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This is the general tactics page on how to play Ogre Kingdoms in Total War: WARHAMMER. they haven't been officially announced yet but given the recent hint of Ogre Mercenaries in game 2, that heavily hints at Ogres being the pre order in game 3. Even if they aren't they would be the only 8th edition race not in the game yet, so they will probably be one of the first if not the first major DLC.

Why Play Ogre Kingdoms?[edit]

  • You like doomstacking with monsters anyway so why not play a faction that is 95% monsters?
  • You love the satisfaction of seeing a unit's health drop heavily from the impact of a massive charge.
  • Because you are the one person on the planet who has asked themselves "What if the Mongols were a bunch of big fat dudes with prehistoric animals and magic chefs backing them up?"
  • You relate to their body image a little too much.


(We know these guys will come eventually, even if they aren't the preorder. So may as well list their strengths from the tabletop)

  • THICC: The vast majority of your troops are going to be composed of monsters and large units. If you only play this game to build up large monster stacks to take over the world with, this is the race for you.
  • High Charge: Given your rules on the table top you will likely be one of the most devastating armies off the charge. If the ogres are done justice a lot of armies are going to evaporate once you make contact.
  • Quality: Stat wise, expect Ogres to be one of the scariest armies in terms of pure stats. Few other factions will be able to compare to you pound for pound.
  • Armour? What's that?: Everything you have pierces armour. No amount of armour is going to protect your enemies from a 4 meter tall hulk of flesh that swings a hammer the size of a small building.


  • Lack of Numbers: Your units have super low model count, and while the mercenaries are currently cheap, we can assume standard Ogres will want a bit more pay. Even a single casualty in a unit of anything other than Gnoblars will hurt a lot more than what other factions will suffer.
  • Anti Large/Charge Defense: Given how reliant you are on size and charge, factions that have plentiful anti large and charge defense might be a massive pain in your giant, 2 ton ass (grins in Dwarf.) Ogre charge does help with Charge Defense somewhat, though you will still be losing a good chunk of your damage.
  • One Trick Pony: Yeah, charging around with a bunch of thicc bois is really all you could do. You're wasting your massive charge bonus if you play defense and while you do have some good ranged units they will likely be expensive. A lot of factions can figure out how to plan around you.
  • Armor? What's that?: I mean, to be fair it's probably hard for them to find armor in their size, but it does mean armor values for Ogres seem to be on the low side. Combine this with their massive hit boxes and archers can have a field day fighting them.

Universal Traits[edit]

  • Ogre Charge: If an ogre unit charges a braced unit with charge defense, they will only lose half of their charge bonus. This is very important for a faction that is so reliant on getting the charge for their damage it's nice that they have a way to not get completely cockblocked because the enemy is just standing still. That said most opponents, even the AI usually don't just sit there and let you charge them and even if they do you're probably better of circumnavigating their frontline and going for their skirmishers in the rear. So while not the most practical trait in the game it's still nice for the Ogres to have.


Legendary Lords[edit]

Generic Lords[edit]

  • Tyrant:
  • Slaughtermaster:

Legendary Heroes[edit]

Generic Heroes[edit]

  • Bruiser:
  • Butcher:
  • Firebelly:
  • Hunter:



  • Gnoblar Fighters:
  • Gnoblar Trappers:

Monsterous Infantry[edit]

  • Ogres: Your "standard" infantry, they come in the usual monstrous infantry size and a tremendous charge bonus to batter the enemy with. They will cause fear and come with siege attacker to help get past those city walls so you don't have to wait out in a siege. They come in two variants, a Generalist mace variant and a dual weapon anti-infantry variant.
  • Ironguts:
  • Maneaters: The well-traveled mercenaries of your army, they are far more flexible than your standard unit of ogres. They come in both a pistol and a great weapon variant, the pistol for helping them pepper the enemy before the battle itself is joined and the great weapon for increased charge and a bonus vs large. They also come with Immune to Psych so don't expect to see these guys running away any time soon.
  • Leadbelchers:

Beast & Monsters[edit]

  • Sabretusks:
  • Gorger:
  • Yhetees:
  • Slavegiant:
  • Stonehorn:
  • Thundertusk:


  • Mournfang Cavalry: One of the most powerful cavalry units from the table top game. And at least their mercenary counterparts don't disappoint. Their statline is scary, they have about the same mass as a carnosaur and their lack of armour actually works in their favor too, since the things enemies would normally roll out to counter monstrous cavalry usually have a lower base damage, making them even beefier than they already appear on paper. They don't have Ogre Charge for some reason, but their speed and heavy mass will usually make up for it.



  • Gnoblar Scraplauncher:
  • Ironblaster:

Multiplayer Strategies[edit]

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