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A candle
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Temporal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Thought)
Portfolio Cleverness, perseverance
Domains Thought, Chaos, Good, Will
Worshippers Thieves, beggars
Favoured Weapon Club

Tourlain is the Immortal associated with cleverness and perseverance.


Tourlain was born in a major city, with a deformity that left his spine cooked. He was the head of a thieves guild before he started his path to Immortality. As he made his way to the meeting place with the Immortal on Death's Tor, he failed all of the tests put for him. Fearing that his petition may be rejected and found unworthy, he was suprised that the Immortal accepted his petition with pleasure. He was first tasked to find the Plume of Fidias, a pen that allowed one to write in any language, and summon the thoughts of any person to be written down on paper, which he found after years of searching. He then left to search for a sword that possessed many destructive and torturous powers. He found the sword in the hands of a strong fighter, and nearly died when he fought against the man. He eventually managed to trick the warrior into destroying the sword by himself. He raised an orphan girl as his successor, and left to perform his final quest, to move a mountain by himself. Almost demoralized by the task, he went around asking for help and advice from various wizards and sages, and with their advice and several magical items, he completed the task in seven years, after which he ascended to Immortality in the Sphere of Thought.


Tuorlain appears as a wiry man in his fifties, with a dark and swathy skin and black eyes.


Tourlain is crafty, clever, and loyal to his friends. He often goes at problems directly, trying differnet solution and ignoring setbacks. He largely lives away from others, disliking any regmentation in his life.

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