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- The Word of Tzeentch on just about any Misfortune you encounter

"O Fortune, like the moon you are changeable, ever waxing and waning. Hateful life, first oppresses, and then soothes as fancy takes it; poverty, and power it melts them like ice. Fate - monstrous and empty, you whirling wheel, you are malevolent, well-being is in vain and always fades to nothing, ..."

– Oh Fortuna, from the Carmina Burana

"I'm a scientist; because I invent, transform, create, and destroy for a living, and when I don't like something about the world, I change it."

– Rick Sanchez

"I'm beginning to think that to hope isn't the same as to expect something. To hope is to believe that life is an acceptable chaos."

– Goenawan Mohamad

"I accept chaos, I'm not sure whether it accepts me."

– Bob Dylan

"Life is an endless series of train-wrecks with only brief, commercial-like breaks of happiness."

– Deadpool


Tzeentch has a fetish for birds, as seen by this sorceress getting her bird mutations on in a proper Tzeentchian and weirdly hot fashion. Wait, that's Slaanesh's schtick! JUST. AS. PLANNED. Tzeentch is a Cosmic Harem Nerd Protagonist confirmed.

Tzeentch, (may or may not be pronounced Zeench) also known as the Great Conspirator, the Changer of the Ways, the Architect of Fate, Tchar, Chen the Deceiver, Chi'an Chi (奸奇), Tsien-Tsin, Nyarlathotep, the Troll Master, Cheenzh, the Raven God, the Trickster, the Archmage God, the Lord of Nerds, /b/, Emperor Lollercoaster/Trollercoaster, The Indecisive Mollusk, Master of Madness, Chi’an Chi, Space Obama, the Lord of Social Media, The Monarch of Operating Updates, the Terror of Tumblr and Tik Tok, Q, The other Q, The Great Lovecraftian Geek, Joseph Joestar, Loki, Otto von Bismarck, Bugs Bunny, Rick Sanchez: Outer God Edition, The Cuttlefish of Keikaku, The Patron God of “Well, actually...”, the King of Kek, 2020's Living Incarnation, Lelouch vi Britannia, Super Villain Deadpool, the Champion of Cheese, the Patron God of Internet Prank Videos, Old Man Henderson's Avatar, NoobMaster69, TheLegend27, Skankhunt42, the "Do I look like the kind of guy with a plan?" Planner, the Octopoda Occultist, Mr. "I Have Your IP Address", Father Number Three, Filthy Frank and 9936 other names is or is not the Chaos God of change, curiosity, hard-to-spell names, lies, cunning, ambition, opportunity, creativity and inventiveness, mutation and evolutionary processes, 'Pure Chaos', Machiavellian scheming, CEOs, politics, governmental power, manipulation, trolling, the internet, everything ever posted on Twitter by anyone (except the Slaaneshi stuff anyway...), your politically obsessed uncle’s Facebook profile, all recorded information and all forgotten knowledge, leadership, any smartphone platform like Apple or Android, every OS written or yet to be written, the BSOD, supervillain geniuses, progress, knowledge, magic, psykers, Chess, lawyers and other high-functioning psychopaths/sociopaths, hope (despite there being a contender for God of Hope), constant article editing, poor grammar and grammar Nazis, canon and “head canon”, and massively overlong lists.

In Warhammer Fantasy he may or may not have already existed before the world like the other Chaos Gods, and the Old Ones actively tried to prevent Daemons from ever successfully invading the world by creating the different races of the game in an attempt to find something that could cheese Daemons in every battle until the very Warp Gates that the Old Ones used to come to the planet in the first place collapsed forming miniature Eyes of Terror at the poles of the world (Just as planned). He is said to have a fetish for Ravens amongst the Norse tribes and Condors amongst Kurgan nomads. There's no real picture for Tzeentch since the weird bastard always and never but always changes his appearance every time he sits for his yearbook photo. Some of the more or less memorable appearances have been: an opaline serpent constantly slithering in-place; a no-neck blue greater daemon with a skin pocked with faces that each repeat what the main head just said with different emphasis or tone; a rainbow-hued cloud of mist that speaks by casting echoes off nearby structures without making the original sound; a featureless green-skinned human in an archaic grey suit with the words "NO PICTURE AVAILABLE" suspended in the air where his face would be; and perhaps the most or least prominent, a giant imp with two penises growing out of its head. No, srsly. Unless... he could be Slaane-- *URGLBURGL*

