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The totemist is a meldshaping class from Magic of Incarnum. Their soulmelds are made of the soulstuff of magical beasts and, in some cases, just the animal world in general. While the incarnate eventually gets access to the soul chakra, the totemist gets the totem chakra at 2nd level. The totem chakra is different from other chakras in that it isn't on the body and you can't shape anything on it. Instead, you have to shape the meld elsewhere and then bind it to your totem chakra, which usually gives you a natural weapon. The totemist is a common two-level dip due to this special chakra bind.

If you understood any of that, please explain it to the rest of us.

Basicaly totemists use soulmelds to RIP AND TEAR a lot, and could even grapple dragons at higher levels without using spells. In addition to being quite good at rip and tear, they've got good options for utility effects to be useful outside of a fight, rendering them Tier 3.

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