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The symbol of Clan Toreador.

Clan Toreador is one of the founding clans of the Camarilla in Vampire: The Masquerade. Descended from the antediluvian known either as Arikel or Ishtar, Toreador are artists and hedonists, though their passions wax and wane like the phases of the moon. Like the followers of Slaanesh, they eventually become desensitized and start seeking more and more extreme sensations. It's no surprise that the clan has the nickname "Degenerates."


The Toreador consider themselves muses to humanity and Embrace artists, lovers, and "project" progeny. Thanks to their mercurial nature, Toreador rarely hang around their "close friends" for very long and soon abandon them for another.

Beauty and style are foremost amongst the clan's ideals. Toreador accentuate their beauty with high fashion. Those unfortunate Toreador who don't meet their unrealistic standards of physical beauty overcompensate with style and makeup.

No Toreador would stoop so low as to share a communal haven. Only the best for them. High-rise penthouses and lofts are traditional, stocked with original works of art, though some repurpose and renovate abandoned buildings like churches or warehouses into something striking and unforgettable.

The Clan Disciplines are Auspex, Celerity, and Presence. When they encounter something exceptionally artistic or otherwise inflammatory to the senses, they have to make a Self-Control test or become enthralled until they can no longer perceive it. Attacking a Toreador in this state allows them to make another test to break free.


Toreador is a Daeva bloodline in Vampire: The Requiem. It descends from Carcilaso de Castillejo, a peer of the 18th century bullfighter Francisco Romero. When the Spanish Sanctified enforced the Papal decree of excommunication for bullfighters, Castillejo turned to study and patronage of the arts and attracted many like-minded followers. Outsiders came to call Castillejo El Toreros. The Childer he embraced, who displayed his aptitude for Dominate that he picked up from a Ventrue lover in Venice, received the nickname as well. Castillejo changed his bloodline's name to Toreador after watching a performance of Georges Bizet's Carmen in the latter 19th century.

In addition to the weakness to temptation that all Daeva possess, Toreador find themselves transfixed by works of art, be it either rapt appreciation or seething criticism and scorn.

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