bitter descendants of a species of gorillas that were uplifted to sapience to serve a magocracy, only to become hated by all humanoids after they became the vectors for a deadly plague that is especially lethal to magic-users.

Witchlight: A construct created to serve as a familiar, consisting of a tiny shaped piece of levitating quartz that emits a spherical aura of light, akin to a will-o-wisp.

Wormhearted Suffragan: Repulsive worm-infested female undead created from the loyal devotees of Qorgeth, Demon Lord of Worms, whom they believe is the servant and forerunner of a dark goddess of worms and decay.

Xanka: A small, spidery construct created to break down garbage and refuse by converting it into energy.

Xhkarsh: Twisted insectile aberrations from some alien cosmic cycle that have the power to manipulate fate and destiny.

Ychen Bannog: An ox that stands over 40 feet tall at the shoulder.

Zaratan: A stony-shelled turtle the size of a good-sized island.

Zimwi: A distant relative of the troll that resembles a humanoid lion with barely prehensile hands. Cursed with stomachs that are extradimensional pockets akin to bags of holding, they never feel sated.

Zmey: Three-headed dragons that inhabit the deepest forest and serve to protect it from would-be desecrators.

Creature Codex[edit]

Aatxe: A shapeshifting Celestial in the form of a great red bull that serves as a guardian for pious communities.

Acid Ant: A breed of giant ants with acidic bites and abdomens full of corrosive goo that burst on death.

Agnibarra: An elemental monster that resembles a goblin set on fire, but never burning to death. Pyromaniacs that view any flammable lifeform as nuisances that need to be purified with fire.

Ahuizotl: A man-eating otter-like river monster with a prehensile tail topped with a human-like hand.

Ahu-Nixta: Squamous, vulnerable little squid-like aberrations that inhabit large clockwork exoskeletons, which bolsters them in their crusades for the glory of the dark gods.

Alkonost: Strange elf-faced magical birds that only appear prior to the arrival of powerful electrical storms, tornadoes, and mighty winds.

Alliumite: A race of humanoid plants created by sprinkling sweet onions with pixie dust. Wild herb gardeners, they defend their gardens with ferocity far greater than their size.

Alp: An obnoxious fey resembling an ugly dwarf with a white cap, alps are incorrigible mischief makers who love to torment the sleeping and harass farmers.

Ammut: A celestial beast that resembles a chimera; the head of a crocodile, the forequarters of a lion and the hindquarters of a hippo. They are dedicated enemies of the undead and seek them out to devour wherever they can be found.


  • Eye of the Gods:' A fiery winged eye the size of a human infant that acts as an observer for its creator-deity.
  • Kinnara: A beautiful harpy-like angel created from the soul of a virtuous lover and sworn to the service of gods of love, music and wisdom.
  • Ophanim: Resembling flaming transverse nested wheels with outer rims covered in eyes, these angels signify divine justice and the direct attention of the deity whom they serve.
  • Sammael: Resembling winged humanoids clad in robes of black, swirling mist, these are the angels charged to enact execution, destruction and punishment at the will of the gods.
  • Song: Music-loving, golden-skinned angels that seek to lead mortals into performing acts of kindness and charity.
  • Zoryas: Bringers and enders of light, Zoryas also escort avatars of the deities to and from the material plane.

Animal Lords: Powerful fey spirits that act as the patron deities for the animals of the world.

  • Bat King
  • Brother Ox
  • Lord of Vultures
  • Mouse King
  • Queen of Birds
  • Queen of Cats
  • Queen of Serpents

Ankou: The spirit of the first dragon to die of each century, compelled to serve the gods of death by ushering the souls of the dead to their final resting places.

Anophiloi: A race of semi-sentient giant mosquitoes.

Arborcyte: A monstrous plant resembling a tangle of acid-oozing vines and bones, spawned from the corrupted soul of a druid slain in the failed defense of their woodland home.

Arcamag: A crystalline tick that feeds on the magical energies within living hosts.

Arcanaphage: A magic-eating monster that resembles a giant, rainbow-colored flying sea slug.

Astral Snapper: A vile humanoid-looking aberration that kills victims by phasing into the Astral Plane and using small portals to reach into and devour the entrails of unwitting mortals.

Azeban: Mischievous fey tricksters that resemble humanoid raccoons.

Azi Dahaka: A unique three-headed serpentine dragon believed to be the child of a storm demon.

Baba Yaga: The one, the only, the Mother of Witches and the Queen of Hags.

Bar Brawl: Basic stats for running a bar brawl.

Barong: A white-and-crimson panther-like celestial based on the Indonesian deity of the same name.


  • Giant Albino
  • Giant Vampire

Bearfolk Chieftain: A beefed up version of a bearfolk to represent a tribal chief.

Bearmit Crab: A magical fusion of a bear and a hermit crab that builds a fake shell out of rocks glued together with sticky secretions, meaning slashing/stabbing weapons have a chance to get stuck.

Bilwis: A malicious wind elemental that is typically summoned to ruin the fields and crops of farmers.

Bloody Bones: A horrific monstrosity that looks like a saucer-eyed, partially skeletal ghoul whose pate drips with blood that can rejuvenate its wounds.

Bookkeeper: Animated ink blots created to serve as magical tome guardians.

Boot Grabber: A slime-like aberration that pretends to be a puddle of yuck on the ground, then forms itself into a gluey hand and grabs its foe by the foot, seeking to crush their limbs and make them bleed to death.

Carbuncle: An obnoxious trickster of a magical beast, appearing as an ocelot with the plumage of a tropical songbird and a glimmering garnet growing in the center of its forehead.

Cats of Ulthar: A murderous swarm of magical cats, taken from the Dreamlands.

Cauldronborn: A strange golem made up of earth and stone animated by corrupted potions seeping into the soil. It feeds on potions to sustain its own life, and tracks them fanatically.

Centaur Chieftain: A beefier version of the standard centaur to represent a tribal leader.

Child of Yggdrasil: A monstrous, carnivorous tree-like aberration unwittingly created from a dragon's eggs that were smeared with Yggdrasil sap and left in a hollow in the World Tree by a ratatosk.

Chuhaister: A malicious forest-dwelling giant with bark-like skin and a particular hatred for the fey. They often keep smaller fey imprisoned in a cage-like formation of branches that grow atop their skulls.

Chupacabra: The iconic goat-sucker cryptid.


  • Assassin
  • Servant
  • Soldier

Corpse Thief: A cursed race of ghoulish humanoids who cannot naturally feel strong emotions, and so they steal objects from corpses to read the imprinted memories and vicariously experience them. Unfortunately, they have such a weak sense of personal identity that this can lead to them believing they are the person whose grave-goods they're wearing.

Crimson Mist: A revived classic D&D monster, a blood-sucking mist created by slaying a vampire with sunlight as it's in the midst of feeding upon a living victim.

Cueyatl: A race of cruel tribal tree-frog-folk who often practice piracy and human sacrifice, ruled over by tyrannical priest-kings. Basically evil Aztec grippli.

Dakini, Simhamukha: A Celestial giant appearing as a towering Amazon with blue-black skin and the head of a three-eyed white lion with a long, golden mane. They strive to punish those who have harmed beings under the protection of the dakini.

Dark Father: A classic Grim Reaper wraith-looking undead that embodies the finality of death and comes for those soon to die.

Dark Folk: A human subrace descended from wizards that swore allegiance to shadow gods and passed the resultant Shadow Magic onto their descendants.

  • Dark Eye: One-eyed Dark Folk whose missing eye drains the soul from those who meet its void-gaze.
  • Dark Servant: The lowliest of the Dark Folk.
  • Dark Voice: An eyeless prophet that acts as the leader of the Dark Folk.

Demon Princes:


  • Alnaar: Giant snakes made of magma that emerge to hasten the suffering of others.
  • Cipactli: A many-mawed hermaphroditic humanoid alligator that lives to feed and breed.
  • Echo: A wingless humanoid bat created from the souls of truly despicable liars.
  • Fulad-Zereh: A towering demonic humanoid that acts as a lieutenant in Abyssal armies.
  • Neophron: Shapechanging, eternally hungry demons that can assume the form of a giant vulture or a half-vulture half-ghoul.
  • Pishacha: An oni-like demon created from the souls of the greedy and lustful, haunts graveyards and often cohabits with ghouls.
  • Plaresh: A writhing knot of green ichor-drooling carnivorous demon worms.
  • Rattok: Demonic ratfolk that distill abhorrent liquors from captured souls.
  • Spree: A homicidal gnome revived as an even crazier and more murderous demon.
  • Vellso: Demonic trackers.
  • Wind: Winged, decaying-looking demons that serve powers of cold and decay.
  • Yek: Demonic cannibals and pack hunters that act as mercenaries.


  • Speaker to Darkness: A priest of Camazotz.
  • Witch Queen: A focus for the insanity of an entire derro clan.

Devil Shark: A giant, fiendish looking shark with the mind and ego of a cunning warlord.



  • Fire Imp: Flame-winged pyromaniac imps.
  • Infernal Knight: A devilish knight that serves as a trusted advisor and servant to a powerful pit fiend or arch-devil.
  • Wind's Harp: A living harp that acts as a diabolic musical instrument and torturer.

Dhampirs: Hybrid children of mortals and vampires.


  • Archaeopteryx: A proto-bird.
  • Lystrosaurus: A hog-sized burrowing ceratopsian, often tamed by kobolds.
  • Nodosaurus: A member of the anklyosaur family.

Dracotaur: Humanoid dragons from the waist up, wingless dragons from the waist down. Believed to have been created artificially by drowning centaurs in dragon's blood.


  • Clockwork: A clockwork imitation of a dragon built as a clockpunk siege weapon.
  • Light: Star-traveling lovers of light and beauty.
  • Wasteland: Territorial dragons that inhabit magic-blasted wastelands.


  • Edjet: Elite dragonborn troopers.
  • Elementalist: Specialist dragonborn mages that act as living artillery.
  • Heavy Cavalry
  • Light Cavalry
  • Ouroban: Fanatical warriors belonging to doomsday cults.


