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This is the general tactics page on how to play Slaanesh in Total War: WARHAMMER.

Why Play Slaanesh?[edit]

  • You prefer Speed and using your mobility to outmaneuver and tear apart your enemy as opposed to the simple rip and tear.
  • Because you're a sexual deviant and this is the best way to show your horniness without going out in public. (Though given that this game is T rated expect the more sexual parts of Slaanesh to be toned down, at least until some of the modders have their say)
  • Because fuck armor, your crab claw ladies don't give a fuck about it.
  • You want to play the only army in the game that is non-binary inclusive.
  • Some degenerate is going to give you a NSFW mod, it's only a matter of time.


  • Speed: You will likely be one of ARE the fastest army in the entire game. Trailers and unit stats show so far that your cavalry, chariots, and Legendary Lord have a base speed of 100, daemonettes outrun most skirmishers with base speed over 50, and even slaanesh marauders have above average cardio with 38 speed. Your army will run circles around everyone else, wood elves and beastmen included.
  • AP: Heavy armour shouldn't be a problem for you in the slightest. Factions that rely on armour like Dwarfs and Warriors of Chaos will dread when you come on to the battlefield.
  • Cavalry and Chariots: With numerous varieties of both Cav and Chariots you have the ability to be a really strong threat while on the move. Sure, Heartseekers and Hellstriders probably won't beat Grail Knights in a fair one on one fight but their sheer speed will mean that back line is probably doomed. Plus the chariot variety means an armored front line is going to suffer.
  • Flanking Potential: Cavalry aside, many of your units are fast and have "Devastating Flanker" as well. You can expect to be one of the best factions for penetrating a soft spot in the enemy's army.
  • Fatigue fighting: Fatigue heavily penalizes melee attack and armor stacking to -30% melee attack and -25% armor when a unit is completely exhausted. Melee defense remains surprisingly good with only a maximum -10% penalty from fatigue. This significantly benefits you since most of your units rely on melee defense and ward saves for survival. While you're not going to outlast Nurgle or any faction with lore of life, your army of half naked tarts will fight better the longer a battle drags on.
  • Immunity to Fear: A big part of the Mark of Slaanesh on the tabletop was immune to psych. This is carried over as Immune to Psych for your mortal units. Combined with all your daemons being unbreakable, you really won't give a shit about big scary monsters or units.
  • Diplomacy: Few mortals can resist the God(dess) of Pleasure. Unlike other Daemonic Forces, you have diplomatic options at your disposal. This can be useful to close off a front with a non-aggression pact, or even an alliance of convenience when necessary.


  • Fragile: The downside of having an army of half naked monster girls/boys/things? There isn't a ton of armour to go around. Expect to be taking a punishing on the way in (Not that Slaanesh has an issue with that), so long as you aren't using ward saves. Which you shouldn't since Slaanesh units have some bound ward save abilities which are generally far more impactful than armor.
  • Lack of Ranged: You can't hump your opponent to death from the other side of the map. You have no ranged units to speak of. Seriously, even freaking KHORNE has ranged units. You have no chance at playing defense.
  • Lack of Fliers: When Furies are the best flying unit you have, it's safe to say you aren't a faction that is designed around dogfighting and controlling the skies. You will easily be the weakest Monogod faction when it comes to the air.
  • Dealing with Large Units: Your only sources of anti-large damage are Soul Grinders, Hellstriders, Marauders, and possibly the Keeper of Secrets. You have no ranged units and marauder spearmen ain't gonna cut it against the likes of Bloodcrushers and Mournfangs. Ogres in particular will give you trouble since your low mass frontliners will disintegrate the moment they're hit with an ogre charge.
  • No Flexibility: Everyone fighting you knows you're going to bring a fast glass cannon army. Like your other chaos monogod siblings, you do one thing well and can't do much else. Somewhat ironic that the factions closest to chaos are the most predictable opponents.
  • DLC: Sorry but trends are trends and some of your better units may be reserved for Lord Packs. From a launch standpoint you got Tzeentch and Nurgle beat, but you could use some more mortals/boob snakes.
  • Cavalry-focused army: Cavalry have been the buggiest of the unit types in Total War Warhammer. Expect your units to get stuck in on the charge and have trouble pulling out, limiting your ability to make use of your prodigious speed when up against factions with large infantry units. You will also have a hard time maneuvering on small battle maps, forcing your way through choke points, and fighting armies that don't have a backline because they brought 20 treemen/arachnaroks/whatever.

