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As can be seen this article was written by someone with absolutely no emotional stake in the matter and is entirely neutral and purely informative.

Toothless is a Dragon originally created by British author Cressida Cowell and comes from the movie (which was 50 times better but had almost no relation to the book) How to Train your Dragon. This dragon was the most holyshitthisisawsome thing 90% of fa/tg/uys have ever seen. It also had Viking Dragon Riders, yes, VIKING DRAGON RIDERS. Of all of /tg/'s homebrews such a combination has never been conceived let alone thought of. And quite definitely the most fuckawsome thing since a plane was strapped to the GAU-8. A sequel is on its way. It's here and it's FUCKING AMAZING! And another movie is planned for March 1st, 2019!!!!! Anyways, Toothless happens to be a combination of an SR-71 Blackbird, a bearded dragon, a plasma cannon, and a metric ton of d'aww thrown in for good measure (oh and a hint of axolotl) and a horse for his behavior (namely the title training method is based on real world horse training). He also draws behavior traits from cats. He immediately reached the OMGkawaii level of Lofn in a matter of hours and quickly became /tg/ related. Also his scales are all black, or very dark purple. Luckily he didn't turn out like some monstrosity out of DeviantArt (Though you can find tons of fanart of him there. *shudder*)

He's name comes form the fact his teeth are retractable. That's about it.

The movie itself featured Vikings, riding dragons (which itself is at record high levels of fuckawsome), epic beards, super muscular men and women, and plenty of D'aww equalized by some b'aaawww. Dreamworks was also not afraid to give the main character some manly scars at the end (artificial leg). There's also animated TV series but if you want awesome epic, go watch the movie (you know you want).

Just a suggestion: Read the fanfiction. And like most writefaggotry, the fapfics are there. Ignore them. Read the good stuff. 1000% more DAWWW inbound.