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A desert palm
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Demigoddess
Pantheon Scarn
Portfolio Oases
Domains Chaos, Good, Water
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Desert dwellers
Favoured Weapon Spear

Tukulti is the demigoddess of oases, worshipped in Asherak. She's the daughter of Denev and a marid prince.


During the Divine War, Tukulti remained neutral, offering aid to all mortals regardless of allegiance and angering her mother. Eventually she realized how naive she had been and how followers of the titans, especially those of Hrinruuk and Lethene, abused and vandalized her oases, ordering her followers to aid in the fight against the titans.


Tukulti appears as a dusky-skinned, dark-eyed woman with long, black hair. She's dressed in light garments and carries a shining, greenish spear.


Tukulti's worship has grown since Asherak became a massive desert after the Divine War, with oases being important lifelines and stopping points between settlements. Tukulti's followers act as guardians of oases, protecting them from marauders and titanspawn, while also tending the numerous travelers and their needs.

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