Faction Traits[edit]

  • Daemonic: Undead with extra steps, really. Once your daemonic units lose enough leadership, they'll begin to lose health and fade back into the Warp in the same vein that undead units crumble away. The good news is that even if your daemons are doomed to evaporate, they'll at least stick in and fight to the last model.
  • Devastating Flanker: A bunch of your units have this special ability which doubles their charge bonus when attacking an enemy unit from the flank or rear. Considering your Furies and all your cavalry have Vanguard, as well as the obscenely high speed of your army overall, this incentivizes you to try to encircle the enemy as quickly as possible and... well no way to say this that's not going to be a double entendre, Hit them hard and fast in the rear!
  • Battlefield Currency Abilities: Like with the other Chaos god armies you have a battlefield resource that unlocks map-wide abilities as you accumulate it. This one is gained by killing routing units, pretty much identical to the Ogres' battlefield resource. We don't know the official name for this mechanic yet, but we do know the three abilities are called:
    • Fascination
    • Narcissism
    • Sweet Sorrow


Legendary Lords[edit]

  • N'Kari: He's here and he's looking a lot like his classic artwork where he's facing down Aenarion. He's big, he's fast, he's purple, and he's got four nipples. Has a blistering 100 speed, which means he's a single entity monster that can keep up with warhounds and light cavalry. This guy is going to blitz across the battlefield and right into your "backline," which is good because he has only 15 armor and will need to hurry if he doesn't want to get turned into Swiss cheese by ranged units. Also a caster of the Lore of Slaanesh. His special abilities include:
    • Harvester of Souls: heals him when nearby units are complete destroyed (this stacks)
    • Willing Prey: debuffs an enemy's melee attack and defense
    • The Witstealer Sword: massively boosts his AP and base weapon damage.

Generic Lords[edit]

  • Exalted Keeper of Secrets: Same as Blood boi, Bird Boi, and Plague Boi. The Exalted Keeper of Secrets acts as the lord while the standard one is a monster you can recruit. A fast AP monster with the Lores of Slaanesh and Shadows that can get around the battlefield very quickly. It's going to be way faster than a Bloodthirster but also much frailer, so it may be much more reliant on cycle charging and using it's mobility as opposed to the grinding style of the Bloodthirster. (Ironically, Khorne is better than Slaanesh at grinding, who knew?) It'll also probably more focused on dueling than the general slaughter style of the Bloodthirster.
  • Herald of Slaanesh: A hybrid lord with the Lore of Slaanesh and/or Shadow magic along with AP in melee. Think a Loremaster for the High Elves only faster and frailer. Your only lord choice with the Devastating Flanker ability. Can ride the Steed of Slaanesh, Seeker Chariot, or Exalted Seeker Chariot. Will also realistically be your only Lord choice in the early campaign as you can't get the Exalted Greater Daemon without evolving one of these things like a Pokemon. Like other daemonic Herald lords she also has three "locus" abilities, which include:
    • Grace: A ward save that greatly improves melee defence and physical resistance.
    • Swiftness: An augment which greatly improves charge bonus, speed and charge speed.
    • Beguilement: A hex which reduces leadership and melee defence.


