Deep Sashelas

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Deep Sashelas
Deep Sashelas Symbol.jpg
Aliases The Dolphin Prince, the Knowledgeable One, Lord of the Undersea
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Intermediate God
Pantheon Seldarine, Asathalfinare
Portfolio Aquatic elves, creation, knowledge, ocean
Domains 3E: Animal, Chaos, Creation, Earth, Good, Protection, Water
5E: Knowledge, Nature, Tempest
Home Plane Elavandor (Arborea)
Worshippers Aquatic elves, elven sailors, druids, fishers, sages
Favoured Weapon Trifork of the Deeps (Trident)

Deep Sashelas is the elven god of seas, creation, knowledge, and the patron of aquatic elves.


Deep Sashelas is often called the "knowledgeable one" because he always knows where food can be found, and when enemies might strike.

As well as being a long standing member of the Seldarine, he is the chairman of the Asathalfinare: an alliance of undersea deities including Eadro, Persana, Surminare and Syranita.

His consort is the dolphin goddess Trishina, though he used to be the lover of the giant goddess Diancastra. His eyes continue to wander and his wife has to keep slapping his hands when he tries anything more than looking. Though that hasn't stopped him from making frequent dalliances with mortal and deity alike. Trishina usually had to ward off the object of his affections before things get messy.

Deep Sashelas was pivotal in the defeat and banishment of Panzuriel, a deity of murder and deceit, severing his foot and leaving it to fester underneath the oceans of Oerth, the corruption of which allowed the deity to eventually seep back into the world.


Aquatic elves obviously worship Sashelas, alongside Trishina, and many elven sailors often give jewels or other valuables as tribute to the Lord of the Undersea. Aquatic elf priests pick up these tributes and use them either decorate shrines, buy objects they can't make underwater, or use them to bribe Dragon Turtles into their service.


Swim the great currents and the shallow seas. Exult in the dynamic beauty and life of the bounteous Undersea. Revel in the joy of creation and increase its myriad aspects. Seek not to hold that which is everchanging, but instead love the change itself. Seek out fellow swimmers who honor the ways of the Lord of the Undersea, and ally with them against those who see only the darkness of the deeps. Follow the way of the dolphin. Promote knowledge and use of the sea by reasonable folk, and fight those that would taint or deplete its beauty and bounty.


Dolphin with a calf
Aliases The Joyswimmer, Mistress of Games, the Waverider
Alignment Lawful Good
Divine Rank Lesser Goddess
Pantheon Seldarine, Asathalfinare
Portfolio Dolphins, Love, Fidelity, Youth
Domains 3E: Animal, Good, Law, Ocean
Home Plane Split between Elysium, Celestia and Arborea
Worshippers Aquatic Elves, Dolphins, Intelligent Sea Creatures
Favoured Weapon Trident and net

Trishina is the wife of Deep Sashelas. Although she is not an elven goddess she is considered a member of the Seldarine through association.

She spends much of her time traveling between her divine realms. Her residence is in the waters at the base of mount Celestia, though in Elysium she has a region in Thalasia dedicated to dolphins who died protecting their young. But obviously she frequents her husband's realm in Arvandor.

She is a pacifistic deity and is good friends with Eldath. While she does assist in her husband's battles, it appears mostly to render aid to mortals in peril, rather than being aggressive or hostile. The only circumstances in which she encourages her followers to engage in combat is to protect the young.

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