  • Bathhouse: Steam-breathing, soapy-slick drakes that create and run bathhouses as a combination of lair and hoard.
  • Fey: A drake transformed into a Faerie Dragon-like creature by a demigod's blessing.
  • Forest: Wingless firebreathing lizard that uses its breath weapon to provide healthy regular burns for their forests.
  • Moon: A timid yet loyal drake that can transform into a living moonbeam. Its spittle is a cure for lycanthrope.
  • Pact: A highly intelligent drake able to level powerful curses on oathbreakers.
  • Peluda: A massive drake that resembles a wingless, shaggy, steam-breathing lizard bristling with porcupine-like spikes.
  • Skull: A carrion-scavenging drake with prominent exoskeletal armor, often taken as a pet by necromancers.
  • Spider: A nightmarish blending of lesser dragon and giant spider.

Dream Squire: A mortal condemned into service to the Shadow Fey.

Dream Wraith: A variant wraith spawned from somebody killed in the throes of a powerful dream. It hunts other dreamers, hoping to finish its dream and then find peace in oblivion.

Dust Goblin Chieftain: A more powerful version of the standard goblin.

Dvarapala: A god-serving giant based on the Indonesian spirit of the same name.


  • Blood: An Abyssal relative of the water elemental.
  • Storm Lord: Powerful elementals of water, wind and lightning from the Plane of Water.
  • Venom: A lesser elemental resembling a giant snake comprised of liquid poison.


  • Alchemist Archer: Uses arrows empowered with alchemical mixtures.
  • Deathsworn: Elite servants of an elven war god.
  • Enchanter
  • Servant of the Vine: An elven cleric of the god of wine and artistry.
  • Shadow Fey Ambassador: An emissary from the shadow fey to mortals.
  • Shadow Fey Knight of the Road: A Shadow Fey knight turned to banditry.
  • Shadow Fey Pattern Dancer: Elite dancer-assassins that serve the Queen of Night and Magic.
  • Shadow Fey Poisoner

Elophar: An Ogre Mage that bungled a ritual to commune with its ancestral spirits and has now become an undead husk controlled by a squabbling crowd of spirits.

Exploding Toad: A toad transformed into a living bomb by Dust Goblin magic.

Far Wanderer: Servitors of the aberrant-god Yorama the Living Star, which resemble elves with constellation-like glowing markings on their skin.

Fear Liath: Curse-spawned undead shadows who can only pass on to the afterlife by passing their curse on to a living mortal.

Fey Lords & Ladies:

  • Berchta, the Endless Spindle
  • Reynard, the Fox Lord

Fierstjerren: Undead warriors created by Nordic death cults.

Flame Eater Swarm: A swarm of bizarre fire-eating mutant bats, a failed weapon bred by Camazotz cultists.

Flame-Scourged Scion: Scorched, burned aberrations, the remnants of a largely extinguished dark cult whose unholy groves were put to the torch.

Flesh Reaver: A repulsive undead construct created to serve as a hunter and tracker.

Fleshpod Hornet: A giant parasitic hornet whose sting injects rapidly-maturing larvae into its victims.

Flying Polyp: The iconic Cthulhu Mythos monster.

Foxin: Brilliantly colored fey foxes that can exude an aura that quells pain, fear and discomfort.

Fragrite: An elemental of living lightning-glass.

Fulminar: A lightning elemental that takes the form of a lightning-wreathed jaguar whose lower body trails off into a whirling storm cloud.

Fungi, Wirbeln: A humanoid spiral-shaped bipedal fungus characterized by its willingness to form alliances with other creatures and its intense loyalty.

Gargoctopus: A giant, hyper-intelligent octopus that studies lost civilizations.

Ghast of Leng: An adaptation of one of H.P. Lovecraft's monsters.

Ghost Boar: Magically mutated albino giant boars that can become briefly incorporeal.

Ghost Dragon: Literally just the ghost of a dragon.

Ghost Dwarf: The ghost of a dwarf forcibly trapped by a powerful necromancer or other undead and forced to inhabit an armored shell to be deployed against the living.

Ghouls, Darakhul:

  • High Priestess
  • Shadowmancer


  • Necrophage Ghast: A ghast necromancer who practices a variant of the art that rewards its acts of cannibalism with arcane power.
  • Tar Ghoul: Tar-seeping ghouls that revel in being set alight, as they cannot actually be burned themselves.

Ghoulsteed: The corpse of a humanoid killed with necrotic energy, warped into a bestial yet hideously still humanoid shape often used as a steed by the Darakhul.

Giant Moths:

  • Standard
  • Rimewing
  • Shockwing
  • Sootwing


  • Blood Giant: Giants damned by oaths to a long-forgotten god, trapped in a state between life and death, looking like skeletons clad in an everflowing cloak of gore that freezes and liquifies at their mental command.
  • Cacus Giant: Malevolent, fire-proof giants bred by a lesser fire god and then released from his service.
  • Cave Giant: Degenerate and superstitious cavern-dwellers who revere cannibalism to the point that animal flesh is seen as spiritually unclean.
  • Haunted Giant: A male hill or stone giant constantly harassed by the restless spirits of his ancestors.
  • Laestrigonian Giant: A castaway who turned to cannibalism to survive, only to be warped into an insane flesh-eating giant by a divine curse.
  • Mountain Giant: Enormous, stone-fleshed giants.
  • Void Giant: Cloud giants kidnapped as children by void dragons and warped into suitable servitors.

Gloomflower: Tiny, mind-attacking killer plants from the Shadow Realm.

Gnoll Slaver

Goblin, Chaos Spawn: A goblin mentally warped by exposure to the mind-shattering aura of a Great Old One.

Goblin, Shadow: Dusky-skinned goblins native to the Shadow Realm, where they serve as menial servants to the Shadow Fey.


  • Alchemical
  • Altar Flame
  • Armory
  • Bone
  • Bronze
  • Doom
  • Fractal
  • Keg
  • Lesser - Glass, Hair, Mud, Wood
  • Lotus
  • Manastorm
  • Paper
  • War Machine

Goliath Longlegs: A giant spider with legs as long as tree trunks, allowing it to ambush prey from its perch high above.

Goreling: Severed limbs, discarded organs and other bodily scraps animated by necromancers as self-perpetuating minions.

Grave Behemoth: A horrifying undead construct, consisting of a flayed Hill Giant skin stuffed full of corpses, with both the bulging skin and its corpse cargo animated.

Green Knight of the Woods: A fey knight and champion.

Grindylow: Wicked aquatic aberrations that look like a parody of merfolk; a goblin upper torso and an eel's lower body.

Gugalanna: A celestial in the form of a massive bull with wings and a sun disk hanging between his horns, sent by the gods to punish the truly evil.

Gulon: A bizarre hybrid of giant fox and mountain lion, so voraciously gluttonous that it squeezes between trees to force the digested dung from its body faster so it can resume gorging.

Gumienniki: Crimson-skinned goblin-like fiends that offer to protect silos and storehouses in exchange for a steady supply of sacrifices. They wield flaming scythes and can transform into the shape of cats to disguise themselves.

Hag, Snow: Ice Maidens who have lost seven thralls by having them be kissed by someone who truly loves them transform into these ugly icy hags.

Herald: Divine servitors.

  • Herald of Fire: Humanoid dragons that are the living embodiment of fiery justice and burnt sacrifices to the draconic gods.
  • Herald of the Great Wyrm: Servitor of the god of all dragonkind, a sign that the eye of dragonkind is upon a particular place or person.
  • Herald of Undeath: An agent of the gods of undeath that seeks to spread the plague of unlife as far as possible.

Horned Serpent: A giant snake with bull-like horns and a magical jewel in its forehead. They exude a lethal miasma of poison and disease.

Hound of Tindalos: An iconic Lovecraftian monster.

Hungry Ghost:

  • Gaki: Restless spirits of avaricious humans, cursed to live an afterlife of eternal hunger, usually for carrion or other noxious filth.
  • Preta: A relative of the gaki that hungers for blood, made more dangerous by its powers of invisibility and illusion.

Ichneumon: An unusually intelligent weasel the size of a brown bear that relishes the taste of dragon eggs above all other foods.

Ijiraq: A shapeshifting fey that can change from a human with a vertical mouth and demonic eyes to a minotaur-like humanoid caribou with wickedly spiked horns. Whilst they love to hunt humans for sport, they consider it poor form to attack those who come to speak with them, and will treat them respectfully during a moot.

Incinis: A malevolent humanoid elemental of magma.

Inkling: A puddle of ink accidentally enkindled with life by magic, now feeding on the ink of spellbooks and grimoires to literally absorb the knowledge into itself.

Iron Sphere: A guardian construct in the shape of an iron sphere that can deploy hidden weapons.

Jaanavar Jal: A giant predatory river-dwelling worm that uses an oily discharge as a makeshift breath weapon, igniting it with specialized teeth.

Jiangshi: The legendary Chinese Vampire.

Jinmenju: A horrifying looking intelligent plant that grows fruit that resemble human heads. Despite its fearsome mien, all it wants is to make other people laugh and feel happy, but its efforts to do so often have tragic results.

Kallikantzaros: A cursed race of goblin-like fey that seek to cut down Yggdrasil, an impossible task.

Kappa: The iconic Japanese turtle monster.

Karakura: Vampiric fiends of haze and shadow that prefer to use wit and charm to draw prey in rather than chase it down.

Kitsune: The iconic Japanese fox monster.


  • Elite
  • Junk Shaman
  • King
  • Swolbold
  • Wizard

Korrigan: A mischievous, party-loving fey that resembles a gnome or leprechaun, which is beautiful at night but becomes ugly during the light of day.

Kryt: Malevolent humanoid turtles with a reputation as skilled diviners.

Kulmking: A horrific undead resembling a distorted, elongated hairless carnivorous horse with too many pairs of legs and human arms. Created by fey from people who go out of their way to harm wildlands, they loathe their creators and whilst condemned to protect the lands they once corrupted, they slaughter any fey they can get their hands on.

Kuunganisha: A unique species of small fiend specially bred to serve as a familiar.

Lady in White: The ghost of a woman who met a terrible, tragic end.

Lamassu: A bestial celestial that resembles a sphinx, having a human head on the body of a winged lion.

Lamia, Serpentine: An offshoot branch of the lamia race with the lower bodies of giant serpents. They loathe their lion-bodied kin, seeing them as imitations

Leonino: An owl-winged flying cat beloved as a pet by elves.


  • Hierophant: A clerical lich.
  • Pact: A warlock lich.

