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"The Sons of Dorn are too stubborn to die. Why should his regal daughter be different? Gaze on the Blackstone Fortress' death, Commodore. Gaze and rejoice for service fufilled."

– Tor Garadon to Commodore Trevaux as he's blowing up The Blackstone Fortress Will of Eternity

Tor Garadon is the Brother-Captain of the Imperial Fists Third Company.

He was introduced during 6E's Sentinels of Terra Codex Supplement, acting as a sort of counter to First Captain Darnath Lysander's suicidal recklessness.

After the Third Company was nearly wiped out, Tor, by this time captain of the Second Company, got permission to reassign himself to it and help it rebuild. While the company was recovering in the Phalanx, they fell under assault by Warsmith Shon'tu and his warband and Be'lakor, the First and Greatest daemon prince. Tor and the 3rd along with half of the First Company manage to hold out, though he is forced to turn the battle-fortress' guns on itself to purge ten percent of its super-structure and stop the spread of Chaos corruption. Although Sergeant Furman and his Terminators kill Shon'tu dead, it still seemed that it would be a last stand, as the daemons had chased the Fists to one final redoubt.

The battle then enters into the warp when the Legion of the Damned show up to break the stalemate. Tor being the utter badass he is singlehandly punches the crap out of Be'lakor literally turning the daemon prince into pulp with his powerfist. Instead of turning Phalanx around Tor says fuck to that and takes his Death Star to Cadia where he then uses the ship to knock seven shades of shit out of a Blackstone fortress.

After the battle for Cadia the wounded Phalanx retreats back to Terra for repairs and to stop the High lord bitching about Terra being undefended. Tor and the imperial fists aboard the phalanx help Custodian Valerian to destroy some of the many heretical cults that have sprung up on Terra since the birth of the great rift and the extinguishing of the Astranomican.

On Tabletop[edit]

Despite being a major focus of the Sentinels of Terra supplement, he never really got a proper ruleset. The closest we got to that was "The Spartean", his relic bolt pistol that didn't worry about cover when shooting.

Then he became another crosser of the Rubicon Primaris. In particular, Tor took to the Gravis armor for that termie-tough save and slapped a grav-gun on his suit. And a massive Powerfist with built in knuckledusters!

In Other Media[edit]

Despite it being technically a temporary posting due to circumstances (the 3rd Company rebuilding), Tor Garadon has become the de-facto Imperial Fists commander stationed on The Phalanx due to his heroics at the Battle of Cadia for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II.

He is present for the tutorial segment showing the Battle of Cadia, leading the Phalanx against the Blackstone Fortress Will of Eternity, though he plays no further part of the Imperial Campaign after that. In it, he spouts some hilariously confident, badass lines that end up being fully justified. He and the venerable battle fortress appear again in the Necron and Chaos campaigns however, and are credible threats in both.


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