Tower of Skulls

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Its like a set ripped straight out of Iron Maiden.

The Tower of Skulls is a Daemon Engine of Khorne based upon the Baneblade chassis. What makes this daemon engine unique from the rest of Khorne's toy garage is that it is painted black rather than blood red or rustic brass, that and it has a pretty cool looking tower too.

  • Length: 13.5m
  • Height: 10m; approx
  • Mass: 350-370 tonnes; approx
  • Crew: 10 crew
  • Max Speed: 25kph


The Tower of Skulls is hammered out of arcane Warp-forged brass and black iron at the very foot of the Blood God's mighty throne located within the Realm of Chaos and infused with the essence of countless damned souls. There are sixty-four Towers of Skulls, each one named for an aspect of Khorne's beloved bloodletting. Khorne view his Tower of Skulls as part of his much loved collection of skulls and Blood. These arcane engines roam around the great arid wastes before the Blood God's citadel, unleashing their bellowing cannons to reap enemy and ally alike for shits and giggles while also defending the citadel from any idiot brave enough to invade the Blood God's home.

In order to summon these motherfuckers, you must have a slaughter of a truly apocalyptic scale (Now we know why Kyras wanted to have the whole Blood Ravens sector bombed, so he could have one of these sweet ass toys). The arrival of such potential ass fucking is often seen by followers of Khorne as tangible proof of Khorne's favor. Whereas Khorne's enemies promptly soil their pants a new shade of brown. Destroying one is seen as a colossal pain in the ass as each and every soul claimed by the Tower of Skulls infuses it with unholy power, allowing the machine to reknit even the most catastrophic damage. The war engine is powered by a Warp-spawned device known as a Doomsday Engine, a form of daemon-forged Chaotic technology that generates tremendous amounts of power for a Daemon Engine by burning the souls of the victims trapped within the war machine's mass of collected skulls located within its tower.

It also looks fucking metal as hell.


The Tower of Skulls is one of the most heavily armed Daemon Engines ever encountered by the forces of the Imperium. This war machine of unholy rape is armed with with an armament befitting for a small army, and its gargantuan chassis and massive tower bristles with weaponry.

The vehicle's main weapon is its great, forward-firing Balemaw Cannon, a ballistic weapon of extreme power and is essentially a Demolisher cannon on steroids. Further up the tower's height are two hull-mounted Skullreaper Cannons, large hexa-barrelled weapons. The engine is also armed with two top sponson-mounted Doomfire Cannons and two sponson-mounted twin-linked Skullshredder Cannons for anti-infantry defence. In addition to its potent firepower, the Tower of Skulls is capable of crushing infantry and vehicles with its considerable bulk and bladed hull. The Tower of Skulls normally takes advantage of its formidable armaments and armour by plunging directly into the midst of enemy formations.

The Tower of Skulls, like many other Khornate Daemon Engines, is inscribed with the Runes of the Blood God, granting it added defence against psychic powers, acting as a reflection of the hatred that Khorne and his followers display for those who practice such arts.

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