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"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."

— Friedrich Nietzsche
Tyrion, with his brother Teclis at the background.

If you were looking for info on the silver-tongued dwarf from A Song of Ice and Fire, please visit the appropriate page.

If you were looking for the old inter-faction paladin from World of Warcraft, follow the link.

A High Elf character from Warhammer Fantasy. Depending on your opinion, he's either the ultimate Mary Sue or just a badass personifying everything neat about the race. See below for more details.

Tyrion, and to some extent Teclis, are both very much inspired by the Noldorian prince Fëanor and his brother Fingolfin from the Silmarillion - One being the heroic, powerful and fateful warrior with a darker edge, and the other the stoic, empathic brother, who safeguards his brother with love and wisdom, even if said brother treads darker paths. This is only made more apparent in the End Times, in which Tyrion, like Fëanor before him, goes to the darker side in the pursuit of vengeance and power to defend his people, and ultimately fails and falls, dooming his own people... In WFB, Tyrion kinda forces his people to merge with the Dark Elves by drawing the Widowmaker, and in the Silmarillion, Fëanor not only leaves with most of his kinsmen to Middle Earth and strands them there by burning their fleet, he also kills other Eldar (no, Eldar as Elves who lived in the Undying Lands, you good-for-nothing 40K punk!) to get said fleet, and so, a curse befalls them, which bites his decendants in the ass numerous times later.

The Legend[edit]

Tyrion is a total badass who doesn't give a fuck what you think about him (or a Mary Sue, depending on whether you play High Elves or not). Awhile back, he was an up and coming noble in the courts and being descended from Morelion (son of Aenarion), he had a pretty substantial fortune as well as a big name to live up to. When the elves in the powdered wigs tried to embarrass him in front of the court, usually by making fun of his twin brother Teclis who was crippled from birth, he usually responded with a challenge to a duel to the death. He quickly became known as a badass swordsman as well as a douche. Since people started saying he's Aenarion reborn (that might not be a compliment) he began to wear Aenarion's armor, which had been passed down the family since it was reclaimed in the days of Tethlis the Slayer. He also was allowed to carry a sword belonging to one of Aenarion's buddies if he signed them out from the Lothern Museum of Asur History, but he never gave it back and they were too afraid to report it missing.

After adventuring around like a TES character and doing random shit for awhile, Ulthuan got clusterfucked by Daemons and Dark Elves. He heard that the Everqueen was being chased by Malekith's rapesquad and went to rescue her, killing them but got fucked right up from a poison hidden carefully in the anus of an assassin he was corpse humping after the fight, and Alarielle carried his dumbass around Ulthuan while he moaned "Bel...Dagobah system..." while running from a Keeper of Secrets. Then Teclis showed up and facerolled things. After they rejoined the Rebel Alliance rest of the High Elf forces and Tyrion was healed up, Alarielle decided he'd make a great addition to her harem. She gave him a magic engagement necklace that lets him give Death the middle finger, and the God Emperor of Horsekind Malhandir. Then he SMITE CLEAVE SMITEed 90% of the Dark Elf race personally at the Battle of Finuval Plain.

Then he went back to adventuring, except when Alarielle sends a letter that she wants the cock whereupon he zips right home. He's a bit emo since Aenarion's curse makes him think about the Widowmaker like it's the ultimate sexual fetish all the time. Thinking about his brother gets his dick soft enough that he can think about Alarielle and get a boner for killing Dark Elves again. When his best bro got killed by Dark Elves, he took the dude's loli daughter as a squire and taught her how to slap around prissy nobility, brood, and /win battles. If he doesn't get wasted, he'll probably be the next Phoenix King, but since he's buddies with Finubar (also Eltharion, but Elthy is a dick to him now) he's not looking forward to it.

Currently in the canon story, he's facerolling Vampire Counts lead by Mannfred von Carstein who's trying to resurrect Nagash by sacrificing Alarielle and Finubar's daughter (and hence the next Everqueen, unless Finny dies soon enough for Tyrion to give Alarielle an heir [earlier editions, due to the fact that Finubar is much older than Alarielle and Alarielle became Everqueen shortly before meeting Tyrion, implied that Alarielle was in fact Finubar's daughter and Tyrion would succeed Finubar as Phoenix King one day. Recent sources from both Black Libary books and now the 8th Edition High Elf army book have confirmed that to be not the case]. Whether or not this is Mr. Ward taking away the most badass High Elf as a potential faction leader or just the way it was always supposed to be is up for debate). Unfortunately, Mannfred recaptured Aliathra when Tyrion was distracted and used his magic to flee with her. Tyrion meets High King Thorgrim and his army of Dwarves (who arrived to help them over a debt of honor; they don't really care about elves now) and insults him like crazy, blaming the Dwarves for the loss of Aliathra and probably undoing that attempt at reconciliation between the two races.

