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This is the general tactics page on how to play Nurgle in Total War: WARHAMMER. As the game isn't out yet and we know very little about how the faction will work, this page won't be filled out for a long time. However, we can make some early guesses based on the table top and the trailer.

Why Play Nurgle?[edit]

  • Because you've always wanted to take a cannon to the gut and say "I'm sorry, did something hit me?"
  • You will be a tanky menace. Burning through you is going to be a massive pain in the face for most factions.
  • Because you want to worship Chaos but not be a COMPLETE asshole.
  • Saying you worship Nurgle is the perfect cover for your horrible B.O. (No it isn't take a fucking shower.)
  • You enjoy the irony of playing the God of Disease during/after a certain global pandemic. Bonus points if you actually had it. Double bonus if you were asymptomatic like a true favored one.


(Again, we know jack shit other than the factions so this is all subject to change)

  • Durability: You will likely be one of the tankiest factions in the entire game. With high health, defense and regeneration on most of your units you will be a monstrous pain in the ass for most faction to cut through.
  • Morale: Nurgle is about toughing it out even when you're a walking mass of pustules and tumors, expect high leadership if not outright unbreakability.
  • Poison Aplenty: It'd be a sin if Poison wasn't common in your roster, helping you carve through enemies and make it even harder to take you out.
  • Debuffs: The mark of Nurgle gave a reduced chance to hit on the table top, which will likely translate to some nurgle units giving reduced melee attack to units they're in contact with. As such the enemy units will rarely be fighting at full strength.
  • Good doom stacks: What is one of the most powerful doom stacks in the game right now? That's right the Nurgle's Foul Stink doom stack! Even if the other chaos gods got something similar, the fact this already exists Gives nurgle a leg up in the doom stack department. Of course, this assumes it doesn't stay Beastmen exclusive.


  • Slow: Don't expect to be going anywhere fast. Most factions are probably going to have you beat when it comes to mobility so try and get into the meatgrinder as fast as you can.
  • Weakness to Fire: With all that Regen comes a weakness to fire, so any faction that has plentiful access to it is going to be your bane. High Elves, Dwarfs, Tzeentch, and really any faction with Lore of Fire may be a rough time.
  • Lack of Ranged: I mean, Tzeentch aside Chaos isn't known for being strong in the ranged department, but unlike you they at least have options. You may get Mortal followers with short ranged options but that will probably be it.
  • Lack of Offense: Sure the enemy won't be killing you quickly, but you aren't going to be killing them that much faster. Melee Attack and charge will likely be low for your units. Debuffs will probably be there to make up for it, but expect to either have to rely on monster or magic to delete enemies or prepare yourself for the grind.
  • DLC: Call it a safe bet. Every core race before you had units cut for DLC and you will be no exception.


Legendary Lords[edit]

  • Ku'gath Plaguefather: Given that it has been heavily hinted that all of the Monogod factions will have a Greater Daemon leading them day one, this guy is the obvious choice for Nurgle. Basically a Great Unclean One on steroids, on the table top he came with Lore of Nurlge, the ability to summon Nurglings, and could act as an artillery platform by hurling Nurglings at the enemy.

Generic Lords[edit]

  • Exalted Great Unclean One: If the convention for the Bloodthirster applies to all Greater Daemons, expect the Exalted version to be the lord while the standard Great Unclean One is a recruitable monster. This blubber butt should be a massive regenerating wall of slime with access to poison attacks and the Lores of Nurgle and Death. It should also be slow. Like, I'm talking Hierotitan and Giant levels of slow. I mean if you want to out run your opponent why the hell are you playing Nurgle? This thing will be a tanky monstrosity that should be able to hold out for a while against almost anything.
  • Herald of Nurgle: Since Khorne has his, all of the gods are probably going to get theirs as well. Expect Nurgle heralds to have regen and be able to cast spells from the Lores of Death or Nurgle. they will also likely come with buffing abilities and mounts from palanquins to Rot Flies depending on what gets added it. It will likely be slow as sin to make up for this.


Legendary Heroes[edit]

Generic Heroes[edit]

  • Plagueridden: Expect it to be the hero version of the Herald so you can have it if you want the Great Unclean One as your leader.



  • Nurglings: Confirmed in a recent blog post, they will be your chaff infantry, and will likely be one of the best units at the job. Unbreakable, tanky for it's price and with poison nothing short of magic may get these things off of the battlefield quickly.
  • Plaguebearers: It's not really speculative to expect Plaguebearers to be the bread and butter of your armies. Slow and extremely tough.
  • Chaos Warriors of Nurgle: Safe prediction given what Khorne has. Nurgle's mortal followers will likely have increased melee defense, poison attacks and an aura that reduces melee attack around them, making them a very solid anvil. This will likely come with reduced speed and charge bonus overall.



  • Plague Drone:



  • Chaos Furies (Nurgle): Khorne has his, so expect the same from Nurgle. These furies will likely be slower than normal ones, but will also be much more resilient and come with poison attacks, which will likely make them the best furies in prolonged combat.
  • Beasts of Nurgle:
  • Rotflies: Judging by the concept art, seems like generic rider less Rotflies will be their own unit. They also seem to have Death Heads in their abdomen, so maybe they will have some sort of bombardment attack like Gyrocopters.
  • Soul Grinder of Nurgle: Tzeentch and Khorne got theirs so safe to assume all the gods will get their own version.
  • Great Unclean One:


Multiplayer Strategies[edit]

  • Nurgle:
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