Living Shade: A human's shadow animated by magic into a mischievous but not malicious fey.

Living Star: Giant celestials of flame that are kindled to life from motes of the sun.

Lou Carcolh: A bizarre hybrid of dragon and snail that uses six tentacle-like prehensile tongues to grab foes and drag them into its serpentine maw.


Mandrake: A killer plant that resembles a grotesque hybrid of root and human baby, whose shrieks can kill.

Mandriano: A perversion of treants grown from soil defiled by ritual sacrifice, created to shepherd the undead.

Mantik: A legendary figure from Midgard, the ruler of all manticores.

Master of Demon Mountain: A legendary figure from Midgard, a corrupted archmage of massive power and the father of an enormous extended family of tieflings.

Megapede: A giant metal-eating millipede.


  • Labyrinth Keeper
  • Moon Priestess
  • Lost: The undead form of a minotaur that died whilst trapped in a labyrinth of any kind.

Moon Nymph: An aberration connected to the moon that disguises itself in appealing forms to invade dreams and feed on its victims minds.

Morko: An obnoxious and fireproof fey trickster that loves to nest in chimneys. It has the ability to inflict a curse that makes its victim instinctively hated by others, and they love to use this on a victim before their attending a festival or party.

Mytholabe: A clock construct crafted by the gods to safeguard the personal effects of their fallen champions which can only be harmed by unenchanted weapons.

Nachzehrer: A repulsive plague-carrying undead that rises from the first victim of a plague that manages to kill a large number of people.

Naga, Moonchild: A lazy and self-absorbed naga species that founds cults dedicated to it with false promises, manipulating others so as to ensure its own life of ease.

Nalusa Falaya: A horrible aberration resembling a warped, humanoid wolf, typically found guarding portals leading to or from planes of shadow, death and darkness. They have a particular taste for humanoid children. Based on a Choctaw legend, with perhaps a dash of Gmork from The Neverending Story.

Necrotic Tick: A tick mutated by feeding on the blood of a zombie or other undead creature.

Nian: A strange half-lion, half-bull monster that hunts during the shifting of seasons. Based on the Chinese mythical monster of the same name.

Nightgaunt: A H.P. Lovecraft monster.

Ningyo: A magical fish with an eerily humanoid face. Whilst eating its raw flesh reputedly grants immortality, it is feared as a harbinger of destruction and ill fortune. Taken from Japanese mythology.

Ogre, Tusked Crimson: A magically produced subspecies of ogre characterized by its crimson skin, pronounced tusks, bloodlust and fearlessness.

Oliphaunt: A giant, four-tusked version of the mammoth.


  • Alchemical Apprentice: A slime born spontaneously from alchemical waste, with surprising intelligence and a friendly disposition.
  • Blood: A sanguine slime congealed from the gore leftover by sacrifices to dark gods.
  • Foxfire: A glowing, levitating, electricity-filled ooze.
  • Giant Shark Bowl: Half ooze and half construct; a bubble-like mass of living water symbiotically coexisting with a hungry shark living within its body, with treasure set within to lure victims close.
  • Ink Guardian: Half-construct and half ooze, ink transmuted into a voracious predator that can disguise itself as just a regular ink bottle until disturbed.
  • Ruby: A brilliant red corrosive slime that can harden into a semi-solid mineral form easily mistaken for a mass of rubies.
  • Shadow: Planar energy from the Plane of Shadow congealed into an ooze-like entity after spilling into another plane.
  • Suppurating: The liquified flesh and pus of victims of a disease called the Seeping Death, spontaneously animated as a horrifying slime.

Orc, Black Sun: Albino orcs from the underdark which shun the light of day. The Black Sun Priestess is a religious leader amongst their kind.

Orc, Green Abyss: An orc subspecies evolved to inhabit deep jungles and shadowy canyons, specially adapted for hunting and living in the canopy.

Orthrus: A magical beast in the form of a two-headed guard dog with a giant snake for a tail.

Ouroboros: A half-black, half-white serpent-shaped dragon that is a symbol of both the preservation of life and the destruction of all things.

Pech: A creepy-looking but inoffensive gnome-like elemental of Earth.

Phantom: The restless, angry spirit of somebody who met a violent end.

Philosopher's Ghost: The result of alchemy gone hideously wrong, a Philosopher's Ghost is half ooze and half fire elemental, a living mass of ever-burning green flame.

Piasa: A lesser dragon characterized by its stag-like antlers, incredibly long spiked tail, and the great beard of golden filaments sprouting from its tiger-like muzzle. They exude gouts of sleeping gas and are unusually vulnerable to poison.

Pillar of the Lost Magocracy: An ancient defensive construct left behind by a long-vanished empire of wizards, taking the form of an ornate stone column with a mad wizard's spirit bound to it.

Pixiu: Dragon-jawed winged lions that feed upon gold and silver. Females are notoriously bolder, more aggressive, more cunning and more ambitious than the males.

Planar Flora: Plants growing in areas inundated with planar energy from the Upper Planes or Lower Planes.

  • Alabaster Tree: Angel-touched oaks, pines or willows that protect their native grove and all the creatures inside of them.
  • Devil Bough: A fiend-touched tree that ensnares and devours any living creature it can, including other Devil Boughs.
  • Ecstatic Bloom: An enormous angel-touched white flower that exudes a curative dew. Only grows in a grove that contains at least 2 alabaster trees and 3 hallowed reeds.
  • Execrable Shrub: A fiend-touched thornbush that feeds on blood and meat.
  • Hallowed Reed: Sapient angel-touched reeds that slowly transform nonmagical grasses around them into more clusters of hallowed reeds.
  • Thorned Sulfurlord: A mass of fiend-touched vegetation assembled into an ever-burning parody of a giant humanoid form made of tangled black thorn vines, topped with a wooden mask.

Purple Slime: A water-dwelling slime that attacks by forming spike-like pseudopods to stab foes and inject necrotizing ichors.

Quickstep: A fey messenger and courier that resembles a halfling-sized elf that moves at blistering speed.

Quiet Soul: The vengeful spectral undead created of one abandoned and left to die of starvation, thirst or exposure to the elements. They seek only to kill any living souls that stumble across their resting place.

Rageipede: A 3ft long centipede that injects a mind-altering venom into creatures, filling them with homicidal berserker fury, and then waits to claim the carrion left behind by their killing spree.

Rakshasa, Greater: A more powerful version of the common rakshasa.

Ramag Portal Master: A ramag dimensionalist.

Ratatosk Warlord: A more powerful and warlike subrace of the ratatosk.


  • Mercenary
  • Warlock

Razlorleaf: A killer plant that grows in areas where the boundary between the material and the Shadow Realm has grown thin. Resembles a more mature-looking mandragora with plum-colored, razor-sharp leaves and the ability to magically darken its surroundings.

Ring Servant: A unique kind of golem made by Ringmages. Takes the form of a humanoid mass of energy given shape by scattered fragments of metal and maintained by two rune-etched metallic bracers.

Roachling Scout

Roggenwolf: An unusually intelligent wolf with a psychic-attacking howl and a preference for the flesh of humanoids.

Scitalis: A giant snake with magically iridescent, scintillating skin that can hypnotize onlookers.

Scrag: An aquatic-dwelling relative of the troll.

Sentinel In Darkness: A powerful guardian golem used to protect secret vaults and reliquaries, appearing as a stone statue of a blindfolded, four-armed humanoid wearing a hooded cloak stitched from maps. Creating them requires imbuing an inert stone golem with the spirit of a mortal that died having taken at least one terrible secret to the grave.

Serpentfolk of Yig: A H.P. Lovecraft-inspired race of serpentfolk.

Servant of Yig: An aberrant guardian created by Yig and his cultists, resembling a giant snake with human arms.

Shadow Blight: A tree corrupted into a dark-loving, blood-drinking killer after spending a prolonged period as the host for a fledgling Crimson Mist.

Shadow River Lord: An undead fey that inhabits deadly rivers that wear away the barrier between the realms of mortals and dark fey.

Shantak: The star-traveling horse-faced bird-thing of Lovecraftian lore.

Shard Swarm: The broken remnants of constructs animated once more as a lesser construct of whipping winds and chunks of metal or stone.

Shoreline Scrapper: A giant lobster able to emit magnetic pulses, which it uses to augment its defenses by layering its shell with magnetized metal.

The Shoth: A race of sapient slimes from an unknown dimension that seek to coax all humanoid life to be transformed into more Shoth. Though they seek to entice others with friendship and compassion, they are not above a "tough love" approach to compel volunteering to become one of them.

Sigilian: Strange constructs that spring into being spontaneously when spells are improperly transcribed, creating a being of living words and magic that feeds on other scribed spells to grow in strength.


  • Kapi: Humanoid monkeys with fundamentally good hearts, but curious. Often become adventurers.
  • The Monkey King: The celestial lord of all apes and monkeys, based on Sun Wukong.
  • Vanara: A deeply religious race of humanoid monkeys with a deafening howl.

Simurg: A Gargantuan celestial in the form of a brightly colored, wolf-headed bird with access to powerful curative magic.


  • Clacking: A skeleton made from assembled bones taken from different humanoids, essentially a lesser bone golem.
  • Monarch: An intelligent and independent skeleton with an innate ability to control lesser skeletons.
  • Shadow: A skeleton infused with just enough raw Shadow Magic that they can unleash darts of necrotic unlight as projectile attacks.

Skull Lantern: A strange undead that sometimes forms randomly when a skeletal humanoid undead is destroyed, causing the skull to begin levitating and babbling to itself whilst eldritch light burns in its eye sockets. Mindless, they attack only if attacked first.

Sleipnir: A race of eight-legged horses with divine lineage that loathe the undead and seek to destroy them.

Sloth, Giant Carnivorous

Snow Cat: A panther-sized, lynx like great cat adapted to hunting in arctic environments.

Spawn of Chernabog: A monstrous fiend associated with the evil god Chernabog, resembling an inky black bear with a porcine snout, stag's antlers and glowing red eyes standing upright.

Spider, Crypt: A giant spider with unusually high intelligence that kills humanoids and animates the corpses as zombies - slaves for the adult, and hosts for their developing young.

Spirit Lamp: A skeletal undead creature created from the victim of a cursed soul-trapping lantern, which it is compelled to carry wherever it goes.