Legendary Heroes[edit]

Generic Heroes[edit]

  • Alluress: A hero version of the Herald, like for the other three gods. Same spell lores and mounts. Also has Devastating Flanker.
  • Cultist of Slaanesh: A Dark Elf cultist who is mostly intended to be a campaign map agent, on the battlefield she is a skilled fighter with a number of unique abilities including Devastating Flanker and something called "Gate of Slaanesh" which probably summons Daemonettes. Can only ride a Chaos Steed, same as the other Cultists.



  • Marauders of Slaanesh: Slannesh's warriors of pain and seduction (no, not those guys. or those guys. Look, Slaanesh has a lot of freaks working for them, ok?) The big difference between these guys and normal Mauraders is they have Immune to Psych, meaning they are far less likely to run than their cousins in the Warriors of Chaos and Norsca. Come with an Anti Large spear version, an Anti Infantry sword claw version, and a tanky whip version. Use them as your cheap screeners to protect your Daemonettes from missiles. These are also your only shielded infantry options.
  • Daemonettes: Very fast, very AP heavy, and very squishy Daemonic infantry unit. Roughly equivalent to wardancers, stats wise, but considerably faster. Has Devastating Flanker.
  • Exalted Daemonettess: Faster, killier, sexier Daemonettes. Roughly equivalent to bladesingers, stats wise, but considerably faster. Has Devastating Flanker and the Soulscent passive ability, which increases their armour piercing and melee attack when within range of an enemy unit whose morale is wavering or lower.



  • Seekers: Has the potential to be one of the fastest units in the entire series, unfortunately they don’t even have any armour, so cycle charging might be your best strategy when using them. Has Devastating Flanker and Vanguard deployment, making them well suited for getting right up in the face of range-heavy armies.
  • Heartseekers: Named after the unit champion of Seekers, these things are most likely to be a straight upgrade. Unlike your regular seekers these guys have the Soulscent passive ability which increases their armour piercing and melee attack capability when within range of an enemy unit with morale wavering or lower. Also has Devastating Flanker and Vanguard deployment.
  • Hellstriders: Essentially the same as the above, only they’ll cut their losses and run rather than fight to the bitter end. Will come with lances (or pincers rather) and Hellscourge whips. Another unit with Vanguard, the lance variants also get anti-large. Do not have Devastating Flanker.


  • Seeker Chariot: A low model chariot unit with poison and Devastating Flanker. Super fast for a chariot but probably even more brittle when trapped in prolonged melee.
  • Hellflayer: Essentially acts as a giant lawnmower, able to plough through infantry. Unfortunately it’s a wide target so might get singled out by ranged fire. Has Devastating Flanker but unlike the other chariots this one also has the Soulscent ability.
  • Exalted Seeker Chariot: An extremely fast but extremely fragile single-entity chariot that will mow down any heavily armored infantry it comes across. Has Poison, Perfect Vigour, and Devastating Flanker.

War Beasts[edit]

  • Fiend of Slaanesh: Imagine even faster, bigger, rat ogres with poison and you’d get the idea. Would be able to keep up with the rest of your forces, but unfortunately has just as much armour as the rest of them. Has the Sophoric Musk passive ability which lowers enemy melee defense and melee attack.
  • Chaos Furies (Slaanesh): Essentially the same as the other furies, acting like daemonic harpies with buffs from their god. In this case, speed, armour piercing and Devastating Flanker. Most importantly it has Vanguard deployment, which means it can deploy alongside your cavalry units for punishing encirclements.


  • Chaos Spawn of Slaanesh: Appeared in the Nurgle vs Slaanesh video. Will likely be used the same way you use normal Spawn, only might be faster and have better AP
  • Soul Grinder of Slaanesh: A purely melee version of the Soul Grinder with 75 speed, anti-large, and lots of armour piercing damage.
  • Keeper of Secrets: Your Greater Daemon unit is fast, has lots of weapon strength and armor piercing, as well as Blissful Rapture, Devastating Flanker, and Strider. Can cast two spells from the Lore of Slaanesh: Lash of Slaanesh and Acquiescence. Will likely be a powerful duelist character but will struggle with dealing with hordes compared to the other Greater Daemons.


