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Uhanam's symbol.jpg
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank Intermediate Goddess
Pantheon Manifest
Portfolio Magic, planning, skill
Domains Knowledge, Law, Magic
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Archivists, gnomes, lawyers, sages, scribes, tacticians, teachers
Favoured Weapon Light flail

Uhanam, the Master Strategist, is the Ghostwalk goddess of planning, skill, and magic. She's supposedly the twin of Tephaneron, both of whom split from the same deity.


The church of Uhanam is respected in civilized lands, and is favored in Tereppek. The church has a complex body religious texts that define everything from proper behaviour to guidance for every sort of problem, as well as outlining the structure of the clergy and criteria for advancement. Temples of Uhanam tend to be found in large cities, where these elegant spires also double as repositories of knowledge. Worshippers and clegy can be found in professions that require patience and education. They have few holy days and acknowledge events of importance to their church and/or specific temple in morning prayers.


Uhanam is depicted as a short woman with a black tabard and purple robes, holding a scroll in her left hand.


Knowledge is the key to any victory. Skill is an aspect of knowledge, and often skill is required to act upon acquired knowledge. Magic is the ultimate combination of knowledge and skill, and a master mage can use magic to anticipate future needs. Planning is the gift of knowledge combined with an understanding of the minimal amount of power needed to accomplish a task. Far too often, a foolish general has lost a war by using too much force too early and having none left to finish another task. Conserve your power, but be generous with your knowledge, uplifting the uneducated and banishing ignorance.

The deities of Ghostwalk
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Durann Aluvan - Eanius Soggelos - Wyst
Neutral Chaniud
Galaedros - Nessek Tephaneron
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