Storm Spirit: Elementals of lightning, thunder and wind that embody nature's wrathful side and which are summoned to smite polluters and corrupters of the land.

Sunset Raptor: A feathered predatory dinosaur whose elaborate tail plumage creates a hypnotic effect.

Terror Bird: A giant, flightless, carnivorous avian.

Thread-Bond Constrictor Snake: The spirit of a giant constrictor magically bound into a rug to create a deadly guardian or assassin. So long as the rug is not destroyed, the "image" of the snake woven into its textile surface will animate as a living snake over and over again.

Three-Headed Cobra: ...It's a giant cobra with three heads. What more do you want?

Tosculi, Jeweled Drone: A tosculi entrusted with acting to assist a queen in managing her swarm, distinguished by its magically imbued, scintillating carapace.

Troll, Desert: A desert-dwelling troll breed with stony flesh, impervious to fire, but readily killed with water.


  • Shaman
  • Grunt

Tulpa: A strange pseudo-undead, a spirit born from a coalescence of ill-will and obsessive thoughts.

Tveirherjar: Undead warriors created from the souls of the malign, dark counterparts to the einherjar born of Nidhogg.

Two-Headed Giant Eagle

Undead Phoenix: A terrible corruption of the standard phoenix into a harbinger of death, disease, plague and famine.

Undine: Aquatic female fey who seek to alleviate their lack of a soul by forming a spiritual bond with a human consort, enforcing loyalty with a cursed kiss that grants supernatural affinity for the water, but will also drown the unfaithful.

Unhatched: The skeletal undead remains of a wyrmling dragon killed and reanimated before it ever hatched by boiling its egg in a necromantic soup.

Ursa Polaris: A giant magical polar bear that possesses potent icy magic, similar to a Winter Wolf.


  • Patrician
  • Priestess

Vampiric Knight: A once-holy knight slain by a vampire and then reanimated as a unique servitor with only a small selection of vampiric strengths and weaknesses.

Venom Maw Hydra: A Hydra with the ability to spit poison.

Vines of Nemthyr: A malevolent plant that spontaneously grows on the sites of particularly bloody battles and yearns to spill more blood.

Warlock's Trumpetbloom: A strange and highly aggressive flower-like carnivorous plant with a venomous whipping stinger concealed in its flower-maw. Basically a triffid.

Water Horse: An amphibious fey that resembles a horse-headed humanoid, but can freely take the form of either a fetching humanoid or a beautiful riding horse, which it uses to lure humanoids to the water's edge so it can drown and eat them.


  • Albino Death: A giant weasel with an exceptionally ravenous appetite that hunts all the time.
  • Wind: A man-sized fey weasel armed with scythe-like claws that can fly and assume the form of a whirlwind. Based on the Japanese kama-itachi.

Weirding Scroll: A guardian construct for libraries consisting of an animated scroll of treated humanoid skin, capable of enslaving the minds of humanoids and turning them into its puppets.

Wendigo: A voracious antlered wolfman with icy attacks and an aura of starvation.

Whisperer in Darkness: An avatar of Nyarlathotep.

White Stag: A celestial that appears in the titular form, created from the soul of a pious elf and sent back to the mortal realms to provide guidance to heroes.

Wickerman: A monstrous construct crafted by evil druids; a giant wicker sculpture of a humanoid stuffed with human sacrifices and then set alight, trapping their souls in the flames and animating the sculpture to obey its creators.

Wind Eater: A spectral undead created by a long-ago apocalypse.

Wolpertinger: A strange magical beast consisting of a rabbit with fangs, wings and antlers.

Woodwose: A strange, feral offshoot of humanity with abstract ties to the fey, characterized by its animal-like dense coating of fur and its innate ability to commune with plants and animals.

Worg, Fang of the Great Wolf: A once-ordinary worg transformed into a more powerful form in honor of Fenris.

Wyvern Knight: An elite spear-wielding trooper that rides a tamed wyvern into battle.

Wyvern, War: A subspecies of wyvern bred to serve as steeds. Typically ridden by Wyvern Knights.

Xenabsorber: A crystalline aberration that can mimic traits from creatures it has seen.

Xiphus: A former Quickstep augmented with a magitek clockpunk heart implant that grants it some innate chronomancer abilities.

Yaga Goo: A sapient ooze created when Baba Yaga (or a witch she has passed the secret onto) boils a humanoid down into a surprisingly tasty-smelling stew, creating an oozing, shapeshifting spy.

Yakirian: A race of humanoid yaks who follow a monk lifestyle based on the example of Brother Ox... save for their continued performance of a traditional rite of blood magic that revolves around consuming the hearts of humanoids and giants to bolster themselves.

Yann-An-Oed: A bizarre aberration that resembles a giant frog with six eyes and mases of long, writhing tentacles in lieu of arms.

Ziphus: A gargantuan sea-faring aberration that looks like a fish with humanoid arms and an owl's head.


  • Blood: Zombies bolstered with blood magic, giving them blood-draining touches and covering them in a constant oozing coat of gore.
  • Lord: A sapient zombie, the zombie equivalent of a lich or Death Knight.
  • Mold: A zombie infected with the spores of a deadly fungus.

Zoog: The tentacle-faced ratfolk of the Dreamlands.

Tome of Beasts II[edit]

Aalpamac: A terror of lakes and rivers, with the forequarters of a giant wolverine and the hindquarters of a huge trout.

Ahu-Nixta: New statblocks for the Ahu-Nixta from the Tome of Beasts 1.

  • Cataphract
  • Drudge

Akaasit: A mantis-like construct from a plane destroyed by a catastrophic misuse of time magic, leaving them existing simultaneously in the present and fractions of seconds into both the past and the future.

Akhlut: An amphibious hybrid of orca and wolf. Taken from Eskimo mythology.

Alchemical Skunk: Skunks mutated by having their ancestors forcefed a potion cocktail by drunk wizardly students. They now can produce six different types of spray attack at random.

Alpha Fish: A giant, predatory version of the common betta fish.

A-Mi-Kuk: A repulsive aberration, something like a giant white frog covered in crimson slime, that appears in the bleak and icy expanses of the world. Terrified of fire.


  • Angel of Judgment: A two-sided celestial looking like a wingless angel and a wingless devil fused back to back. They act as arbiters between the celestial and infernal lords, and observe times of turmoil and upheaval.
  • Angelic Enforcer:' A lion-faced angel that is sent to hunt renegade angels.
  • Mead Archon: Emissaries of deities who enjoy both battle and strong drink.

Uridimmu: Lion-faced angels that rejected their demonic heritage and swore allegiance to the gods of law when their parents were defeated.

Animal Lords:

  • Queen of Scorpions
  • Toad King

Animated Bearskin Rug

Aniwye: A giant shapechanger that can take the form of either a monstrous carnivorous skunk (or a giant skunk/wolverine mix, at least), an ogre or a Hill Giant. Taken from Native American folklore.

Anzu: God-blooded giant eagles with an elemental affinity for fire, water and wind.

Apaxrusl: Also known as sand drudges, created by binding a damned soul into sand, creating a half-fiend, half-construct that looks like a corpse.

Ash Phoenix: A dark parody of the phoenix created by powerful necromantic rituals that require a mass pyre of humanoids being fed the blood of magical avians.

Ashen Custodian: A nymph like fey born when a dryad is slain by a wildfire, creating a creature that carefully uses and stops forest fires to preserve the health of its native forest. Often works with forest drakes.

Astral Devourer: An aberration consisting of many worm-like aberrations twisted into a single writhing swarm that hunts the astral plane.

Astri: A celestial in the form of a blue-eyed, golden raccoon that wanders badlands and deserts, seeking to assist those in distress. They loathe selfishness and mercenary behavior.

Attercroppe: A malevolent little fey that resembles a snake with arms, the attercroppe's loathing of true reptiles is matched only by its desire to poison and foul fresh water.

August Rooster: A magically created chimera of different avians that is surprisingly able to breed true. It possesses a number of innate magical abilities, including an aura of subservience it can use to compel animals and humans to dote upon it. They have the mental faculties and temperament of a spoiled, malicious child.

Aurora Horribilis: A strange aberration of light and song that doesn't understand that its dissonant voice induces madness in its listeners. Often foreshadows the arrival of something far worse.

Avalanche Screamer: A bizarre aberration, resembling a mass of sonic blast-shrieking shark heads tottering around on giant spider legs, the whole thing made of living ice.

Aviere: A celestial songbird which sings the hymns of its patron deity or deities, healing and uplifting its surroundings.

Avulzor: A horrific, weirdly humanoid aberration from a plane where life is based on necrotic energy, which seeks to annihilate all life in this multiverse.

Barometz: A strange mobile vegetable in the form of a sheep or goat that sometimes springs spontaneously from a fruit tree.


  • Giant Bombardier Beetle
  • Giant Snow Beetle: An Arctic relative of the giant dung beetle.
  • Lantern Beetle: Resembles a cross between a rhino beetle and a firefly, native to the Underworld and often trained as a living light source.
  • Sniffer Beetle: A dog-sized beetle whose keen senses make it a popular familiar for arcanists with vision problems.

Befouled Weird: A corrupted water elemental infected with parasitic brain-eating amoebas.

Black Crier: An undead courier that spontaneously manifests in regions soon to be visited by a major catastrophe. They try to warn the living to flee, but they are cursed to be incapable of speech.

Bleakheart: A vengeful undead born from a performer who died consumed by despair and hopelessness over their ineptitude at performing.

Bloodsapper: A repulsive dog-like aberration that uses its long, hollow tongue to siphon blood and store it in a ballooning throat pouch.

Bloodstone Sentinel: A variant stone golem created with blood magic, and thusly able to wield a limited number of blood magic abilities.

Boneshard Wraith: An undead spirit that assembles a physical form for itself out of available bones, using these to create both an avatar and weapons.

Bonespitter: A gargantuan worm that devours its prey whole, and then absorbs their bones into its own body as armor and weapon.

Boreas' Chosen: A worshipper of Boreas imbued with a divine blessing to serve as their god's champion.

Brachyura Shambler: A race of carrion-eating humanoid beetles that dwell in swamps, marshes and other regions of polluted, filthy mud.

Brain Hood: A self-loathing parasitic aberration that can take over the bodies of beasts by wrapping its flat, rayfish-like body around the top of their skull and inserting filaments into their brain. They resent the bodies of humanoids and delight in killing them.

