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A black pentagon within a purple circle
Aliases The Web
Alignment Neutral Evil
Divine Rank God
Portfolio conspiracy, isolation, and manipulation
Domains (jolly) Cooperation, deception, lust, memory
Home Plane Maelstrom
Worshippers Private investigators, spies, rebels, usurpers, politicians
Favoured Weapon Hand Crossbow
Ulon, his/her/itself, it can be presumed the main focus of the priests of Ulon is trying to find out what the fuck their god even looks like.

Ulon is the Golarion god of conspiracy and manipulation to the peoples of ancient Azlant and is the patron god of being a paranoid motherfucker. Ulon tells their followers to follow the threads that make up the webs of lies that prop up society around them, and do everything in their power to uncover the truth.Such is the disbelief in the world around them that followers of Ulon don't even believe their powers are coming from them.The various cults of Ulon only gathered to spread gathered info on the various corrupt and background evils of society, such was their efficiency that they managed to find out that the alghollthus were pulling the strings in the societies of Azlant, making these brave souls the targets of the wrath of those monsters.

The deities of Golarion
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
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