Multiplayer Strategies[edit]

Slaanesh is all about one thing, going at your opponent as fast as possible. Oh, they will resist, but you'll get your way in the end. Slaanesh really needs to find that perfect vulnerable position and slide right in. Don't go for grinding here, get into the habit of rhythmically pulling in and out to get the best result possible. Be sure to conserve as much of your unit's energy and fight too, you don't wait to climax too early. If all goes well eventually everything will come together in one big- SNAP I'm the embodiment of ecstasy and excess and even I was getting sick of the sex puns! Ok fine, you have a ton of mobility, AP and dps on your units but they will fall apart really fast if they meet stern resistance. The lack of ranged and fliers also means you will have to get to that backline the old fashioned way. It will be a Micro heavy army that will reward good timing and have one of the higher skill floors in the game. Now go teach those ungrateful bastards our horny ways!

  • Dwarfs: Oh man, if you can micro well you are going to have a field day with Dwarfs. You have pretty much everything that they hate fighting from an affordable AP frontline, fast flankers to dive the backline and chariots galore. Daemonettes will likely make the most cost effective front line, and a few mauraders to screen will allow them to get in without taking too much in the way of missile fire. It's unknown whether Seekers or Hellstriders (probably Hellstriders, they can have shields) will make the better choice for cav, but either way they should be able to rapidly get around and dive those cannons and guns before they can do much damage. Even your furies have AP and Devastating Flanker, which will make them great for killing dwarf ranged units. With three options of chariots to pick from (go for normal seeker chariots, they'll be available in more numbers) you should be able to punch through their lines and dry hump that silly book of theirs. Really, the only thing that won't work are monsters as Dwarfs have plenty of missiles and Anti Large, so Fiends, Spawns and KOS can stay at home, meaning a Herald will likely be your best Lord option. If you can micro well you can dominates this match up but if not... well, prepare for a lot of your skimpy crab ladies to get turned into sexy ground beef.
  • Nurgle: This might actually be a difficult one. Your biggest strengths are speed and armor piercing, but Nurgle's units have almost no armor to begin with and don't really have a back line to speak of. Fighting them is going to be like when someone in a cartoon punches a fat guy and their arm just sinks into his gut. You don't have the things that scare Nurgle the most, namely fire damage and ranged units. Instead you're going to have to rely on your superior mobility to cycle charge his slow moving units again and again. You might not benefit from your AP but you still have substantial charge bonuses. The real question is how many charges it takes to cut through Nurgle's absurdly large health pools and healing. If you get dragged into a war of attrition you're going to lose.
  • Slaanesh:
  • Tzeentch: This will be easy if you're careful not to get your units melted (no matter how much they seem to be into it). You have the speed and power to lock Tzeentch's daemons in melee and shred them.
  • Vampire Counts: The Vampire Counts might be your comrades in terms of shunning ranged weapons but beyond that they're very different from you. You have almost no flyers, Vampires have a bunch. Your units hit really hard but are super fragile, while the undead excel at grinding you down with blobs of durable chaff. This second part is the biggest problem for you, as wars of attrition are the ultimate bane of your existence. All those flying units will also mean your great speed still won't give you your choice of engagements, as the vargheists can charge you but you can't charge the vargheists. Your best bet is probably going to be to act as a scalpel, cutting the enemy lords an heroes neatly out of their army. If you can do that the rest won't matter. Unfortunately, since a lot of their lords can take flying mounts, that will be easier said than done. Definitely bring Furies and anything that can act as an assassin or elite anti-large. The fact that their units don't route is good and bad for you. Bad because you can't stack your army abilities while fighting them, and good if you bring N'Kari as when they die he can get a ton of heals.
  • Wood Elves: Calling it now, this will be an interesting mashup. You both are going to be fast, and very squishy, so dealing with their archers should be easy. However, your lack of armor on your nude beasts will make them easy targets. So basically a drag race of vegans vs virgins
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