Brimstone Locusthound: A magebred hybrid of locust and hound that can spit sticky slime and emits a hazy aura that interferes with ranged attacks.

Broodmother of Leng: The larger, more powerful female of the Spiders of Leng.

Bulbous Violet: A giant predatory flower that resembles an enormous violet, save for the prehensile vines covered in acid-filled buboes that it uses to slay its prey.

Butatsch: A Gargantuan aberration resembling a disembodied cow's stomach studded with thousands of eyes that can immolate whatever they touch. Weirdly, it has been known to ignore and even protect the weak and defenseless against other monsters. Based on a Swiss cryptid.

Cadaver Sprite: Zombified sprites created by the archfey from sprites they deem to have failed the fey courts.

Carnivorous Ship: A giant, seafaring cousin of the mimic.

Carnivorous Sod: A turtle-like predatory plant grown through fairy magic, which disguises itself as a tuft of grass until something steps on it. Then it emerges from the soil and tries to bite their legs off.

Catscratch: A once-normal cat (or catfolk) infected with an alien bacteria that transforms it into a werecat-like rampaging berserker.

Chamrosh: A celestial in the form of a winged sheepdog, created from the souls of exceptionally faithful guards and retainers who selflessly sacrificed themselves to protect others.

Chatterlome: A four-armed, goblin-like fiend that delivers itself to scorned lovers in a wooden box. If the recipient delivers the box to the person who hurt them, the chatterlome will kill that person - but then the original recipient must deliver the chatterlome to 9 more victims, or be spirited off to the Lower Planes.

Cherufe: A malevolent magma elemental that resembles a four-armed insectoid centaur, created by corrupting a Lava Keeper.

Chill Haunt: The warmth-seeking ghost of somebody who froze to death, which continually reforms unless killed in a very specific manner.

Chimeric Phantom: An insane spectral undead created by forcibly amalgamating myriad disparate fragments of souls, often created by Kachlians.

Chronomatic Enhancer: A giant clock-like construct with the ability to manipulate time.


  • Archon A clockpunk mecha in the shape of an angel created by the faiths of gods devoted to justice, battle and glory.
  • Leech: A leech-like clockwork construct created to steal blood for magical rituals and spells.
  • Mantis: A large mantis-shaped guardian-construct built out of clockwork.
  • Tiger: A clockwork guardian construct in the shape of a tiger.

Collais: A fearsome protective spirit resembling a monstrous black stag, summoned to act as a guardian for forest communities.

Conjoined Queen: Twisted creatures created by a mad cult dedicated to an unknown insectoid god. Resembling the upper body of a beautiful, pale-skinned humanoid woman attached to the thorax of a massive, alien insect, they seek dominion over both humanoids and insects.

Corpse Worm: Hideous giant grub-like insectoids that feed on carrion.

Corrupted Pixie: A once-normal pixie warped into a fiendish version of itself by dark hag magic.

Crimson Shambler: What looks like a gore-coated zombie is actually a necrophagous crimson slime mold that uses corpses as both food and a means of transport.

Crinaea: Beautiful elemental fey distantly related to nymphs, these beings are the spirits of small water bodies, such as wells and fountains, and appear as beautiful elfmaids composed of water and water plants.

Crocotta: A twisted hyena-like monstrosity with a paralyzing gaze and the uncanny ability to mimic humanoid voices.

Cryoceros: An elemental planetouched offshoot of the rhino, creating a woolly rhino made of living ice.

Crystalline Monolith: A strangely sapient mass of living crystals that creates weird crystal gardens in the depths of the earth, where they spend their days meditating on on magical philosophy.

Dancing Foliage: A slender, graceful, highly mobile magical plant that looks almost like an emulation of a humanoid dancer. They seek to protect areas of great floral beauty - usually forest groves, but sometimes urban gardens.

De Ogen: The spirit of a murderer or other malevolent criminal executed by being burned at the stake or thrown into a fire pit, returned as an unliving mass of smoke that seeks revenge on its killers.

Death Vulture: A giant vulture transformed by regularly feeding on undead flesh, giving them a ghast-like aura of stench and a necrotizing Breath Weapon.

Deathspeaker: A former charlatan granted undead by malevolent gods of trickery and deception, charged with placing deadly curses on the living through their fictitious prophecies.

Deathweaver: A spider mutated by necromancers into a giant which can turn corpses into zombies by wrapping them in its webbing.

Degmadu: An enormous aberration, essentially a worm-like mass of flesh and eyes surrounding a whirlpool-mouth of stony teeth, also deified as the Millennium Polyp and the Shuddering Maw. Basically a Sarlacc.

Demon Princes:


  • Baliri: Donkey-headed crab-clawed humanoids created from the souls of those so abused by family or peers that they turn to demon-worship for succor and bloody retribution.
  • Culicoid: Humanoid mosquitoes.
  • Spawn of Alquam: Humanoid vultures created to serve the Demon Lord of Night.

Derendian Moth Abomination: A huge and malformed moth spawned to defend a dark tree that resides in a forest where the barrier to the Shadow Realms is thin.


  • Explorer
  • Guard
  • Shadowseeker


  • Poena, Duchess of Retribution
  • The Curator


  • Arachnocrat: Spider-headed humanoids that relish infiltrating the circles of aristocratic society.
  • Blood Imp: Diabolic servitors of gods of blood, death and decay, usually sent to preside over sacrificial offerings.
  • Nephirron: Human-faced diabolic dragons that specialize in corrupting and conquering dragons to the cause of Hell.
  • Scribe Devil: Masters of Ink Devils, authors of infernal contracts.
  • Tzepharion: Savage and primal diabolic dinosaurs.

Dimensional Shambler: The Cthulhu Mythos' answer to the Umber Hulk - a creature with mingled apeish and insectile features that travels between dimensions as it wills.


  • Compsognathus
  • Tricenatorus: A transmuter's mistake, a tyrannosaur/triceratops hybrid.


  • Boreal: Arctic-dwelling, fur-covered fire dragons.
  • Imperial: Oriental Dragon-looking entities associated with water and the spirit world.

Dragonette, Keyhole: Tiny, weasel-like dragonettes bred to serve as vermin hunters, often repurposed as living lockpicks.


  • Cave: Wingless cavern-dwelling ambush predator.
  • Crater: Mutation-prone wyvern-like denizen of areas blasted by destructive magic.
  • Diminution: Bizarre size-shifting drakes with shrinking venom tail sting and breath weapon attacks. Specialize in swallowing prey whole.
  • Hoard: The most avaricious and lazy of all dragonkind, but surprisingly docile and interested in conversation... so long as you don't touch its stuff.
  • Hoarfrost: Icy drakes frequently serving as minions to White Dragons.
  • Kelp: An aquatic drake that disguises itself as a mass of floating kelp.
  • Light: Radiant dragonettes that are obsessed with bringing light to dark places both metaphorically and literally.
  • Liminal: The offspring/cast-offs of Void Dragons.
  • Sanddrift: Serpentine, six-legged desert-dwelling burrowing predators.
  • Vine: Jungle/swamp-dwelling drakes that are as much plant as they are dragon, with multiple prehensile vines sprouting from their bodies.

Dread Walker Excavator: Spider-shaped construct created to protect and excavate ancient, magical ruins by an unknown race.

Dryad, Mountain: A Huge nymph that is to mountains what dryads are to trees, with stony skin and lichen-like hair. Basically Kobold Press' Oread.

Edjet Initiate: A lesser version of the Edjet, representing a young, impulsive aspirant to that organization's ranks.


  • Fire-Infused Water
  • Ice
  • Magnetic

Emperor's Hyena: An undead hyena created to serve the emperor of the Darakhul.

Empusa: A distant relative of the lamia, a shapechanging monster that looks like a fiendish female satyr with copper hooves and claws.

Eonic Savant: A more powerful Eonic Drifter who has learned to fully master its unusual temporal state, becoming a powerful chronomancer.

Fabricator: A hyper-advanced construct in the shape of a cubical green slime, similar to a Gelatinous Cube, that can break down any raw material and transmute it into finished products.

Faceless Wanderer: An aberration that resembles a faceless humanoid with claws clad in ragged robes of solid darkness. Feeds on stolen memories.

Falsifier Fog: A malevolent undead created from the soul of an abuser or a cult leader who died collaborating with or benefitting from the manipulations of dark forces. Creates an unliving mist that seeks to spread and feed on anxiety and depression.

Fane Spirit: The spirit of a dedicated faithful soul that perished in the act of defending their place of worship, returned to continue ministering to the sacred place that they gave their life for.

Far Dorocha: Attendants to the Archfey who manage the lesser servants and carry out the more sinister biddings of their masters.

Felid Dragon: A strange lesser dragon that resembles a giant tiger with horns and wings.

Fey Lords & Ladies:

  • Commander of Horn and Gold
  • Mistress of Midnight Teeth
  • Tarkun the Desiccated

Fey Revenant: A Shadow Fey rewarded for their achievements in the eyes of the Queen of Night and Magic by being transformed into a half-fey, half-giant bug creature, similar to a drider or scorrow or sometimes with a beetle, dragonfly, wasp or locust lower body.

Flayed Wraith: A unique strain of wraith created when an individual is tortured to death by being flayed alive; it wears its own peeled-off skin and is consumed by the pain of its last moments.

Fleshdreg: A benevolent but nauseating intelligent plant that must constantly vomit up disturbingly flesh-like pulpy plant matter lest it fill up their acidic stomachs until they burst.

Fleshspurned: The insane ghost of a humanoid who died of being eaten alive or swallowed whole, returned as a spirit-eating cannibal.

Flithidir: Fey spirits of birds, resembling harpy-like gnomes with feathers for hair and bird-like wings. They can also turn into birds and Small humanoids. They constantly seek out the new and the exotic, and seek to trade for whatever is the latest target of their obsession.

Forest Emperor: A Child of Yggdrasil that has eaten the heart of an adult or older dragon, transforming into a giant monster that looks like a cross between a Warhammer dryad and a centaur with dragon's wings.

Fragrant One: A fey that looks like a slug with a human face. They use powerful hypnotic pheromones to bewitch others into becoming their dedicated friends, as they literally feed on friendship.


