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King Kai probably learned the spirit bomb from this guy

Ugin, the spirit dragon, is one of the 3 planes walkers that sealed the Eldrazi. He is probably the multi-verse's foremost expert on the eldrazi. Before the mending, Bolas used his +3 to defeat him and tortured the information on the Eldrazi out of him. Ugin died shortly there-after. Except he didn't, because Sarkhan Vol used Ugin's Nexus to travel back in time! Wizards doesn't take character death lightly because they want deaths to be meaningful, so don’t expect this type of stuff to happen whenever they feel like bringing a character back to life [1]. Ugin's home is Tarkir.

In recent lore it was revealed that Ugin and Bolas are twins, each with a spark. Reaction has been rather mixed on introducing a 6th elder dragon, 20 years after the first 5. In a very WotC-ish "twist" on the "opposing twins" trope, one should note that Ugin is NOT Good to Bolas's Evil. Ugin's Lawful Neutral to a fault. However, he does share his twin's love of scheming. His schemes are just mostly there to counter his brother's schemes.


Ugin taught morph magic to humans, to help them not get wiped out by dragons. So not a total bag of dicks like most MTG dragons (Looking at you Bolas).


Ugin is an environmentalist. He likes the ecosystem to be balanced, even to the extent he advocated sealing the eldrazi instead of killing them to preserve any ecological balance they might be a part of. He thinks both humans and Dragons are important in Tarkir.

In Play[edit]

As everyone expected, Ugin is the second colorless planeswalker to be printed by WotC. He has 3 abilities. His +2 bolts (well, actually ghost fires) deal 3 damage to anything with points on the board, even other planeswalkers. His -X is a excellent board sweeper (unless the permanents your opponent cares about are colorless, so pretty useless against affinity) but also a double edged sword, if you aren't careful you can end up hosing your own dudes. Then again, they probably have an empty board and you probably still have a planeswalker. And his ultimate, a −10, is almost the exact opposite of Nicol Bolas's ultimate. With Ugin's ultimate you get to gain 7 life, draw 7 cards, and then cheat up to 7 permanents onto the battlefield. He is expensive at 8 generic mana but any half decent ramp deck can push him out fairly quickly. The fact that he is colorless and can integrate in any deck is also a major boon.

Ugin is back with a new card and some mediocre effects.[2] (Well, he has been back quite a while now but these pages aren't updated often, it seems.)

His 6 any mana cost make him playable in every deck and format. He brings a passive that reduces the mana cost of all colorless spells for 2 mana.

Starting with 4 loyalty, his +1 lets you exile the card on top of your deck without showing it and creates a colorless 2/2 token creature. You can take the card you exiled this way in your hand after the token dies.

His second ability is a -3 that lets you destroy any permanent card that is one or more colors.

The card has potential but sees less play than Ugin's other form.

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