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Tuesday is a day after Monday. These days are not as crappy as Mondays but it still makes you want to blow out your brains with a gun. Tuesday is when some guy saw the elusive James Bond.

Tuesdays and UFOS[edit]

The first UFO sighting allegedly happened on a Tuesday. Also, this was the day that the primarchs got lost. And the day the Horus Heresy happened. It's usually the day when you have to study for a test, but you end up in this shithole instead. Mondays and Tuesdays were created just to fuck with Tzeentch.

Good things that happen on Tuesdays[edit]

There is an upside to Tuesdays. Here they are:

  • Tuesday is Meatball Marinara day at Subway: much win.
  • If you live in Australia, Tuesday is Pubday.
  • It's Fajita Night...oh no...
  • The day M. Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. For him, it was Tuesday.
  • Cheap movie night in some places.
  • Taco Tuesday for cheap Tex-Mex at some restaurants.


Tuesdays suck Nurgle's dick. Unless you like meatballs, that are kinda like Nurgle's balls.

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