  • Boomer: A subspecies of Shrieker that creates stone-shattering sonic pulses.
  • Ophio: A mind-controlling parasitic fungus originating from the caverns beneath the Plateau of Leng in the Dreamlands.
  • Pixie's Umbrella: Mushrooms that attempt to evade predators by flying away.
  • Shiftshroom: An edible mushroom that attempts to disguise itself as a deadly mushroom to avoid predators.
  • Strobing Fungus: A relatively intelligent (Int 5) fungus that can create blinding flashes of intense light.

Galidroo: A huge mutant monstrosity resembling a hairless, two-headed rat with an octopus tentacle for a tail. Its two heads can see into the past, present and future simultaneously, but only for other people, not itself.

Garlicle: An elder (garlic-based) alliumite that uses cloves plucked from its own heads to act as a diviner, an ability it uses to guide its community and to curse its foes.

Gaunt One: A humanoid mutated into a worm-tongued, zombie-like creature that ravenously seeks to devour hearts.

Ghast of Leng, Greater: A more powerful version of the standard Ghast of Leng.

Ghillie Dubh: A Celestial that takes the form of a humanoid mound of leaves and moss. They are protectors of both nature and those who are lost, often leaving the good-aligned arboreal planes they call home to act as custodians of mortal forests, especially in colder climates.


  • Bloated: A ghoul that has ritually gorged on the flesh of hundreds of humanoids, swelling into an obese monstrosity that is stronger than the standard ghoul and which can heal itself in mid-combat by devouring corpses.
  • Darakhul Captain
  • Darakhul Spy

Ghul: The undead forms of genies, losing their former well-defined elemental nature to instead gain powers based on their ability to shift through the elemental aspects of earth, air, water and fire.


  • Abbanith: A peaceful giant race that dwells exclusively underground, using stone-softening giant thumb-claws to dig through the earth.
  • Cave Shaman: A Cave Giant that has developed the powers of a Transmuter, which it believes stems from consuming spellcasters.
  • Phase: Chitin-armored giants native to the Ethereal Plane.
  • Shadow: Former allies of the fey who were cursed to constantly shift in between the Material and Shadow Planes when they refused to either aid the fey against the Shadow Fey or to serve the Shadow Fey courts.
  • Snow: A smaller, weaker, less belligerent cousin of the Frost Giant. Actually surprisingly playful and friendly, but often ignorant of how much squishier the little races are.
  • Thin: Disturbingly proportioned contortionists who prey on even other giants.

Glacial Corrupter: Ice-boned skeletal undead that rise from the victims of Sapphire Jellies or other Glacial Corrupters.

Glacier Behemoth: A six-legged, ice-armored relative of the [bulette]] that inhabits the arctic regions. Enormous brutes weighing at least 15 tons that crush lesser creatures and obstacles under their inexorable advance.


  • Bearing: A mass of ball bearings that can assemble into a humanoid clump.
  • Death Shroud: A floating golem made from burial shrouds.
  • Dragonflesh: A draconic take on the Flesh Golem, made from the flesh of Chromatic Dragons.
  • Vine: Humanoid tangles of living vines created by druids.

Graknork: Gargantuan three-eyed reptilian monsters of the tundra and taiga with powerful eyebeam attacks.

Graveyard Dragon: A unique undead dragon that either spontaneously forms when several evil dragons are killed simultaneously, or is animated by inundating a collection of evil dragon corpses. Fiercely protective of living dragons.

Greed Swarm: A dark ritual, often associated with Mammon, can transform a simple coin into a construct that can animate any other nearby coins, gems, and other mineral valuables into a whirling cloud.

Gremlin, Rum Lord: A more powerful version of the Rum Gremlin. often presides over a court of the darker elements of society, such as wererats and ratfolk. Jealously protective of their territory; they hate clurichauns and alehouse drakes, as well as rival Rum Lords.

Grimmlet: A strange floating mass of jagged crystals that reproduces by absorbing arcane energy directed against them.

Guiguai: A family of ghost-like undead taken from Chinese mythology; the spirits of sinners who were given improper burial rites, allowing them to return to wreak havoc.

  • Bagui: Also known as "Drought Ghosts", they lived lives filled with greed, lust and gluttony, and now seek to scour that which they once consumed with a breath weapon of burning wind and choking dust.
  • Meigui: Also known as "Trickster Ghosts", they caused great disorder in life and now exist only to spread chaos. They can shapechange into animals.
  • Gudugui: Also known as "Venomous Ghosts", their hateful natures in life manifest as a need to spread their poisonous influence in undeath with a toxic touch and the ability to spew out swarms of poisonous insects.
  • Xiqigui: Also known as "Spelleating Ghosts", these Guiguai were consumed with the search for arcane power, and are now magic-eating ghosts.
  • Laogui: Also known as "Elder Ghosts", these are powerful Guiguai who have the traits of three or more of the lesser Guiguai simultaneously, and can summon shadows to do their bidding.

Gulper Behemoth: Gargantuan humanoid anglerfish with horribly translucent gullets.

Haleshi: Mackerel-like humanoid fishes, these are actually fey who act as intermediaries between the fey of the waters and the fey of the land. Despite their love of human and elven desserts, these diplomats and judges are all but incorruptible.

Hantu Penanggal: A former servitor of fiendish powers cursed into a fiendish form similar to a penanggal for their treachery. Unlike their undead counterparts, the bodies of these corrupted souls can still attack even once the head detaches.

Harbinger of Wrath: A fiend-crafted Gargantuan construct made of twisting, razor-sharp blades intertwined into a roughly humanoid shape.

Harefolk: A race of humanoid arctic hares who dwell in the snowy regions of the world. They loathe werewolves, who they claim hunted them almost to extinction at the dawn of time. They have a mischievous streak, and keep non-humanoid arctic hares as good luck charms.

Harpy, Egret: A towering, slenderly built harpy that lacks the bloodthirsty nature of most harpies and instead cares more about protecting the marshlands and swamps they inhabit.

Heggarna: A bizarre parasite of mental energy that looks like a cross between a leech and a tiger.

Helashruu: Mercifully rare and powerful aberrations that look like living mirrors whose frames are made of whipping tentacles and whose reflective surfaces boil with insane eyes.

Herald of Slaughter: A fiendish emissary of dark gods sent to foment unrest and agitate mortals into committing barbaric atrocities.

Herald of the Void: A strange skull-faced fiend of star-stuff whose arrival portends a world's ruination by cold, fire, plague, war, or a magical apocalypse of another kind.

Hodag: Predatory cat-bull creatures based on the American Tall Tale critter of the same name.

Hongaek: A malevolent air elemental embodying the concept of miasma - "evil air" that causes poison and disease.

Hooden Horse: A robe-shrouded undead figure with a horse's skull for a head that exists to punish the guilty and exact retribution, often born of folk rituals gone terribly awry so that they summon real spirits of vengeance into festival "sin-eaters".

Huecambra: A gem-studded giant lizard that favors eating other large reptiles.

Huli Jing: A shapeshifting nine-tailed fox that feeds on life force.

Husks: The deboned remnants of a humanoid corpse animated as a grotesque, floppy undead shell of tissue.

Hverhuldra: Reptilian-looking fey that seek to protect geothermal springs, especially those along ley lines.

Hydra, Bloom: A carnivorous plant that resembles a giant lizard made of intertwined vines, with four magical flowers blooming on distinct vines.

Hydra, Chameleon: A variant hydra that resembles a chameleon, complete with sticky tongues it uses to snare prey from afar.

Ice Bogie: Obnoxiously mischievous wintery fey that resemble goblins made of ice.

Ikuchi: A Gargantuan elemental that resembles an enormous eel-snake with the ability to produce thick, smothering oil from its skin.

Illhveli, Kembingur: One subspecies of a collective of malevolent giant whales, this one can be distinguished by the fish-like bright red crest that runs along its back and its jagged fangs.

Illhveli, Nauthveli: One subspecies of a collective of malevolent giant whales, this one can be distinguished by it's cow-like face and horns. It has a voracious appetite for the flesh of all bovine creatures, and is the terror of minotaur sailors.

Incarnate Gloom: A Gargantuan undead spawned when a group of at least a dozen people die whilst suffering from a deep feeling of hopelessness. The negative emotions animated as an inky black cloud that seeks out more despair.

Infernal Centaur: A fiendish parody of a centaur created by grafting the upper body of a damned gnome to the body of a decapitated Hell Hound.

Infernal Swarm: An enormous collective of carrion-eating hellish insects that shares a gestalt consciousness and can mass together into the semblance of a towering devil to try and avoid predators.

Initiate of the Elder Elementals: A warlock devoted to the service of the evil Archomentals.

Irid: A Celestial that resembles a fairy made of rainbow colored light, which has a very fey-like love of mischief, excitement and gossip. Their inability to distinguish beauty and goodness makes them common prey for Rhopalocerex.

Jack of Strings: A malicious fey that resembles a humanoid black goat wielding enchanted marionettes that often serves as a "court jester" to the Shadow Fey.

Kachlian: Monstrous aberrations vaguely resembling nests of tentacles emerging from a snail-like shell. They consume souls, often saving the 'best parts' and melding them into Chimeric Phantoms.

Kamaitachi: An offshoot of the Wind Weasel that has adapted to far northern forests.

Kami: A family of fey based on Japanese mythology and the "small gods" of Shinto.

  • Gorao-ka: A benevolent little kami of good fortune, but only able to offer its blessings to those who make the proper offerings.
  • Hebi-Doku: Resembling a giant snake with two smaller snakes emerging in parody of arms, these are guardians of snakes.
  • Naizu-Ha: A kami personifying the act of violence committed with small blades, looking like a scorpion made out of knives.
  • Sasori Fukurowsashi: The reincarnation of a nature protector, returned to continue its calling as a strange melding of man, owl and scorpion.

Kaveph: Massively muscled eyeless hulks that inhabit the underground regions of the Dreamlands and are often exploited by the ghasts of Leng.

Keelbreaker Crab: A species of giant crab with an almost dragon-like obsession with hoarding loot, especially enchanted ship's figureheads. They attack sailing ships to get their bounty, which they mount atop their backs.

Kelp Eel: A malevolent species of magical kelp that weaves itself into giant eel-shapes to attack and kill anything that gets close, an attempt by merfolk mages to protect their communities gone horribly wrong.

