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The insane combination of Vigilante and Bard. A Low Caster with Proficient combat status, the Troubadour is built around having multiple Personas; which can differ in multiple ways including alignment (so long as it's within one step), name, appearance and even race (but not their size and abilities). This sounds familiar considering it's an expanded version of Dual Identity; and you can even combine the two features. To differentiate the Personas, they gain Tropes to give them unique purposes for the Troubadour to exploit; and they can also take Actor Trainings for their standard mechanics of disguising. They can even gain some Bard-like features; like Masterpieces and Versatile Performance! The similarities to Vigilante continue; especially as each Trope gains a particular feature, such as the Hero getting full bab (much like an Avenger), Cunning Servant getting Inspiration, Lovers becoming Bard, Mentors beecoming a full caster, Monster getting natural attacks, Scoundrels getting sneak attacks, and Villains being a bizarre fear-based subclass.

The Classes of Pathfinder 1st Edition
Core Classes: Barbarian - Bard - Cleric - Druid - Fighter - Monk
Paladin - Ranger - Rogue - Sorcerer - Wizard
Player's Guide:
Alchemist - Antipaladin - Cavalier
Inquisitor - Oracle - Summoner - Witch
Class Guide:
Arcanist - Bloodrager - Brawler - Hunter - Investigator
Shaman - Skald - Slayer - Swashbuckler - Warpriest
Kineticist - Medium - Mesmerist
Occultist - Psychic - Spiritualist
Ultimate X: Gunslinger - Magus - Ninja - Samurai - Shifter - Vigilante
The Third Party Classes of Pathfinder
Psionics: Psion - Psychic Warrior - Soulknife - Wilder
Aegis - Cryptic - Dread - Marksman - Tactican - Vitalist
Path of War: Stalker - Warder - Warlord - Harbinger - Mystic - Zealot
Akashic Mysteries: Daevic - Eclipse - Guru - Nexus - Radiant - Rajah - Stormbound - Vizier - Zodiac
Spheres of Power: Armorist - Elementalist - Eliciter - Fey Adept - Hedgewitch - Incanter
Mageknight - Shifter - Soul Weaver - Symbiat - Thaumaturge - Wraith
Spheres of Might: Armiger - Blacksmith - Commander - Conscript
Savant - Scholar - Sentinel - Striker - Technician
Champions of the Spheres: Prodigy - Sage - Troubadour - Dragoon - Mountebank - Necros - Reaper - Warden - Crimson Dancer
Pact Magic: Pactmaker (formerly known as Medium)