Strangely, Tzeentch was often/rarely/usually attributed to hope in the two settings, despite there being Chaos Gods of Order in Fantasy, and in 40k the God-Emperor of Mankind serving as The God of Hope in his career even if he never wanted to be worshiped as such. To be fair, there is a difference between hope and order (or is there?). The Chaos Gods embody traits that can be directed for good or evil (how can hope be evil? To invoke Godwin's Law, Hitler hoping his genocide plans would succeed was evil, or as in Pandora's Box where hope prolongs suffering). It is entirely possible or not that what Games Workshop incorrectly called Hope is more or less but more accurately called selfish Ambition, the sort that would drive people to commit Machiavellian backstabbing, because in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium actual selfless Hope is pretty much a rotting corpse.

He is or isn't typically the second strongest of the Chaos Gods, however he has advantage over Khorne when it comes to IQ, manipulation and leadership. In canon Chaos God vs Chaos God stories he has the largest number of victories and fewest number of defeats. He rarely does things directly and prefers to trick one of the Chaos Gods or their servants into fighting with one another (to the point that one can assume anytime a Chaos God goes to war with another one, he's probably behind it). He got Skarbrand, the then mightiest Bloodthirster, to attack his master. Skarbrand hit with all his strength but only put a chink in Khorne's armor and Khorne got unbelievably, incomprehensibly, all-consumingly pissed and grabbed Skarbrand and threw him so hard that he went sailing in the sky for days before finally crashing into the ground so hard that his wings broke. and whenever Tzeentch gets caught into these antics (most especially by an enraged Khorne) he could simply recite the rules (Yes, Chaos have strange rules) and testify to the circumstances proving that he wasn't responsible. If everyone including the Emperor and the Chaos Gods want to find him guilty for cheating then he will just twist it back to them because he wasn't violating the rules set by the highest authorities in the tabletop: the Mods. in other words, Tzeentch is a Cosmic Attorney.

Except that millions of his followers will likely be slaughtered and his faith likely has a new enemy... but Tzeentch, like every Chaos God, is beyond our petty definition of victory and defeat. Which makes the above paragraph idiotically inaccurate, like most of our concepts of reality when the Warp gets involved.

The first depiction of Tzeentch in Warhammer art.

Once Tzeentch was the strongest of all the Chaos Gods and basically made the Warp his bitch. In 40k this was actually tied to a Materium time period now known as a Dark Age of Technology - the golden age of prosperity, hope, ambition, and progress, when Humanity and Eldar, who dominated the Galaxy defeated the diseases and poverty with their sophisticated science and sorcery and waged their wars through emotionless constructs and robots - no wonder Tzeentch was supercharged by these events and the other two gods were at their lowest of the lows. Unfortunately for him, he uncharacteristically didn't plan (or is it?) on the other two Chaos gods agreeing to team up against him and was shattered into countless fragments (it was his crystal staff in the old lore). Unlike a certain other god, he was able to put himself back together again, but he's still missing several pieces of himself. In Fantasy those pieces went on to become the first magic, and in 40k they caused a massive burst of powerful psykers being born, which combined with a robot rebellion humans experienced and pleasure cults Eldar went into brought the downfall of both civilizations, effectively ending their golden ages. Although, given the nature of gods, it's possible that the cause-consequence chain was the other way around with a war in the Warp being the representation of two great prosperous empires falling from their grace. The Blue Scribes are tasked with recollecting these fragments. Tzeentch also claims the Realm of Chamon in the Age of Sigmar. The Slann managed to create the Halosphere as a passageway to Tzeentch's lair.

Basically, if Chaos wins you better hope (pun!) Tzeentch comes out on top. At least he'll just mess with you if you make convoluted plans because he likes out-smarting you but otherwise will leave you alone and pat you on the head for being smart or something. Those pats may or may not include mutations that may or may not be useful (although you can probably use sorcery to correct it anyway). This is absolutely heavenly compared to literally everyone else.

