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Tu'narath is the central city of the Githyanki in Dungeons & Dragons. Ruled over by the lich-queen Vlaakith CLVII, it resides in the Astral Plane (or Astral Sea) and is built atop the enormous, world-sized petrified corpse of a long-dead deity referred to only as "The One in the Void". Identification is rather tricky as its face has been chiseled off, though whether this was done by the githyanki or not is unknown.

The greatest guide to Tu'narath, at least as it appears in the World Axis, can be found in Dragon Magazine #377.

Both the Incursion and Scales of War adventure paths involve invading Tu'narath, however briefly.

The 5e book Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes has many details on the place, including some rad art. Apparently Thayan wizards have been trading for the god's petrified organs or some shit.

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