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Uli Dreier




This page details people, events, and organisations from the /tg/ Heresy, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the /tg/ Heresy Timeline and Galaxy pages for more information on the Alternate Universe.

Uli Dreier (b. 771.M30 (Terra), d. 973.M30 (Gelden III)) was one of the Fifth Legion's first field commanders of any note. His relative prominence was a result of the disaster that befell the men of the Fifth Squad of the Sacred Band in the San Angelus Incident.

Dreier served adequately under the command of the War Scribes, before a transfer to the Crusade Fleet of Roman Albrecht. The Steel Marshals Primarch was extraordinarily sympathetic to the difficulties of the Fifth and made a point of upgrading their equipment under the guise of making them fit for his own purposes. Dreier also prospered from his command's change of combat role from melee assault to airmobile warfare, repaying Roman Albrecht's faith in many campaigns, including the famous Battle of Five Legions.

After Gaspard Lumey was rediscovered, Dreier spent several years at the Fifth Legion's new Collegium Majoris, helping Remus Alsara to groom the new classes of recruits. His leadership during the Al-Sherar Sector War, in which he commanded a young Astartes force at Trois Rivieres, led to a resumption of field command. Although Dreier never achieved a high rank, he served with honour in the battles of the Great Crusade, including a minor but significant role in the pivotal Latoti Crusade. His final campaign was the Pacification of the Harakien Sector. Dreier led the force that relieved the 38th Auron Infantry at Destino, but would be slain in the ferocious fighting on Gelden.