Kezai: A giant scorpion with dragonfly wings that can also spew nauseating poison gas, which it can then ignite with acidic saliva.

Khodumodumo: A Gargantuan monster that resembles a cross between a living hill and a giant, eyeless toad, using six prehensile tongues to draw prey into its fanged gullet.

Kirikari: A species of giant centipede that can generate defensive mists thanks to the corrosive mold it cultivates on its carapace. It's a natural predator of wyverns.

Knight Ab-errant: A former humanoid warrior transformed into an insane brutish reflection of itself by corruptive magic.


  • Spellclerk: Kobolds who practice the art of the Arcane Trickster to serve as spies, messengers and secret agents.
  • War Machine: A kobold-invented primitive tank stylized to resemble a dragon.

Lambent Witchfyre: An aberration that resembles a slime made of living blue flame, which hunts ceaselessly for organic matter to serve as fuel.

Lava Keeper: An elemental of magma, resembling a primitive sculpture of a headless, four-armed humanoid that drools magma.

Lazavik: A Tiny fey that resembles a gnome cyclops that inhabits the and defends swamps and marshlands.

Lich, Virtuoso: A lich-like undead creature that arises spontaneously when a powerful bard dies with art left undone, retaining almost all of its prior good looks, save for one tell-tale physical feature.

Linnorm, Vent: A branch of the linnorm family tree that inhabits the depths of the ocean, where hydrothermal fissures split the seafloor. They loathe aboleths with a passion.

Locksmith: A strange but intelligent humanoid clockwork construct obsessed with the creation and unlocking of barriers.

Luck Leech: Narcissistic malevolent fey that seek to steal as much physical wealth and luck for themselves as possible.

Lunarchidna: Bizarre aberrations that spawn when moonlight shines over spider webs in forests permeated by residual dark magic, creating a shape resembling a four-armed, four-legged, featureless humanoid woven of silk. They despise elves and seek to torment and destroy them at all costs.

Lunarian: Fey in the form of humanoid moths who once inhabited the moon, but who were exiled into the Underdark by an Archfey.


Lymarien: Incredibly tiny fey resembling elf-headed songbirds the size of butterflies. They are defenders of beasts and children.

Mad Piper: A group of musicians melded into a grotesque living pipe organ by mythosian cultists.

Magma Octopus: A magma elemental in the form of a giant octopus.

Malleable: A former psychic predator that consumed so much psychic energy that they imploded, becoming a formless mass of still-sapient, shapeshifting flesh that seeks to feed and grow until it envelops the world.

Manggus: A shapeshifting giant-kin that can painfully transform between the forms of either an oni or a three-headed hydra.

Mari Lwyd: A crazed undead in the form of a rhyme-speaking horse's skeleton that demands to be taken in as a guest.

Marsh Dire: A zombie-like undead that forms spontaneously when humanoids drown in marshlands, distinguished by the symbiotically linked strangling vines that grow from its flesh.

Mei Jiao Shou: A paraceratherium by its Chinese name.

Moonkite: A celestial that resembles a silver sphere sprouting three pairs of silver hawk wings, which flap in perfect unison. Highly intelligent, it sometimes serves as a steed for powerful celestial generals and heroes, or even great mortal heroes facing extreme manifestations of evil or chaos.

Mountain Strider: A primitive, aggressive and boorish race of humanoid mountain goats.

Mummy, Scroll: A variant mummy whose ritual of creation involved using spell scrolls amongst its wrappings. As such, it has wizard spellcasting abilities and can steal spells both from spellbooks and scrolls and from the minds of spellcasters.

Murgrik: An aberration that resembles a giant gator with prehensile maw-stalk between its eyes, a gaping belly maw, batlike gliding wings, and a dozen scaly tentacles for a tail it can use as a flight propeller to launch it into the air.

Mydnari: Eyeless evil humanoids who inhabit the underdark and command slimes as living tools, even forming symbiotic links with mutated ochre jellies that serve them as protective armor.

Naga, Swamp: A swamp-dwelling species of naga that acts as protector of its native environment, commanding swarms of insects and being guarded by prehensile vines that take root on its scales.

Narshark: Sharks adapted for life as predators of the skies through the use of enchanted narwhal-like horns that sprout from their heads.

Necrotech: Gargantuan undead constructs used as siege weapons or modes of transportation.

  • Bone Colossus: A Gargantuan version of the Bone Golem.
  • Death Barque: A boat-shaped flesh golem featuring a gypsosphinx head as its figurehead and a cave dragon's tail.

Nharyth: A grotesque aberration resembling an enormous mass of disembodied intestines that writhes through the air under its own power, spewing spears of solidified resin from its many openings.

Noth-Norren: An incredibly destructive elemental that resembles a massive, upside-down tornado whose interior is lined with thousands of jagged teeth. Associated with Flying Polyps.

Nyctli: Grotesque fey insects that hatch from the boils of green hags. Their shared love of torturing other creatures means they often serve their progenitors as spies and agents.

Nymph, Mountain: A variant nymph with ranger-like abilities. Claims descent from gods associated with hunting and the moon. Protects the natural order of mountain regions.

Oasis Keeper: Giant magical serpents that inhabit desert oasis, secreting a mind-controlling venom into the water that compels creatures to settle by the waterside so it can take prey at its leisure.

Ogre, One-Horned: An ogre warlock which sports a massive horn in the center of its forehead as a sign of its pact with its fiendish patron. Destroying the horn strips it of much of its power, so they guard them jealously.

Ogrepede: A mass of ogre torsos, heads and limbs melded together into a centipede-like undead abomination.

Onyx Magistrate: A devilish construct created to oversee great libraries, courts of law, royal houses and the seats of government in lands where diabolism is the norm.


  • Amber: Created from the sap of a magical tree, such as a treant. Can crystalize creatures in pockets of solidified amber inside its mass, freezing them in suspended animation until they are extracted.
  • Eldritch: A black pudding mutated by exposure to Mythosian energies, giving it the ability to shatter minds and compelling it to seek out madness.
  • Ichor: Fiend's blood animated by the hateful will of a slain fiend to seek out revenge on all life, starting with the fiend's killers.
  • Mineral: An ooze that hardens its exterior into a stony shell to make it harder for engulfed prey to escape.
  • Tar: Sometimes spawns when groups of tar ghouls are destroyed in close proximity; the necrotic-infused tar coalesces into a ravenous slime monster.

Ophidiotaur: A creature that resembles a cross between a cobra-headed serpentfolk and a scaly, snake-tailed centaur. Said to be the result of dark magical rites that meld centaurs with serpents.

Ophinix: A species of giant bat that channels deadly arcs of static electricity through its massive horns.

Orc, Gray: A species of Underdark-dwelling orcs that only surface in areas subject to heavy magic use or outright polluted by magic, striving violently to wipe out all magic.

Orniraptor: A bizarre little monster resembling a plucked cyclopean chicken with translucent flesh over its stomach, collective perception and acidic blood.

Orphan of the Black: A once-human orphan child whose misery due to mistreatment by a guardian or authority figure opened a portal to the Shadow Realm, allowing them to escape and there be transformed into a feral Shadow Fey.

Ortifex: A undead construct made by animating the heart of a giant, dragon or similarly massive creature to create a floating blood-collector.

Otterfolk: Humanoid otters who enjoy a tribal society in the swamps and wetlands. Loathe reptiles due to the near-extinction their people faced at the jaws of giant alligators and similar predators.

Overshadow: A larger, more powerful form of shadow.

Pale Screamer: A nightmarish hybrid of human and jellyfish created by aboleths as sentries.

Pal-Rai-Yuk: A cursed breed of underwater dragon that has two heads, six legs, and a body divided into three distinct segments, each containing it own pocket-dimensional gullet.

Parzz'val: A six-legged, eyeless reptiloid with a tripartite jaw and an endless appetite for flesh.

Peat Mammoth: A mass of bog peat animated by the souls of those who drowned within into a lurching, quadrupedal mount of muck.

Pestilence Swarm: Notorious swarming vermin that devour plants and animals with equal rapacious hunger, and send survivors fleeing for their lives with bite-wounds festering with deadly diseases. Only darkness sends them dormant.

Pine Doom: A humanoid pine tree that seeks to protect pine-forests, a distant relative of the treant.

Plague Spirit: Dark fey who resemble censer-toting dancers wearing plague doctor masks. They seek out areas dense in life and perform dances that send entropic vapors pouring from their censers to slay everything within several miles.

Primal Oozer: A creation of the mydnari; wolves mutated into slime-coated abominations with tentacles around their mouth that can transfor living creatures into ochre jellies.

Pumpkin King: A powerful species of fey or maybe a minor Archfey that rules over bountiful harvests and the autumnal season. Whilst they seem benevolent, offering ten years of prosperity to struggling farmers and starving villagers, they always return upon moonrise of the tenth year to collect their promised share of the harvest.

Pustulent Shambler: A fleshy ooze that feeds on victims infected with the deadly disease bonerot, which it can spread with its touch.

Putrescent Slime: Foul-smelling amphibious green slimes easily mistake for large mounds of noxious algae.

Qiqirn: A soul-harvesting hairless dog-thing originating from Eskimo myth.

Quickserpent: A giant snake with distant earth elemental ancestry, which it uses to make quicksand patches into its hunting ground.

Quoreq: Twisted humanoid aberrations seemingly spawned from human misery and squalor, favoring the despairing and suffering as their prey above all others.

Radiant Spark Swarm: A giant swarm of tiny elementals spawned when planar instability leads to a brief connection between the Plane of Fire and the Upper Planes.

Repository: A pyramid-shaped construct built by the Leng Folk to receive, transmit and safeguard information.

Righteous Sentinel: A divinely blessed guardian construct created by gods of peace. It uses an enchanted mirror that can reflect magic, attacks and the viewer's very soul to dissuade intruders from pursuing fiendish weapons of myth or entering unholy temples.

Rock Roach: A giant cockroach that feeds on dissolved minerals.

Rotsam: A small, bog-infesting slime that feeds on necrotizing flesh, which it can induce with its touch.

Runeswarm: A mass of arcane runes sprung to life as a kind of Living Spell.

Salamander Monarch: A more powerful version of the standard salamander.

Sapphire Jelly: A freezing cold slime native to glacial and mountainous regions.