Tzeentch's sacred number is 9, which under occultism symbolises intergrity and wisdom. It represents natural charisma, being a good leader and selflesness, if blocked it symbolises a negative possessive nature and a lack of direction.

If Tzeentch had a voice actor... Tzeentch would need different ones all the time (or would he?). A good candidate is Aidan “CIA” Gillan, who helpfully can't keep his accent straight for longer than a scene at a time. Q and Garak from Star Trek are also good choices. Especially Q, considering that the character himself is basically just who Tzeentch would be in the Trek universe.

Elf/Eldar Gods[edit]

In 40k, he was seemingly the only Chaos God who didn't try to intervene when Slaanesh went on his/her/its "just-born" raping and killing spree as far as we know. But Tzeentch seldom works directly, so there's no way to tell for sure. For all we know he could have been involved in the survival of fellow troll-god Cegorach or something.

In Warhammer Fantasy, Asuryan is something of the Road Runner to his Wile E. Coyote. While Tzeentch's flawless and infinitely intricate plans of dickery seem to culminate with the Warp enveloping the world, something always goes wrong at the last minute and usually the High Elves or an ally of the High Elves are at the center of it. That's because Asuryan also has a plan, one he actually shares with mortal High Elves who take a vow of silence and become his monks. Asuryan's plan is NOT flawless however, and culminates in one giant last battle with a 50% chance of success or fail on his behalf between "good" (Order) and "evil" (Destruction). The outcome of that battle will decide if the Chaos Gods win or lose once and for all. Apparently, dragons will go extinct either way though. It turns out that his plan didn't work out. Tzeentch also has direct relations with Morai-Heg who is a goddess of prophesy who can actively change fate at her will. Morai-Heg is a True Neutral kind of being who fucks with everyone's plans in ways that end up with them indebted to her one way or another. Usually because she manipulates things in a way to force you to come to her to undo the change she already made (you don't know she did this in the first place) and make a third result, which someone else probably asked for due to a change someone else made and...well, let's just summarize it as "Everyone's plans are all going according to plan".

Just as planned...[edit]

Tzeentch will always be at least three steps ahead of you; he out-dicks Eldrad, The Laughing God, both God Emprahs (though just barely in regard to the second one...a fact he likes), and the Deceiver hands down. Just an example: He tricked Slaanesh into provoking Khorne, a fight she promptly lost. Why did he do it? He did it for fun...and as a favor for a friend. Though considering what turns Slaanesh on, she might not have been tricked... or perhaps Tzeentch planned around Slaanesh planning to pretend to be tricked.

Just don’t mention Creed around him...or Kitten.

In Warhammer Fantasy, he's notable for never really doing much of anything really (except trapping Sigmar for years in the Wind of Heaven until Vortex on Ulthuan is destroyed and the Wind, under Sigmar's direction, enters the body of Emperor Karl Franz after his death.) His champions either have magical powers or limited ability to see and manipulate the future. Some just follow more charismatic champions of other Chaos Gods into battle, although when that champion inevitably falls Tzeentch's almost always survive to mutate another day. The setting's China equivalent, Cathay, has wizards actively stealing Tzeentch's magic and using its effects to affect the world with greater power than normal magic can. They do this entirely without worshiping him or suffering Chaos mutations or taint (according to the fluff, they do worship Tzeentch, they just know him by another name and don't know his true nature... this is most likely a reference to Daoism and Yi Jing, the Book of Change). Clearly Tzeentch mostly just focuses on 40k while the other three Chaos Gods play two tables at once (or maybe Tzeentch is lulling the Cathayans into a false sense of security...).

