Tyranid Mod

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A Mod for Dawn of War.

It specifically adds the Tyranid race to the game.

History and Premise[edit]

A very-commonly-asked question during the development cycle of Dawn of War was also a very simple one: "Why no Tyranids?" Players constantly asked about the 'Nid question, especially when the expansions seemed keen on giving players every single dicking race but the Tyranids. As this race happens to be one of the longest-running and most beloved by the oldfags that are the 40K fanbase, the question showed no sign of abatement and was asked relentlessly until finally, at some point, Relic chimed in with a statement destined to go down in history as one of the silliest ever spoken on its forums: That they weren't going to put the Tyranids in Dawn of War because they "couldn't do them justice with Dawn of War's engine."

Immediately, all involved cried foul, especially when it became apparent that Dawn of War 2 - a vastly smaller-scale game - would have the Tyranids. Immediately it became apparent that Relic had been blowing smoke the entire time and the real reason that there had been no Tyranids in the original had been a combination of a new Codex that would come to be reviled by 'Nid players in the works and Games Workshop and Relic collectively not giving enough of a shit to make it happen.

This could not stand. By now you all know when happens when the fanbase is challenged: /tg/ gets shit done.

The new Tyranid mod focuses very heavily on creating a race which pretty much lacks vehicles, and focuses heavily on swarmy combat. Truly, the Tyranid race of this mod is closer to fluff than the Dawn of War 2 one had any right to be, and, as is the case for most mods created by the fanbase, looks fucking fantastic. The new race is well-balanced and carefully-constructed, using a new tertiary resource rather than Power. The sound effects though could use a lot of work and certainly don't sound as impressive as DOW II's, but we're working on it damn it.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly[edit]


  • The Tyranids use a special menu that utilizes the Hive Mind to build things and use other effects like explosions, blocking people from using powers and spawning Rippers.
    • Note that this is only available in the most recent Tyranids Mod versions (Version 0.5b1 and later)
  • The Broodlord is back as an HQ alongside the Hive Tyrant
  • Your Tyranid Warriors and Hive Tyrant have a bevy of weapons available for them. The Tyrant can even get wings!


  • Some of the more popular units (Tyrant Guard, Hive Guard, Any other flying Nids) are unavailable, as the mod team considers their presence either redundant or unbalancing to the race.
  • Merging with other mods may be difficult, especially with mods that already change the UI, like the Black Templars mod or Daemons Mod. Word has it that there will be an add-on to the mod that will allow for this to be alleviated, coming with version 0.5b3. (This has been remedied through the Ultimate Apocalypse mod, that allows both Tyranids, Inquisition Daemonhunt and Chaos Daemons to be used simultaneously.)

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