Transdimensional Beamer

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Transdimensional Beamer

Transdimensional Beamers are pretty cool Necron weapons that, instead of using the Warp to chuck their enemies into space hell like some races; uses other spacial dimensional pocket spaces to jettison their targets in a inaccessible void.

Whilst originally designed as a convenient method of banishing unwanted debris, machinery, failed experiments, toilet paper, used tampons, dog litter and rubbish bags from Tomb Worlds and battlefields into a pocket dimension outside of the normal space-time continuum. One certain Necron Lord thought to himself that wouldn't it be a great idea to use that on our foes as well? Well, we later found out it could as the Transdimensional Beamer can be used just as easily to exile and banish foes to a long and horrifying death from starvation in the same extra-dimensional garbage pile.

Transdimensional Beamers take on the form of small pistol weapons, and are most commonly used by Canoptek Wraiths to aid them in their maintenance of a Necron Tomb World. The Cryptek Orikan the Diviner makes use of a Transdimensional Beamer as his primary sidearm.

Exile Cannon[edit]

Exile Cannon

The Exile Cannon uses technologies similar to those employed by the smaller Transdimensional Beamer, and is a Canoptek Tomb Sentinel's primary weapon. Thus, it can be said that the Exile Cannon is what happens when you scale a Transdimensional Beamer to vehicle sized. The results ain't pretty.

An Exile Cannon is a powerful and arcane Necron weapon that functions exactly like the Transdimensional Beamer, just on a much logically bigger scale. How big we don't know, but seeing as how this thing can assrape tanks like there is no tomorrow, we can estimate that it is quite fucking big. Thus, it could be stated that the Exile Cannon is meant for 'heavy duty' purposes when it comes to clearing unwanted trash dirtying the Tomb World.

Exile Cannon's often form the 'head' of the Tomb Sentinels.

In 8th edition, these things are SCARY; its a gun that gets close to being called a Doomsday Cannon. Whilst it has a relatively modest range of 12", it offsets this liability by hitting like a freight train. At S10, AP-4, D3, this Heavy D6 weapon can unleash a truckload of pain to anything up-to-and-including TEQs and vehicles.

Transdimensional Projector[edit]

Transdimensional Projector

The big cheddar of the Transdimensional Beamer. Transdimensional Projectors are Necron heavy weapons attached to the giant FUCK OFF Seraptek spider heavy construct. Like their smaller brethren, these weapons are capable of shifting matter into a pocket dimension, dooming them to a terrible fate, of course its affects are much larger and cover a wider radius.

It seems to be located underneath the even bigger Synaptic Obliterator, acting as something like a underslung secondary weapon to deal with multiple targets that the Synaptic Obliterator may have missed.

Crunchwise, the Transdimensional Projectors are like Gauss Cannons (Strength of 6, ap -3, d3 damage) but with d6 shots, a 24" range, and the same mortal wound tricks as the Singularity Generator. If you take the Transdimensional Projectors along with the Synaptic Obliterator, it is clear that this configuration requires you to move closer to the enemy to get maximum benefit. Unfortunately, that puts the Seraptek at risk of melta weapons and rapid-fire plasma.

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