In AoS he seems a little more involved, but not by much, he manages to corrupt entire civilizations (one who is Greek themed appropiatly for the Lord of "I am very smart") who loved phylosophy just as much as they loved backstabbing each other, creates the infamous "Silver Towers" in which the first AoS Warhammer Quest game revolved around (and was subsecuently destroyed by Be'lakor and his maquinations), has conquered 90% of the realm of Change and Metal, Chamon, (again until Be'lakor got involved and pretty much fucked the realm with his chaos clouds and now he rules it) and probably has the most competent subject under his rule, Valium Maliti, a changeling who designed an industrial nightmare of a city in the realm of Alarielle and the Sylvaneth just so they can get into more conflict, while his machinations still have not reached his 40K levels, he is at least as engaged as Khorne, though they are both behind Nurgle, and ironically, the three of them are behind the now imprisoned Slaanesh, who is far more involved into AoS, you know with the whole getting imprisoned thing.

The funny thing is, Tzeentch's plots will never come to true fruition. They just go on and on, forever and ever, twisted and tangled for the sheer joy of it with no end goal or even a purpose behind them. Tzeentch is a god of chaos, and a plan satisfied, tied up, finished, is a plan that has left his purview. There is no victory, no defeat, no end. Ends are stagnation, the opposite of all he represents. There will only be the endless clatter of dice in the mad, cruel games the gods play with the fates and souls of men. Rolled without end, amen. In this sense, Tzeentch truly is the Chaos God of hope because he will never allow Chaos to defeat the mortal plane if he can- at least, not if it doesn't lead to further changes. While most everyone else plays to win, Tzeentch plays for fun, for as long as he can. In older fluff, Tzeentch was also the Chaos God of magic and intellect, so if anyone wanted Tzeentch to win, they just had to make a clever plan that would further Tzeentch's goals and pull it off, increase the amount of magic in the world or become a wizard (so technically everytime a Storm of Magic happens would be a victory for Tzeentch), though GW has downplayed that aspect of him, or maybe he's just trying to appear more menacing, who knows.

Possibly the god of "I meant to do that", "I was just pretending to be retarded," and "we can still make this work...".


Tzeentch's followers tend to be Librarians/wizards, Sorcerers, nerds, psykers/magical beings, unstable mutants, and red-nosed misfits, but instead of Nurgle's "I love you just for who you are," Tzeentch encourages his followers to revel in what makes them dweeb outcasts and go even further, constantly finding new ways to push limits and try things out just because they can. It's not enough that you've made this former Guardsman loyal, harder and better, faster and stronger, you could also fit another three arms on the guy, and if you added a head on his pelvis he would never be surprised, and he can't talk anymore so why not replace his larynx with a flamer sac? Whereas other Chaos Gods accidentally pour too much love into their subjects (Slaanesh quite literally), Tzeentch does it on purpose because he actually knows what he's doing when he does so.

