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Fukken spiders everywhere.
Spider Tank, Spider Tank, does whatever a Spider Tank does

A word of warning to this page, if you don't like complicated as fuck models, you will rage. But at least this one is less croissant-shaped than other Necron models.

These spiders of doom are Controlled by a high-ranking Triarch Praetorian. They are equipped with Quantum Shielding and armed with slicing limbs and devastating weaponry. Triarch Stalkers are extremely maneuverable and quick for vehicles of their size, capable of covering all kinds of terrain.

Triarch Stalkers are giant Necron metal spiders. They are traditionally used for flanking maneuvers and sideswipe attacks, but can do a surprising amount of damage when deployed on the front lines. They can wield a fusion laser cannon that can either be focused into a medium range, melta-style cutting laser, or a wide, fanned out blast of boiling plasma. Their advanced targeting relays can bolster any nearby Necron units' accuracy programming.


The Triarch Stalker is a walker that ignores Crew Stunned/Shaken, has Move Through Cover, and possesses Quantum Shielding, giving it AV 13/13/11 until the first penetrating hit, all for 125 points. It carries the only Necron melta weapon, which it can alt-fire as a heavy flamer (making it one of the the only Necron weapons able to pierce through the bullshit 3+/2+ cover every point-scoring unit have nowadays), and grants all allied units around it +1BS, for that extra dollop of "fuck you." It makes 3 attacks at S7 in close combat, and only the hidden power-fist (or equivalent) can really scare it. You can swap out its Heavy 2 melta laser for a twin-linked Heavy Gauss Cannon (S9 AP2 36" Assault 1) or the Particle Shredder (See: heavy psycannon) (S7 AP4 24" Large Blast). They can deploy in a squad of one to three, and form the linchpin of an excellent Decurion formation.

8th edition[edit]

Overall solid unit for the points. Can take a heat ray, particle shredder or twin heavy gauss cannon. Take the heat ray if you're going to charge into the front line and melt vehicles and hordes at close range, or the THGC if it's going to sit at the back and blast away at vehicles. The THGC option is not hugely damaging with at most BS3+ and only two shots a turn (expects 3.11 wounds/turn against T8 or below if it stayed still in the movement phase) but is a very useful support unit due to its Targeting Relay special rule. This rule gives reroll 1s to hit for anything with the NECRON keyword that is targeting a unit that has previously been shot at by a Triarch Stalker during the current shooting phase. It therefore pairs well with a Doomsday Ark for decent anti-vehicle goodness.

While an effective unit, it's another example of "GW originality"; it's pretty much the love-child of the alien tripods from H.G wells War of the Worlds and the Geth Colossus of Mass Effect.

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