Tzaangor Shaman

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Tzaangor Shamans are Tzaangors that has truly become a wizard from Hogwarts Sorcerer and are one of the new units available in the Thousand Sons 8th ed Codex. Basically a much more up to date and Tzeentchian iteration of the regular Beastmen Shaman. As such, they are highly favored by the Thousand Sons and are considered to be a step up to your basic Thrall Wizards.


These chumps are gifted with arcane abilities, precognitive visions and savage intelligence, Tzaangor Shamans are the most powerful of their kind, often leading their brethren in the midst of combat and buffing them with esoteric Bullshit.

If the Tzaangors were your typical fantasy troupe, than the Tzaangor Shamans are that annoying magic user that constantly spams spells of either relentless dakka or endless spell buffs to his/her party members.

Born beneath dark omens, they are born to greatness, gifted with Discs of Tzeentch that raise them figuratively and literally above the heads of their peers. With dark magics they can grant a dubious boon to their foes – mutating them into a form infinitely more pleasing to Tzeentch, that of a new Tzaangor. Not content to hang back and rely on magic, the Tzaangor Shaman is also not too shabby as a close-range fighter.

Tzaangor Shamans crackle with laughter with a superiority complex unmatched, despite being essentially a budget version of a normal Chaos Sorceror.

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