  • Tzeentch Daemons are:
    • Pink Horrors: Ever-shifting gleeful balls of psychic rape. Really powerful ones are Heralds of Tzeentch. Courtesy of sixth edition 40k, these guys are now brotherhood of sorcerers, and a blob of 16 or more horrors can cast 3 spells per turn, and since they're daemons of Tzeentch they test on Ld10. Unfortunately, all the powers they have are FUN*. 8th edition Fantasy sees them as a blob of level 1 wizards who can't miscast, which are fun due to the randomness of them but aren't really competitive. The best-known of these is a being called the Changeling, who has the ability to transform into any being it wants, usually for the purposes of wreaking havoc behind enemy lines (although it has also been known to do so for pulling pranks as well, like planting Nurglings on the Skull Throne just as Khorne is about to sit down or cutting Slaanesh's hair while he/she/it sleeps). Apparently it's changed its form so many times it doesn't even remember what it originally used to look like.
    • Blue Horrors: When you kill a pink horror, it splits into 2 tiny, manic-depressive blue horrors. In 40k it just means your pink horrors hit back at S2 every time you kill one in close combat, which is kind of useless. Why are your horrors in close combat anyway? The Fantasy version of them are summonables that enter onto the field when the magic lore of Tzeentch sees a spell cast very well (since your Pink Horrors cannot miscast, throwing a fuckload of dice into a spell to produce more Blue Horrors is nifty). They're pretty weak though anyway, which is what keeps full Tzeentch armies from really being viable. A particularly notable pair of Blue Horrors are P'tarix and Xirat'p, also known as Blue Scribes. Tzeentch sent them out to catalog every single magic spell in reality, knowing that they weren't smart enough to know how easily abused the power of said spells might be. Finally fixed in Age of Sigmar as they're now just weaker pink horrors that you place two when a pink horror dies.
      • Brimstone Horrors: Also known as Yellow Horrors. Recently added in Age of Sigmar and 40k, oddly never mention until now since three is a running theme for Tzeentch. When a Blue Horror dies they turn into a pair of angry little fire daemons.
    • Flamers: like Horrors but less limb-y and way more mouths to breathe fire with. Also, this fire is S4 AP4. If you inflict wounds on a unit they have to take a toughness test, and if they fail they suffer D3 wounds with no saves allowed. On the other hand, if they pass the toughness test they get feel no pain (6+) which can stack if they keep passing.. They're the main Daemon ranged option in Warhammer Fantasy, although they're pretty close range. Best used to shotgun an enemy right in the flank while it's engaged with something from one of the other Chaos Gods in melee. Just as planned, right there in the crunch.
    • Screamers of Tzeentch: the Tzeentchian notion of cavalry; levitating manta rays with buzzsaw fins. Also melta-teeth for some reason. In Fantasy they function as chaff by harassing units and weakening them (with great luck killing something important like a mage) or forcing them to devote a turn killing them and thus leaving that unit open to whatever other Daemons you brought.
      • Jet Screamers: screamers that are really fast, Gold colored, and capable of shooting magic missles, and can teleport limited basically space cliffracers, (though the don't make any annoying sounds, every 5 seconds). very rarely seen, (tzeentch reserves them from combating other chaos gods), and those who see them even more rarely come out intact.
    • Burning Chariots of Tzeentch: One-man vehicles for heralds of Tzeentch or Exalted Flamers, which are like flamers but... exalted. In 40k this is where the AP2 Tzeentch Flame attack went after Flamers got a buff (but it's assault D3, for optimal FUN*, and it also has a S5 AP3 torrent attack. These both follow the same warpflame rules as flamers do, but they also won't be leaving so many survivors so it's not as big a deal. Fantasy sees them as the surprise buttsecks machine, once again tearing through an enemy that's engaged with something else. Like Tzeentch's architectural styles though it's a glass cannon that WILL break if damn near anything short of an anemic Bretonnian peasant orphan with a cold attacks it.
    • Lords of Change: huge birdlike sorcerers that look like a werewolf's in-between state, only it's a werevulture-snake-velociraptor...thing (So, a Skeksis from Dark Crystal?). They have the power to predict the future at any given time so they're almost invincible, unless Tzeentch wants them to die, which going by all the times Tzeentchian Chaos Daemon and Thousand Sons armies lose, happens surprisingly often. They're the best non-named spellcaster available to Daemons in Fantasy. Chief among their number is Tzeentch's right-hand daemon Kairos Fateweaver, who was gifted the ability to know everything that will ever happen (along with a second head). It's said that he knows the answers to all questions, but if you ask him, both heads give contradicting answers, with no way of knowing which head is telling the truth, just Don't ask him his name. (Then again, there's nothing saying it's the same one lying every time.) So, ask them what your name is first so you know which one is telling the truth.
  • Tzeentch's Chaos Marines come with an Egyptian motif, and plenty of psykers and Sorcerers. Aside from that Tzeentchian marines are usually warband leaders, their advisors or prominent ambitious champions wishing to become one. Many of them hold their dedication to the Architect in secret, if only to keep their advantage of god's favor over other marines - ambition after all is the big deal for them. Fully Tzeentchian warbands do exist, but they are usually comprised of either complete madman who hear voices, see futures, hear all the lies in the world (simultaneously), can shape-shift or mutate at will or have some other mind-blowing (sometimes literally) "gifts" from the Architect, or body-less drones commanded by extremely powerfull mages, and a few elite commandos armed with psychicly reloading flame bolters (he values quality over quantity). It helps that Tzeentch is likely based on the Ancient Egyptian god Thoth. (also known as Jehuty who has been called a death god by some...)
  • Tzeentch's viking followers are usually the outcasts and elders of the tribes of the Norsemen rather than being a united group. They like to rock the "evil wizard" look with hooded cloaks and sacrificial daggers to compliment their tentacles and 3 faces on one head.
  • He also has a presence in Cathay, and is the only Chaos god who is interested in this country. Cults of Tzeentch are the royal pain in the collective asses for all members of Dragon family and is their biggest threat.
  • In AoS, his mortal worshippers are the Tzeentch Arcanites. They hide in the cities of Sigmar and Order, slowly amassing power and influence, before rising up in a spectacular display of both Just as Planned and fiery mutated goodness.