Recently, he's taken over leadership of the armies of Ulthuan, as the nobles were getting tired of Finubar being a lazy shut-in and were planning to replace him. He's also guilty of treason, as the Everqueen cheated on the Phoenix King with Tyrion; Tyrion is Aliathra's biological father (Which sort of makes his rage against the Dwarves kinda understandable).

End Times[edit]

In End Times Tyrion finally gains a personality, becomes extremely pissed off at Malekith becoming the Phoenix King, death of his daughter and other stuff and finally draws the Widowmaker, becoming an Avatar of Khaine (no, not that one, it's just a title), gathering a united army of his High Elf lackeys and Khainite Dark Elves and attempting to stop Malekith for becoming the ruler of all elfkind.

He kills Malus, Aislinn, Orion, several dragon riders along with their dragons and countless elves through the course of the war. He almost wins his final battle against Malekith, but gets shot by Alith Anar through a chink in his armor made by Imrik and Orion. The Widowmaker becomes a normal sword, Tyrion looks like his normal self again. His body is last seen being carried by Teclis right before Ulthuan sinks. Teclis later uses the heart of averlorn and the flame of ulric to restore Tyrion, freed of the curse of Khaine, then infuse him with the wind of light. Despite being all heroic again, all of the other elves (except Alarielle, who kinda tolerates him) hate him and Sigmar is his only friend. Had the Incarnates won and the story continued, Tyrion would have probably been exiled by Malekith (who would probably want his father's armor back), if not killed outright by his people.

Age of Sigmar[edit]

Tyrion survives the End Times, and becomes a blind god in the new setting alongside Teclis. He allies with Sigmar, though goes against his orders and leads his armies alongside the dark elf formerly known as Malekith to capture Slaanesh.

On The Tabletop[edit]

Taken as his own, Tyrion is the biggest and baddest asskicker for his point cost. He destroys units on his own in a turn, he can take a cannonball to the balls and it'll only make his dick harder, and his sword shoots fire like a dragon. If you can't actually field him, then proxying a Prince or a Noble on horseback with Armor of Caledor and a magic weapon works as well (this option will allow you to field Alarielle and Tyrion in the same army).

In the End Times, Tyrion, as mentioned above, gets a huge upgrade by drawing Widowmaker and becoming the Avatar of Khaine. In this state, he can lead the Aestyrion as a lord worth 700 points. In this form, he has Always Strikes First, Frenzy, Immune to Psychology, Murderous Prowess, and several new special abilities and nifty gear:

  • The Shadow Of Khaine means that Tyrion, and any friendly unit with Murderous Prowess within 12", rerolls failed To Wound rolls in close combat.
  • Avatar of Khaine gives Tyrion an innate bound spell, Summon the Glorious Dead, which can be cast at power level 10, 15 or 20 to summon 2D6 + 3, 3D6 + 2 or 4D6 +1 Skeleton Warriors within 9".
  • The Dragon Armour of Aenarion means he has a 1+ armor save, 4+ Ward save and the Fireborn special rule.
  • The Heart of Avelorn gives him Magic Resistance (2) and when hit by a wound that would kill him, will sacrifice itself to negate the fatal wound if the player rolls a 2+.
  • Widowmaker means Tyrion's attacks ignore armor, wound automatically, and have Multiple Wounds (D6) - also, this weapon can't be destroyed by any spell or magic item that normally can screw with hero's gear like that. Oh yes. This is one magic sword that lives up to the fluff. It will fuck you in half then go back in time and fuck your mother in half too.

He rides Malhandir, and is unique in that he's the only cavalry special character released as part of the End Times to have a separate profile for himself and his mount. The fluff explanation for this is that Tyrion gets betrayed by Malhandir in the final battle, and is forced to fight on foot. The crunch explanation is simpler: he is cavalry, not a monster like every other character with a combined profile, so we can assume only monsters (and maybe monstrous cavalry) will have combined profiles.


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