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This is the general tactics page on how to play Cathay in Total War: WARHAMMER. As the game isn't out yet and we know very little about how the faction will work, this page won't be filled out for a long time. However, we can make some early guesses based on the table top and the trailer.

Why Play Cathay[edit]

  • Because Total War: Three Kingdoms didn't go hard enough into fantasy for you.
  • These guys are finally being fleshed out (with the full blessings of our evil British overlords nonetheless) after years and you want to see what they come up with.
  • You're into oriental history and mythology.


...Man the fuck if I know. They're literally brand new, so this is likely going to not be flushed out for a while. More will come when information comes out over the months.

  • Designed for Total War: One thing we can say as an advantage for Cathay is unlike the other factions they will be designed from the ground up to be in a Total War game rather then trying to transition from a table top game into total war. This gives them the potential to be one of the best designed races and balanced since they're not trying to fit a square Warhamemer peg into a round Total War hole.
  • Monsters: The lore references things like Long Dragons, Stone Dog Guardians, Qilin and constructs similar to the Tomb Kings. With all of this, you will likely be the most monster focused of all the human factions.
  • Numbers: In lore, Cathay has the largest population of all the human nations, so they will likely have bodies to spare. Don't expect Skaven numbers, but you'll likely have large armies compared to other good guy races.


  • DLC: There are three guarantees in life. Death, Taxes, and Core Races getting units withheld for DLC. Sorry Cathay, don't expect to be different. (Though in this case I guess it's less "units being held back" and more "CA and GW making up more shit later.")


Well... who knows, since Cathay lacks any big characters that aren't from Genevieve Dieudonné books. However, there are two Legendary Lords that will most likely appear at some point...

Legendary Lords[edit]

  • Dragon Emperor: There is no doubt that the only known Cathay character(s?) will most likely appear in TWW, although nobody knows how - as a Legendary Lord, Legendary Hero option like Lord Kroak or Ariel, or just as a mention, like in the original setting. CA (if they made him into a Lord or a Hero) probably had many difficulties with the dragon in human-sona (if they even go that way). So, only a speculation for now.


Legendary Heroes[edit]

Generic Heroes[edit]







  • Long Dragon: Given the most recent blog described Cathay as a "Land of Dragons" I think an Asian Dragon is a fair bet. How will it be different from the dragons already in the game? The hell if I know, but we'll learn in September.


Multiplayer Strategies[edit]

  • Grand Cathay:
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