Tyberos the Red Wake

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One stone-cold angry motherfucker

Tyberos, also known as "The Red Wake", "Shark Daddy", and "Lord Reaper of the Void", is the Chapter Master of the Space Sharks. He's known for having a pair of LIGHTNING CLAW CHAINFISTS, and Ripping and Tearing the living fuck out of anything and everything in assault with said LIGHTNING CLAW CHAINFISTS. For added visual flair, the claws look like FUCKING SHARK-SHAPED HARPOONS! As for character history he showed up out of nowhere like the rest of his chapter during the Badab War, where he spearheaded most of the chapter's assaults with a squad of lightning claw terminators.

He was never seen outside of his terminator armor and is described as never having spoken above a sinister whisper. Underneath the armor he's one ugly son of a bitch, with pure white skin, all black eyes, and half the bones in his face exposed (not specifically said, but probably looking like some kind of badass man-shark).

The Carcharodon's novels place him as Chapter Master, which is matched by his rules screaming Chapter Master louder than a heretic getting one of his LIGHTNING CLAW CHAINFISTS shoved up their ass. The 8th Edition rules for him give him the CHAPTER MASTER keyword, pretty much settling the issue.

Unlike most terminators, he doesn't have Crux Terminatus over his left shoulder, possibly because his suit is derived from Great Crusade era kit like a lot of Space Shark Swag, while the Crux is a post-heresy thing.

There is an oft-repeated but of fluff about his armour being partially adapted from Dread armour. This is untrue. The source could be Passanius Lysane, although that’s still wrong. Either way, the rumour is incorrect and stupid. Don’t repeat it.

On the Table[edit]

Gonna need a bigger boat bitches. Also note how he's only using one lightning claw against the marine with one arm. This is Fanart.

7th Edition[edit]

On the table he's a fucking monster once he gets rolling. He's got a chapter master statline with Carcharodons chapter tactics (Fear and Rage after he forces an enemy unit to fall back out of assault) Terminator armor and a teleporter homer. He can alternate attacks between his chainfists and lightning claws rather than having to make them all with one, and can take a single Lightning Claw terminator unit as a troop choice. His aptly named "Scent of Blood" special rule causes all other Carcharodons that get Rage from their chapter tactics to also get +1S for the rest of the game, but only after he himself does. He must be the Warlord and has his own trait that gives him and his unit Preferred Enemy(Infantry). In case it wasn't obvious he's a walking meat grinder. Taking him in a unit of LC Terminators with Preferred Enemy(Infantry) will guarantee he gets the ball rolling, unlocking the +1S for the rest of the army. His unit will become the most dangerous thing on the table(in melee anyway), as the Terminators become S5 with 5 attacks on the charge, re-rolling 1s to hit against infantry, and re-rolling all to wounds, while he gets 7 attacks on the charge that can be split between his lightning claw and chainfist profiles. With Fear. Holy shit. As if that wasn't enough he gets an Orbital Bombardment and the option for honor guard. His only drawback is that he doesn't have an Iron Halo, meaning he's only got a 5++. He's still a fucking badass man-shark though, which renders any and all arguments against him pointless (you'll need that what your opponent ragequits after he murders their ENTIRE FUCKING ARMY!!)

8th Edition[edit]

Now officially a CHAPTER MASTER thanks to the magic of keywords, and he's finally got that 2+/4++ he always wanted as a graduation present. Has a lovely 5 Attacks at WS2+ with Hunger & Slake, (crunch-wise a +1 Damage chainfist and +1 Damage -1 AP lightning claw respectively). Everyone can freely spread attacks between weapons now, so he's not special in that regard any more. His 8E special rules grant rerolls on all missed attacks and +1S for all CARCHARODONS within 6", including himself. His Strength bonus no longer needs to be activated, but it's now only a 6" bubble so you want to build yourself a melee deathball that teleports in 9" from the enemy and proceeds to LIGHTNING CLAW CHAINFIST a trail of severed limbs and eviscerated bodies through their army. No longer hands out extra attacks either, but you've got rerolls on all misses instead (and the new shock assault rule) so that balances it out a bit.

9th Edition[edit]

As of Imperial Armour 2020, he keeps all Space Marine Captain (Rites of Battle) and Chapter Master abilities, plus his special aura ability that gives +1 strength to melee attacks from all Characters and Core units within 6", however, he has lost his two weapon profile options. Instead, his chain fists and lightning claws have been rolled in to a single monster stat line; S+2, AP-4, D2 with re-rolls to wound. No extra attacks, but he has 6 to start with....still a badass for 160 points.

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