Tzaangor Enlightened

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Marvel at my majestic feathered helmet Corpse Worshiping scum.

Basically a super elite Tzaangor veteran that leads his underlings into battle. Tzaangor Enlightened are a special type of Tzaangor that was released with the AoS Tzeentch arcanites. Then when the 8th edition Thousands Sons codex was released they were ported over along with the Tzaangor Shaman.


A unit exclusive to the AoS Tzeentch Arcanites and the 40k Thousand Sons.

Elite Tzaangors, possessing strange feathers and elaborate horns, the Tzaangor Enlightened are truly blessed with the favor of Tzeentch. They wield ornate spears that set them above their lesser kin and the Fatecaster Greatbow, some even riding upon Discs of Tzeentch. Tzaangor Enlightened can see strands of the past – foes cower in superstitious fear as the Enlightened give voice to events from their lives that no-one ought to have knowledge of. As such, even the Thousand Sons Sorcerers and Tzeentch arcanite Sorcerers respect these beasts.

Tzaangor Enlightened can be differentiated from the Shaman counterparts with their more ornamental helmets covered in horns and multi-colored feathers. Even their Discs look more special than the rest, as these are covered in sinister spikes and horns used to smash and hack apart unfortunate enemies.

Tzaangor Enlightened are themselves, lead by an Aviarch which is a pretty cool albeit punny name. The Aviarch are basically the squad sergeants and are even more pimped out than the regular Enlightened. Featuring his own special chest plate, bearing his own special headpiece and carrying a more ornate weapon befitting his elevated status. The Aviarchs are considered as a veteran of the Long War.

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