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Ubtao symbol.jpg
Aliases Creator of Chult, the Deceiver, Father of the dinosaurs, Founder of Mezro
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Greater God / Primordial
Pantheon Faerûn, Chultan
Portfolio Creation, Jungles, Chult, Chultans, Dinosaurs
Domains Planning, Plant, Protection, Scalykind
Home Plane Great Wheel: Labyrinth of Life (Outlands)
World Tree: Labyrinth of Life (House of Nature)
Worshippers Adepts, Chultans, Druids, Rangers
Favoured Weapon Tyrannosaurus Head (Heavy Pick)

Ubtao is the God (or, in 4th edition primordial) of dinosaurs and Chult in the Forgotten Realms.


During the Dawn War, Ubtao betrayed his fellow primordials by switching sides in the end, and promised to the gods that he would make sure that Dendar the Night Serpent wouldn't destroy the world by sealing him in a mountain. The gods in exchange recognised him as the ruler of Chult, and promised not to spread their faiths there.

Eventually Ubtao decided he wanted a city, so he raised one from the ground, and named it Mezro. He ruled Mezro for a time before growing bored (and upset with mortals) and leaving. Eventually his essence started to split from him, becoming the myriad of nature spirits that lived in Chult. One these, Eshowdow, was later devoured by Shar.



The Barae were the seven chosen of Ubtao, paladins who protected and ruled the city of Mezro. They gained a number of powerful abilities, upon being chosen. These were:

  • Immunity to aging and sickness
  • Regeneration
  • Ability to cast command twice per day
  • Detect Evil (100' radius) at will
  • +3 to all saving throws, +4 if inside the city of Mezro
  • a power unique to the Bara in question
  • and if inside the Temple of Ubtao, cure blindness or deafness, cure disease, cure critical wounds, true seeing, forbiddance, and restoration, once per day.

The only downside was, that if Mezro was to be destroyed, The Barae would crumble to dust... which happened during the Spellplague. One of the Barae, Ras Nsi, chose to become a Yuan-ti Lich-Mummy necromancer instead. Also, as of 5th edition, Mezro isn't totally destroyed; it's chilling in a separate dimension until Ubtao thinks mortals are worthy of it again.

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