Twilight 2000

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Twilight 2000
Authors Frank Chadwick, Dave Nilsen, Loren K. Wiseman, Lester W. Smith
First Publication 1984

1990 (2.0) 1993 (2.2)

2008 (3.0)

A post-apocalyptic RPG set in the aftermath of the "The Twilight War". Characters are the survivors of a war in Europe following a Sino-Soviet war in 1995, and a coup d'état by the East and West German military's in 1996.

By the summer of 2000, the European theater of operations has been fought to a near stalemate. In one final effort to break the deadlock and end the war, NATO forces launch a summer offensive across Northern Poland and into the Baltics, but the offensive grinds to a halt in the face of a Warsaw Pact counterattack. In the chaotic aftermath, supply lines are lost, high level command breaks down and armies in the European theater lose cohesion beyond the platoon level. Some units go native and integrate with the militias of independent free cities, others turn to banditry, and some small groups of surviving soldiers attempt to find their way home.

The setting was later used as the background for GDW's hard-science fiction game "2300 AD".


1st edition uses a d100 based skill mechanic, with 3 difficulty levels. Attributes run 0-20, skills generally in the 20's to 50's. GDW release, available from Far Future Enterprises.

2nd edition "v2" uses attributes in a 1-10 range, skills in a 0-10 range, and 1d10 ≤ skill × difficulty modifier for tasks. In this subedition, 0 skill is unskilled. GDW Release.

2nd edition "v2.2" uses attributes in a 1-10 range, skills in a none-0-10 range, and uses 1d20 ≤ (attribute + Skill) × Difficulty Modifier. GDW release, available from Far Future Enterprises.

3rd edition, "Twilight 2013," uses attributes of 1-11, skills in a 1-15 range. Task rolls are on (skill)d20 checking each vs die ≤ (Attribute + Difficulty Modifier). released by 93 Games Studio, available from Far Future Enterprises.

4th Edition is in production, but is slated to rate attributes and skills from none-d6-d8-d10-d12, each die counting 1 success if 6-9, 2 successes on 10+. Rolls are 1d(Attribute)+1d(skill)+(0-6)d6, totalling all the successes in an attempt to beat either a number of successes or an opposed roll. To be released by Fria Ligan (anglophile releases labeled Free Legion).

Twilight 2013[edit]

Twilight:2013 expands the Twilight War to cover the entire world with a breakpoint set in 2007 and fixes some issues with the combat system.

Twilight: 2000 4th Edition[edit]

In 2020, a new edition was kickstarted by Fria Ligan under license from Far Future Enterprises.