Sarsaok: Fire-wreathed, metal-skinned, six-horned bovines said to be the planetouched offspring of a celestial ox named HAdhayosh.

Sasquatch: A large ape that inhabits deep forests. You known this one.

Satarre: Weird reptilian humanoids that claim descent from Nidhogg, the dragon that will devour Yggdrassil and bring about Ragnarok.

  • Destroyer
  • Mystic
  • Yskarakta, Lord of the Satarre

Scarlet Ibis: Sapient crimson-feathered ibises whose black beaks can bestow a curse of bad luck on those they touch; killing the ibis only strengthens its curses, and places the most powerful of all its curses on the killer.

Scrofin: A fey creature in the form of a humanoid boar obsessed with proving its strength in honorable wrestling combat. Unlike some fey, it's a genuinely honorable figure, although it demands similar honorable behavior from its opponents.

Sema: A bizarre reptilian humanoid, like a cross between a kobold and a fraal, native to the Plateau of Leng.

Servant of the Unsated God: A ghoul paladin devoted to the ghoul deity Vardesain.

Shadow Boxer: A shadowy feline fey that is the physical manifestation of the collective memory of local felines.

Shadow of Death: A fallen angel corrupted by exposure to the Mythosian energies of the Void.

Shimmer Seal: A magical seal with translucent flesh that watches over pods of seals.

Shriekbat: A giant bat that is the Underdark equivalent of a roc.

Shukankor: A monstrous aberration that resembles a brightly colored ostritch with tiny arms and multiple eyes on stalks, which inhabits desolate badlands, deserts and wastelands warped by foul sorcery.

Shurale: A malevolent fey that resembles an axe-wielding satyr with a single horn atop its head and whose touch can plunge victims into fits of deadly laughter.

Silenal: A halfling-like fey that adopts taverns and inns as its home. Fascinated by mortals, it often acts as a drinking buddy, but its advice is flawed, as it hopes to elicit even more drama in the lives of those foolish enough to trust in it.

Simian , Sulsha: A large simian resembling an orangutan with horn-like hair tufts atop its head and a long, furry tail tipped with a vicious bone spur. Master alchemists, they are obsessed with conquering all other races around them, usually enslaving other intelligent simians as grunts in their plans.

Skeleton, Cackling: An unusually intelligent skeleton that rises when a creature who utterly fears death perishes in an area filled with necrotic energy. The resultant undead exists to mock the futility of life and the pointlessness of one's survival instincts, which can literally demoralize others to death.

Skeleton, Dragon: A Dragon raised as a Skeleton. Simple as that.

Skeleton, Swordbreaker: A skeletal undead created from fossilized bones, making them much more resistant to physical attacks, but more vulnerable to concussive force.

Snake with a Hundred Mage Hands: A magical serpent bred by overly ambitious thieves' guilds with high intelligence and the ability to manifest 100 mage hands as a way to achieve impossible thefts. They failed to realize its true potential.

Snow Terror: A shapeshifting fiend from an icy layer of the abyss that looks like a demonic snowman. It comes to the mortal realms in winter to murder and terrorize mortalkind.

Somberweave: A malevolent fey that resembles a six-armed humanoid with a distorted, spider-like maw that travels between the material and shadow planes to gather food.

Spellhound: Magically augmented hounds bred to hunt down spellcasters and magical creatures.

Ssadar: A malevolent, firebreathing lizardfolk race that inhabits deep jungles and performs rites of human sacrifice.

Stellar Rorqual: A benign space-traveling aberration... it's basically a space whale that doubles as a living spelljammer.

Stone Creeper:']' A semi-intelligent plant that feeds on mortar with its acid-secreting tendrils, and will fight to protect its current lair.

Storm Maiden: A wrathful elemental created from the vengeful spirit of a woman who was offered up as a sacrifice to ward off drought and famine, only for her shrine to be abandoned and desecrated.

Stormboar: A mutated hog that eats metal and generates electricity.

Swamp Lily: A predatory plant that uses illusions of a banquet to lure creatures in to eat its deadly toxic roots, which allows it to feed on their corpses in turn.

Swampgas Bubble: A strange slime that is as much gas as liquid, which feeds on elements it steals from the breath of living beings.

Tembril: A monstrosity that resembles a giant, scaly, fanged squirrel that feeds on the eyes, tongues and brains of humanoids.

Tetomatli: A weird stone golem that resembles a stone ape with wings for arms and a hammer for a head. Tainted by evil thanks to the sacrificial rites used to animate it, they are favored by cults of Mechuiti.

Thornheart Guardian: Dark counterparts to the Green Knights of the Woods, Thornheart Guardians are knights who foolishly fell into the control of dark fey, such as hags, who fused them into enchanted armor and replaced their hearts with clusters of enchanted thorns, allowing them to manipulate and create writhing briars.

Thrummen: A celestial beast resembling a gargantuan stag with a dog's head and lightning-imbued antlers, often ridden by powerful Storm Giant Cavaliers.

Tidehunter: A giant crab of unusual intelligence, allowing it to weave nets of seaweed and use them as projectile weapons.

Timingila: An impossibly huge shark-eel thing that is the apex predator of the oceans.

Treant, Mangrove: A tropical and coastal relative of the treant that looks over mangrove swamps.

Tree Skinner: A dryad corrupted into a fiend by hag magic after the death of the dryad's tree, warping it into a monster that seeks to kill off forests and wipe out all fey.

Troll, Deep: An Underdark-adapted troll subspecies that has an almost ooze-like fluidity to its flesh.

Trollkin Raider: A generic trollkin warrior.

Ulnorya: A terrible forest-dwelling aberration reputed to be the result of a magical melding of spider, scorpion and octopus.

Valkruung: A magical monkey whose fur coat is made up of writhing prehensile tentacles. They are notorious kleptomaniacs.

Vallowex: A river-dwelling aberrant ambush-predator that uses a magical thirst-inducing aura to force prey to come into reach.

Vampire, Psychic: A vampire which mutated after its infection to feed on memories rather than blood. Often wizards, psions, sages or artists in life.

Vangslaugh: A bizarre man-like aberration that looks something like a humanoid elephant, but with its head and arms replaced by writhing serpents whose heads are eyeless human mouths that continually scream, whistle, bleat, growl and cry.

Vexxeh: A fiendish creature resembling a giant horned ape that is startlingly obsessed with politeness and etiquette, if only as a way to heighten the torment and fear of its prey.

Viiret: A massive carnivorous plant similar to a cartoon Venus Fly Trap that feeds on diseased flesh and plant matter. Subjecting yourself to its hunger can potentially cure you, as it will spit out a healthy victim with no diseased flesh left to consume, but it's a gamble for your life.

Voidpool: A slime that is also a living portal to the Void.

Walled Horror: A loathsome undead created by walling up a group of humanoids to die in an area with a high concentration of necrotic energy, creating a wall infested with grasping spectral hands that seeks to draw others into its mass.

Wanyudo: A fiend that resembles a burning wheel with two oni faces at the center facing opposite sides. Based on the Japanese yokai of the same name.

Wardu: A bizarre aberration resembling a giant, flying, limbless flee.

Warmth Thief: A malicious goblin-like fey able to steal warmth from other creatures, and cursed to do so in order to survive.

Werynax: A strange magical monster resembling a giant, scaly-skinned, tusked stoat with diaphanous, moth-like wings. It feeds on the natural magical energies of the world around it.

Wicked Skull: A tiny and mischievous shapeshifter that likes to disguise itself as a talking skull in order to scare and trick others.

Willowhaunt: An undead created when victims of murder or other violent deaths die in view of an otherwise healthy willow tree. Their spirits are absorbed into the tree, warping it into a mockery of itself made of bones and awakening a cruel hunger for the blood of the living.

Windy Wailer: The undead remnants of a sailor who met a violent end at sea within sight of the shore and left no body behind to bury. Looks like a demonic "crescent moon face" that trails vapor and spectral lights.

Winterghast: A ghoul subspecies that inhabits frozen regions and favors flesh afflicted with frostbite and gangrene.

Wintergrim: A small fey humanoid that builds its home in cold, remote locations and offers assistance to those in need of shelter...but which has a random rule it holds absolutely inviable and breaking it will cause the wintergrim to fly into a berserk rage, but it won't tell you what that rule is.

Woe Siphon: Grotesque fey that look like a repulsively overweight giant baby with a hole that punches right through their chest where their heart should be. As their name suggests, they feed on negative emotions.

Wood Ward: A scarecrow-like construct made of wood, leather, and forest debris. Now erected as village defenders, they have a dark secret origin as never-used terror weapons of evil druids.

Wraith Bear: A totemic guardian bear spirit corrupted into an undead monster by a necromancer or dark shaman, now compelled to murder the family it once defended.

Xing Tian: A species of giant warriors with no heads, instead sporting eyes and mouths in their torso. Based on Chinese myth.

Yaojing: Long-nosed, vulpine-featured celestials who yearn to assist mortals, especially against charlatans and shysters who use faith in the gods against the faithful. They can only visit the mortal world if they agree to a vow of silence, and if they fail, must depart for 108 years.

Yathon: A strange half-bat, half-orc humanoid that inhabits the dark regions of the world. They have a strange ability to protect themselves with limited precognition.

Yavalnoi: A twisted aberration that resembles a mockery of a mermaid, with the body of an obese woman with a repulsive, fish-like head emerging from the tail of a giant fish. They copulate incessantly with various sea monsters, filling the sea with all manner of oft-mutated monstrous spawn.

Yowler: The undead remains of a house pet or familiar who were hideously mistreated in life, returned to seek revenge.

Yumerai: Strange fey that resemble silver-skinned humanoids that can walk between the worlds of flesh and dreams as they see fit.

Zalikum: A malevolent construct in the form of a giant vulture created by infusing damned souls into the superheated sands of the desert.

Zeitgeist: A humanoid warped by some misuse or accident of time magic, creating a "ghost" that constantly flits uncontrollably between the planes and timelines.

Zombie, Cavefish: A zombie that has been ritually transformed to be more at home in underwater environments.

Zombie, Dragon: A simple template to make zombie versions of dragons.

Zouyu: A strange and magical beast resembling a tusked tiger the size of an elephant with pheasant-like feathers. These feathers can be used to grant a person good luck - but only if willingly given. Misfortune takes those who try to steal them.