Tuilviel Glithien

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Tuilviel Glithien
Tuilviel Glithiel holy symbol.jpg
An owl in front of the moon and a starry night sky
Aliases Lady of the Silent Wings, Queen of Air and Night
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Greater Goddess
Pantheon Raptoran
Portfolio Moon, night birds, raptorans, stars
Domains Air, Chaos, Good, Protection, Sky
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Raptorans
Favoured Weapon Foot spikes

Tuilviel Glithien is the creator of raptorans and the head of their pantheon. Her name, along with the moon and star portfolios, are references to Tolkien's Luthien Tinuviel, the half-elf half-maiar whom the human Beren encountered in a forest glade, dancing in the moonlight.


During the early days of the world, Tuilviel was a loner amongst the gods, spending her time gliding through the night sky. Her nature eventually attracted the attention of Lolth, who desired her portfolio over night, and hatched a plot kill the goddess. She turned herself into a boar and attracted Tuilviel's attention with her speed, leading Tuilviel to start hunting her down. Many times she almost caught Lolth with her foot spikes, but Lolth was just a bit faster. Eventually Lolth lead her to a canyon where Tuilviel was caught in the brambles blocking its entrance, where upon Lolth, still as a boar, attacked her. Tuilviel struggled and eventually freed herself, tearing the brambles away and sinking her foot spikes to the boars back. Though Lolth struggled to free herself, Tuilviel held onto her and eventually threw her into pit leading to the underdark. Tuiviel then sat on a tree, and from the blood dripping from the wounds she sustained came the first raptorans.


Tuilviel Glithien is depicted as a beautiful female raptoran with snow-white feathers crowning her head, and a white skin that glows like moonlight. She wears a black gown studded with diamonds, giving it the appearance of a starry night sky, and her white wings are banded with the shades of the setting sun.


Tuilviel is worshipped only by raptorans, who pray to her for personal aid, often couched in the terms of flight. Her clerics often patrol the lands at night, organize hunting expeditions, and act as astronomers, often questing for items that enhance ones flight or ability to see at night, and rare nocturnal animals. Tuilviel's shrines are made into natural caves, often high-up so they can observe the moonrise and moonset, and the stones are carved with celestial events. They hold an annual festival called the Flight of the Lady, where raptorans fly as high as possible at midnight, and then soar down to earth, planting feather to ground to mark where they landed.