Total War: Warhammer 3[edit]

In the game you must collect the souls of 4 daemon princes, one from each Chaos god, in order to fight Be'lakor and get to Ursun. If you never were a big fan of Tzeentch before, crack your knuckles and prepare to load, load and load some more as his realm is the epitome of randomness. There are portals everywhere, and each one has a chance of taking you to the island where you fight his daemon prince; prepare for mental exhaustion as you roll the dice time and again praying you get to the right island. However, there is a small trick you can do: take pencil and paper or a notepad app and calculate and document which portals you go through and where they take you. Eventually you'll find the right portal to fight Tzeentch's prince, though it will still come down to a healthy dosage of luck. May the odds be in your favor!

Unlike the other gods he doesn't appear at random during his survival battles but his (many) eyes constantly watch from above.

Mechanically, Tzeentch's big gimmick is a barrier that all his mortal and daemonic followers get. It regenerates quickly, but only if the unit goes long enough without getting attacked. This encourages Tzeentch armies to be constantly cycling in and out of combat to regenerate the barrier, and his cavalry and anti calvary units are basically invincible, since getting your cav units in a protracted fight is suicide. Tzeentch also has access to a Teleport stance, which allows you to ignore terrain in the campaign map and guarantee a successful ambush if you use it to attack an enemy, which is something even the Skaven can't manage.


