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This is the general tactics page on how to play Slaanesh in Total War: WARHAMMER. As the game isn't out yet and we know very little about how the faction will work, this page won't be filled out for a long time. However, we can make some early guesses based on the table top and the trailer.

Why Play Slaanesh?[edit]

  • You prefer Speed and using your mobility to outmaneuver and tear apart your enemy as opposed to the simple rip and tear.
  • Because you're a sexual deviant and this is the best way to show your horniness without going out in public. (Though given that this game is T rated expect the more sexual parts of Slaanesh to be toned down, at least until some of the modders have their say)
  • Because fuck armor, your crab claw ladies don't give a fuck about it.


  • Speed: You will likely be one of the fastest armies in the entire game. You will most certainly be up there with Wood Elves and Beastmen with how fast you can get around the battlefield.
  • AP: Heavy armour shouldn't be a problem for you in the slightest. Factions that rely on armour like Dwarfs and Warriors of Chaos will dread when you come on to the battlefield.
  • Immunity to Fear: A big part of the Mark of Slaanesh on the tabletop was immune to psych, and since Khorne has frenzy on most of his units it's safe to safe Immune to Psych will be very common on your units. As such, you really won't give a shit about big scary monsters or units.


  • Fragile: The downside of having an army of half naked monster girls/boys/things? There isn't a ton of armour to go around. Expect to be taking a punishing on the way in (Not that Slaanesh has an issue with that)
  • Lack of Ranged: You can't hump your opponent to death from the other side of the map. Aside from maybe some mortals with javelins, don't expect much ranged play.
    • Note: in the unlikely event CA starts drawing from Age of Sigmar, Slaanesh may end up with the second best range game of the chaos factions due to the new "blissbarb" units Slaanesh got recently. Again: this is unlikely but we are speculating at this point and the possibility can not be fully discounted.
  • DLC: Sorry but trends are trends and some of your better units may be reserved for Lord Packs.


Legendary Lords[edit]

  • N'Kari: Considering he makes a cameo visit (several, actually) in TWW2, and the fact that it's been hinted that all the Monogods will have their named Greater Daemons at launch there is a high chance that he is the 1st Legendary Lord for Slaanesh.

Generic Lords[edit]

  • Exalted Keeper of Secrets: If the Exalted Bloodthister is anything to go by, there will be an Exalted Keeper of Secrets acting as the lord while the standard one is a monster you can recruit. Expect a fast AP monster with the Lores of Slaanesh and Shadows that will be able to get around the battlefield very quickly. It's going to be way faster than a Bloodthirster but also much frailer, so it may be much more reliant on cycle charging and using it's mobility as opposed to the grinding style of the Bloodthirster. (Ironically, Khorne is better than Slaanesh at grinding, who knew?) It'll also probably be much more focused on dueling than the general slaughter style of the Bloodthirster.
  • Herald of Slaanesh: There was recently a leak showing that a voice actress actually played this unit for the game, so safe to assume it's coming. It will likely be a hybrid hero with the Lore of Slaanesh and/or Shadow magic along with AP in melee. Think a Loremaster for the High Elves only faster and frailer. Will likely also have some support abilities for nearby Daemons.


Legendary Heroes[edit]

Generic Heroes[edit]

  • Alluress:



  • Daemonettes: Very easy bet. Very fast, very AP heavy, and very squishy Daemonic infantry unit. Confirmed in a recent blog post.
  • Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh: Given the Khorne roster, this is a very safe bet at this point. Slaanesh warriors will likely be much faster than their brothers with Immune to Psych and increased AP damage overall. This will likely come with a reduction in armor, making them the most squishy of the Chaos Warriors.



  • Seekers:
  • Hellstriders:


  • Seeker Chariot:
  • Hellflayer:
  • Exalted Seeker Chariot: Recently confirmed. Expect an extremely fast but extremely fragile chariot that will mow down any heavily armored infantry it comes across. Unknown whether it will be a single entity or come in a unit. Likely to serve as a mount for Slaanesh characters.

War Beasts[edit]

  • Fiend of Slaanesh:
  • Chaos Furies (Slaanesh):


  • Soul Grinder of Slaanesh: Seems like all the gods are getting theirs, so expect a faster version for you.
  • Keeper of Secrets:


Multiplayer Strategies[edit]

  • Slaanesh:
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