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Tretch Craventail is a skaven special character introduced in the 7th edition of Warhammer Fantasy. He is the second "generic" skaven character, following in the paws of Queek Head-Taker.

Tretch is infamous for his absurdly good luck (probably an attribute provided by his hat), which has allowed him to thrive and survive even as doom and disaster falls on every skaven around him.

Total War Warhammer[edit]

I'll lead... from rear!

And he is in Total Warhammer II as a free DLC Legendary Lord! It seems he also is a student of Creed alongside Vlad cause he gets VANGUARD DEPLOYMENT as well!

He starts out close to both Malekith and Khatep's locations in Naggarond, playing as the most skaven skaven who ever skavened. Not only does he get the aforementioned bonus but he also gets a public order boost whenever he breaks treaties and on the battlefield he gets the ability *Stay here, I'll get help* which boosts surrounding units and gives him stealth so he can run the fuck away.

All around a pretty fun lord in campaign though much like Queek he constantly runs out of food (at least it's more understandable here because it's goddamn Naggaroth). However, Skaven now have the "Undercity" mechanic, which offers a new way to get food.


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