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Unbreakable Tritons
Founding M29
Homeworld Patéras Charybdis
Strength 2000 Guardsmen (per regiment)
Specialty Aquatic/Amphibious Warfare, and Naval Boarding.
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Oxfurd Blue, Bronze, and Dark Green.

"Remember soldier, when the storm above howls, weighing your mind heavy with doubt. When the foulness of the abyss encroaches upon your heart. Recite thine saving grace. Emperor above, Lord of the Great Tempest and Master of Seas, lend this Trident your steadying grace that it may do your work true."

– Excerpt from the Three Paths Primer

"Tempest Lord grant us favorable currents, and steady our blades against the dark."

– Common Triton Prayer

"A fine pair of Concrete Boots don't you think?"

– Common Threat by Tritons

"He who builds a house in a storm will only be disappointed, but'll find himself right at home here."

– Common saying on Patéras Charybdis

Another rolled regiment spawned by the antics of fa/tg/uys. The Unbreakable Triton's are regiments of Imperial Guards hailing from the ocean planet Patéras Charybdis. The brutal conditions of their world have hardened them into some of the best soldiers the Imperium has to offer, even finding a begrudging respect from the Adeptus Astartes.

Patéras Charybdis[edit]

Homeworld of the Unbreakable Tritons. Most may mistake it for a death world at first glance, but it's classification as an Imperial world is well earned. While others would have turned away and abandoned the then stormless world rather then face its challenges. The ancestors of the Tritons were not such people. Stubborn, and full of grit that would've made the Emperor shed a manly tear, they set out to tame this treacherous world in M27. However domination of this world was not meant to be, they soon discovered they were not alone on this planet. A species of powerful psychic beings of old resistant to the ruinous powers also called the planet home, they would become known to the Humans as the Deep Watchers. After millennium of slumber the construction of the humans cities awoke them.

The Deep Watchers used their psychic might to conjure an endless storm over the entire planet. The humans of the world were enslaved, and forced to fight for their masters. All vying for power and a way off the planet. It would seem this would be their fate until the Emperor saved their world. He descended on their world breaking the eternal storm, pushing the Deep Watchers into the darkest depths of the ocean where they were sealed in vaults built to contain them.

Though they were free of their influence, a rivalry had grown between the cities. Now they stand united as the Trident, while still waging their own petty wars against each other. Though the planet still bands together to face the Imperiums foes, and its own. Such as the Deep Watchers Mer'orks, or the Saharduin raiders that plague their world.

The Trident[edit]

Due to the rough conditions of their home world there are only three cities. All found deep beneath the waves protected by ancient domes. Though the three city states of Patéras are constantly at war they are collectively known as the Trident. The Imperium and it's agents are well aware of the planets fractured state and see no reason to interfere. They always produce what is asked of them and know that damage to any of the cities will risk rendering them unlivable, so actual conflicts are usually short lived and harmless. These cities also help keep each other in check due to the simple fact they cannot exist without each other.

Notiaía Mítra is the city that supplies all others with food. While it is true that the other cities have small algae farms, they are not enough to sustain their population only filter in more oxygen. Mítra is noticeably larger and more open then the other cities to allow for their expanse farms. All sorts of flora and fauna from the planet are grown here and then supplied to the other cities.

Morfí chál, the entire city has been rendered into almost nothing but a large manufactorum. This also means it is the center of the Mechanicus on the planet. It turns the procssed materials from Rogmí into fully functional tools, weapons, and vehicles.

Rogmí, is the smallest and was never meant to be a truly independent city, only meant to be a mining outpost, but grew into one during the later years of the Great Crusade. Raw materials are recovered and refined here before being sent to Morfí chál.

Traditions, Superstitions, and Mutations[edit]

Due to their isolation the difference between the Imperiums normal traditions can vary from slightly to completely different. One such thing is the Emperor's name. He holds many different names some being, Storm King, Tempest Lord, Father of the Calm, Tide Master, etc. This is mainly due to how his arrival played out, and being their salvation by having temporarily halted the eternal storm above the ocean. This has also caused them to adopt the belief that a clear sky is a sign from the Emperor himself. A clear sky is viewed as a good omen and a call to arms from the Emperor. While the Unbreakable Tritons normally only field one new regiment a year, in the decades following a clear sky they will field dozens.

The Three Paths are symbolic of the Triton homeworld's guardsmen, and oft mistaken as religious.

The Primary Path, The Unyielding Path. The center prong of the Trident, the Unyielding Path touts a soldiers resolve for duty and steadfastness in battle as his saving grace. An emphasis on a calm mind, and orderly actions, the Unyielding Path's teachings are followed to some extent by all members of Triton Regiments.

The Left Path, The Helmsmen Path. The Left prong of the Trident, the Path of a Helmsmen is focused on tactics and the choices one makes during battle. Being able to look ahead and steer an engagement favorably are core components of this path. Of note, it is not uncommon for soldiers to address a well liked, or competent officer as "Helm"

The Right Path, The Flowing Path. The Right prong of the Trident, the Flowing Path is probably the least devoutly followed path. The teaching of this path espouse action, measured and directed in the completion of a task to the letter. This path, though faintly followed by the majority of Triton regiments, has a following in the few recon elements that do exist.

The average human from Patéras Charybdis will seem slightly more rotund and stocky then a regular human. Have been compacted down due to the heavy pressures of the sea. But it would be a mistake to underestimate them. Due to being restrained and having to fight the crushing pressures of the sea on land they actually gain a advantage in strength and speed over other guards. Some from the lower levels of the cities have gills and webbing due to constant flooding.