  • Sly Marbo is the only person that Tzeench cannot control. That and Creed, that sneaky fucker, who is currently holding a gun to my *BLAM*.
  • The name Tzeentch was originally going to be "Thence" of Change (which is a six letter anagram of Tzeentch) the TZ was latter added and the name reworked at the suggestion of John Blanche returning from holiday in Tanzania, where he saw a blue feathered bird performing tricks at the request of a tribal priest named Tuz Tuz.
  • Tzeentch is likely inspired by the Ancient Egyptian god Thoth. Thoth was the bird-headed god of writing, science and magic; remember what Tzeentch's Greater Daemons look like.
  • Tzeentch explained Chaos to a group of mathematicians. The ones who didn't go insane or start worshipping him came up with Chaos Theory.
  • Tzeentch's favorite author changes from time to time. Some of his recurring favorites are Niccolo Machiavelli, Charles Darwin and Michael Crichton.
  • A little-known fact: Tzeentch is anon.
  • Tzeentch was responsible for the Great Depression and the 2008 financial crisis. Also, the First Gulf War? That was him too.
  • Tzeentch does it for the lulz.
  • Tzeentch is surprizingly good friends with Doomguy, due to the fact that Doomguy thinks most of his plans are hilarious, and he follows him...also for the lulz. (he got bored of "cleaning out" the Citadel of Brass every day and wanted a change).
  • You know when your first puppy died? Tzeentch did that too it might have been Slaanesh.
  • Tzeentch (much like Sly Marbo) knows and sees everything; thusly, he sees you masturbate and knows what fantasies you're having. And he laughs at you (again, much like Sly Marbo).
    • Slannesh used to pay him “good money,” to tell you what you masturbate to, but an "agreement" with Khorne made him stop accepting bribes. (he only took it because Doomguy told him it would further their plans).
  • Khorne is Tzeentch's favorite victim for hijinks because of an incident involving Doomguy’s friend Valen’s son being turned into a meat puppet for his and the C'tan's Earth invasion plan. The fact that Khorne is very easy to string along is a good bonus.
  • Slaanesh is Tzeentch's second favorite victim for his hijinks, because Slaanesh's desire for a new high makes him/her/it very easy to string along, and also because it makes khorne laugh.
  • Starscream is a servant of Tzeentch; he's got a huge amount of ambition. Too bad that Tzeentch won't let him succeed until he actually forms a plan instead of just saying "I am the new leader!" if Megatron so much as sneezes.
  • Tzeentch is the god of hope among other things, yet he's a lot less friendly than the god of despair. Probably because most every being in the universe has had their fair share of despair and has learned to cope with it, while hope tends to show up just before you get ground into the dirt again. When the Despair-god comes knocking, you open a bottle and sigh, when the hope god shows up, you immediately wonder how you're going to get raped this time.
  • Tzeentch is a very morky god due to the fact he could set in motion a string of events that could lead to a lasgun in the back of the head when you aren't looking.
  • Tzeentch is the only first contestant to ever be banned from entering Deal or No Deal after winning $1,000,000 9 times in a row.
  • During their early days, Tzeentch once put on a magic show for the 3 other Chaos Gods. Among the 3, Khorne asked Tzeentch how he made Nurgle's Plaguefather disappear and reappear beside Slaanesh before their very eyes, which Tzeentch refused to tell and responded with "A good magician never reveals his tricks.", which caused Khorne to burn with unfathomable rage. To this day for over 50,000 years, Khorne had extremely low tolerance for magic users and psykers, which became evident when the World Eaters killed all their Psykers when they defected to Chaos. Like always, Tzeentch just said "Just as planned".
    • Khorne has accutally relaxed this tendency after watching one of Tzeentch's chosen warriors light his sword on fire with his psychic powers. the fact that said warrior was Doomguy may have helped a bit...he still hates Zaraphiston though.
  • Tzeentch is slightly pissed over the fact how his only representation in DoW are the Pink Horror daemons and the Chaos Sorcerer, unlike Khorne who gets Berzerkers, Chaos Marines chant "Skulls for the Skull Throne!" on attack and how he got an epic unit, the "Bloodthirster" and the fact that he has two Chaos Lords dedicated to him and the fact that his legion shows up in Winter Assault as one of the primary opponents, Khorne then goes on to get Bloodletters, Bloodcrushers, The Chaos Lord, who is the best damn commander in the game (though the Warboss has funnier dialogue) in DoW II, while in contrast, he's stuck with the sorcerer and his marines aren't even Rubrics. Still, better than Slaanesh, who only ever got the Emperor's Children default color scheme throughout the entire series. But now Slaanesh is getting Noise Marines in Retribution, which are sorta like SM Plasma Cannon Devastators. All Tzeentch gets are marks for certain units, which turns everyone of them into tank/infantry raping death machines, especially the generic marines.
  • However, in DOWII, Tzeentch is still reveling in the fact how he got Scott McNeil to voice the generic Chaos Sorcerers again. HOWEVER!!!, the Sorcerer's voice then became more soft, monotonous and unenthusiastic, which GREATLY angered Tzeentch.
  • Tzeentch appears to be GW's least favorite of the Chaos Gods, his units tend to be the worst out of the four Chaos Gods, his stuff gets the least amount of attention, and the least amount of fluff written for him. Hell, there's often cases where despite magic/psykic powers being his specialty, Nurgle and/or Slaanesh give a better selection than he does. (Except for Age of Sigmar, where he's really good.) Arguably not true since 8th given how often Arhiman is used in Chaos armies and Magnus being the best of the Primarchs currently out.
