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So you're here because you want to play Total War: WARHAMMER online. Well, while you certainly could use the game's actual Quick Battle system, you will have to go through a ton of toxicity, cheese tactics and general stupidness that comes from playing online games in general. This is why a lot of online players prefer to play with community Discord servers where there are expectations of politeness and good sportsmanship. There are even community made rules called the Banner Rules that are used by these communities in both casual and competitive play, which is what this article is about. While the rules will be listed below, you can also check out this link if you want more up to date info.

Minimum Army Size[edit]

Each army in these multiplayer scenes must have a minimum of 300 models on the field. This is mostly to prevent Single Entity spam as those kinds of monsters are considered very strong in multiplayer for the most part. Trust me, no Beastmen player is going to have fun if their opponent decides to bring 3 Rogue Idols to the fight.

Unit Limits[edit]

In the same vein as above, you can only bring a limit of the same type of unit in order to prevent the cheesey spam that is common in normal multiplayer. As of right now it is as follows:

  • Infantry: Maximum 5 of a kind
  • Monstrous Infantry, War Beasts, Cavalry, Chariots, Artillery: Maximum 4 of a kind
  • Special Single Entities (Big monsters like Giants, Carnosaurs, Dragons ETC.): Maximum 3 total
  • Heroes/Single Entities: Maximum 2 of a kind

You can also bring up to 8 of the same unit unit with different weapon variants, such as having Great Weapons instead of shields. It's important to note that the same unit with shields, the same unit but armoured, and RORs aren't considered different variants. So, Saurus Warriors and Saurus Warriors with shields are considered the same unit but Peasant Archers and Peasant Archers with Pox Arrows are separate variants so you can have 5 of one and 3 of the other just fine.

There are also strict limits to certain ranged units. You can only bring 6 360 degree fire units, 4 chariots and 6 Skirmisher Cavalry or Chariots. Once again, mainly to avoid annoying uber kite builds.

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