  • Some people play chess with reality and manipulate events and people like chess pieces, others play pool/billiards with it, moving things along like a cue ball and cue stick, others play poker with the universe, bluffing and cajoling things to receive favorable outcomes, other play roulette with the cosmos, making all the little movements needed for that lucky roll. But Tzeentch, Tzeentch does it all at once in the nightmarish game of Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip Poker, or PBVRFDHCSP a game that only a true master of dickery and the ability to perceive the past, future, and present can really play without looking like a massive tool.
  • Tzeentch's favorite characters in Mortal Kombat are Quan Chi, Shinnok and Shang Tsung. Though Tzeentch favors Quan Chi more than the other two due to him being (arguably) the most manipulative bastard in all of Mortal Kombat. Hell, he is mostly responsible for almost all the events that happened. In fact, Quan Chi is considered the most untrustworthy character in all of Mortal Kombat considering that he has chronic backstabbing disorder, constantly lies and never fulfills his promises.
  • Tzeentch's favorite Black Library novel is "A Thousand Sons". This is mostly because he relishes over the fact that he is such a magnificent bastard for all the things he did in said novel.
  • Tzeentch has planned everything you do, even this. Who knows what this article is distracting you from? Tzeentch does because he's why you're here. Woah! Where do you think you're going? You're leaving, eh? 'Just as planned'...
  • Tzeentch didn't write this article. But he set in motion every single event that contributed to it. Yes. Even this specific author's decision to write this paragraph.
  • And this.
  • The one place Tzeentch is afraid to go is the Well of Eternity; he believes that it is the beginning and end of the universe. He was wrong, it is where Sly Marbo lives. To find out what was in there, he sent in expeditions of Lords of Change and Horrors but they never came back out. Finally he just grabbed Kairos Fateweaver, his vizier, and threw him in. Due to lots and lots of Just as planned Fateweaver survived but was horribly disfigured. Marbo slapped himself for letting that one get away and forced himself to keep doing pushups until a planet the size of Jupiter was split in half as self discipline.
  • The Warcraft and Starcraft franchises' existence are both Tzeentch's doing, he is the one that caused GW to turn down Blizzard's initial offer to make an RTS game. When Fateweaver was interrogated about why Tzeentch did that, the lying head dodged the question and the truth telling one said that there was no reason. Or did it.....
  • Created Facebook....regretted it instantly but managed to troll the whole planet by making them buy Oculus Rift, no real logic just to fuck up Oculus's release schedule - It worked just as Planned!
  • Contrary to what many would assume, Tzeentch is terrible at RTS games because he can never focus on one goal for a long enough period of time to focus on winning, or least that's the reason he claims why he lost at Supreme Commander to an illiterate Ork that did nothing but hit random keys the entire game.
  • Tzeentch claims that Snowflame was his doing, arguing who else could be insane enough to create such a character. Slaanesh claims that Tzeentch is lying and that Snowflame is his/her/its doing, but Tzeentch points out that Slaanesh is also a liar, meaning that nobody knows who is lying.
  • Tzeentch's realm is guarded by a labyrinth that can only be passed by the mad. It was only defeated once, by a little girl with a small black dog, and even Tzeentch doesn't know how because the guardians refuse to discuss it. This is canon.
  • Tzeentch invented Scrappy Doo because he was bored.
  • Tzeentch was the first being to create the Death Note. Possibly the one who made the idea of it all and gifted this to the Shinigami themselves.
  • Since Tzeentch achieves his goals by having his many plans constantly foil each other and benefiting from the fallout of said foiled plans, this makes him one of the few beings who achieves Just As Planned as a direct consequence of Not as Planned. Depending on how you think about it, this means Tzeentch could technically be considered a god of both.
  • If the Deceiver and Tzeentch battle and the Deceiver wins Tzeentch actually wins in disguise. and vice versa. and this effect is cumulative. therefore an unending cycle of win or don't win is created there are currently over 9000 such cycles in existence
  • Tzeentch can be or be not defeated with the following train of logic.
  • You: So Tzeentch, you are a god of chaos?
  • Tzeentch: Yes.
  • You: So you would say that you are completely unpredictable?
  • Tzeentch: Yes.
  • You: So that means it is predictable that you will be unpredictable?
  • Tzeentch: ...
  • Tzeentch is the reason the internet hyperlinks are blue.
  • Tzeentch coined the phrase "You activated my trap card".
  • Tzeentch created the bug that causes Gandhi to go nuclear in Civilization.
  • Greedo shooting first was Tzeentch's doing.
  • Tzeentch's favorite Gundam character is Char Aznable, the sheer amount of JUST AS PLANNED that the Red Comet uses put a grin on his face-for a brief moment.
  • Tzeentch is the reason the Isekai harem hero was born. He wanted nerds to show off meta knowledge to numerous harem simulations to rub in slaaneshs face that nerds have to use their smarts and wits to get pussy instead of being a rapist or a loser who Slaanesh posses women to have sex with.
  • Influenced Event Horizon to become a prequel to Warhammer 40,000.

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