Your regular Triton will be brought up on a diet of Patéras Charybdis staples such as Bone Crusher fillet, Sand Treader Sushi, and blue algae salad.

Unbreakable Triton training and rearing[edit]

Triton Regiments live very strict and regimented lives since before their induction into the Regiment Tithes. From childhood to adults they are constantly in training to be the best for the Emperor and Imperium. The leaders of the Trident take great care to make sure the rivalry of the cities does not blossom in these impressible cadets.

Some have compared their lifestyle as being very close to the Adeptus Astartes, many believe there is evidence this is a more recent evolution to their training due to the closeness the Tritons have with the Star Krakens who have began a very low amount of recruiting from Patéras Charybdis.

This similarity has actually led to good relations and encounters when Tritons and Marines meet and work together.To most Guardsmen, the Tritons are likely the closest they will ever get to meeting a true Astartes

Members of the Tritons are actually quite learned due to their specialization compared to other Guardsmen. An average Triton is knowledgeable in technical manners such as hydrodynamics, basic sonar understanding, armor maintenance and a host of topics they are expected to recite with nigh perfect clarity when their Officers request it.

It is a common occurrence for Commissars attached to the Tritons to be trained/taught in these subjects so as to keep pace with the Regiments and not slow them down.

The Triton Regiments have a somewhat difficult time with interacting with other Guardsmen owing to their training, upbringing and lifestyle. It is not uncommon for disagreements and altercations to break out, typically by other Regiments, due to the perceived "Up tightness" of the Tritons and their seeming dismissal of other Guardsmen not of their kind.

Commissars who are signed to the Triton Regiments find themselves almost lounging around do to their diligence and self control. It is a running joke among them that they just lounge around while the Tritons do the work, sometimes even the paper work. While this is an exaggeration, there is some truth to it. Triton Regiments have a very low disciplinary infringement rate compared to most, even more elite groups.

There is another joke/apocryphal tale of a Commissar that was too lazy and was disciplined by his Triton Guardsmen and whipped into shape.

Punishments in the Tritons for being disorderly, lazy and the like are especially harsh. A common punishment is flogging of the offender by his squad-mates, one lash each. A certain design is tattoo'd unto the forehead and the hair is completely shaved off to prevent hiding it (if they are already bald they are given a treatment to grow hair to be shaved). This tattoo denotes to all of the offenders crime. There is no set time limit set by the Regiments, it tends to vary depending on situation, age of the Regiment, the will of the Colonel/Commissar.

The longest recorded tattooing was approximately 20 years. Until the tattoo is removed the punished are restricted from promotion beyond a certain rank and reduced liberties/freedoms. Most tend to get it removed with in a year.


Standard Equipment

Standard kit for an Unbreakable Triton is a form fitting insulated wetsuit. The wetsuit will then be covered in a layer of carapace armor. The suit will then be reinforced to handle great depths, and can survive the vacuum of space. The standard Triton wields a Sonic Pulsation Rifle, along with a electrical pulse grenade.

Sonic Pulsation Rifle

Originally based off of a sonic tool used to disorientate the planets larger predators it has over timed evolved into the deadly weapon the Tritons use now. Underwater they act as effective mid-ranged weapons filling the role of rifles. However on land they turn into a much more unrestrained close-ranged weapon, similar to a shotgun. They also have two built in settings. The normal weaponized one, and one tuned specifically to break glass easier. The Tritons seem to take great joy in using this to suck the enemy into space, or drown their enemies.

Stinger Knife

A melee weapon originally used for fending off undersea predators that would try and devour workers that were repairing the walls of the Hives.

Originally issued to workers, but since then it has fallen into usage by the Unbreakable Triton Regiments. The Stinger is a foot long blade with a single edge on one side and a jagged teeth on the opposite side for sawing things. But the most important detail is the hollow cavity that runs throughout the blade. When a trigger is pressed a shot of compressed gases shoot into the penetrated target and rapidly expands creating a bubble within them and causing immense damage to the interior of whatever it's pierce, be it armor or flesh.

Twilight Armor

A heavier armor preassembled variant of the armor standard troops wear. This armor is better crafted, maintained, and provides much more protection then the standard variant. But due to the Mechanicus is not allowed to be produced en masse. Much to the displeasure of the troops.

MASER Cannon

A cannon which fires a MASER beam. Upon contacting a foe it reacts with the surrounding water with explosive force. Smaller shoulder mounted variants are used by infantry, while much larger powerful versions are mounted on submarines. Out of water they admittedly lose much of their power showing to be weaker then a standard lascannon.

Leviathan-Class Submarine

A giant submarine used as a mobile base that can provide lodging for many Triton's and be used to store smaller submarine variants.

Venator Altum Submarine

The most common Sub found under the seas of Patéras Charybdis bar none. Long distance multi role Subs meant to perform all manner of tasks, while specialists may do well in their duty, the Venator Altum Class work best in patrolling areas where their versatility come to play.

Mare Umbra Submarine

Strike/Stealth Sub of the Tritons and the Trident. Built for stealthy, fast surgical strike on supply lines and infrastructure. Primary armament is torpedoes. Modern versions use the sound disruptors of the Emperor's nightmares to reduce sound to nearly nothing.

Castra Balæna Submarine

The primary troop/personnel transport Sub of the Trident. While the Leviathan may carry more by sheer dint of size, the Whales are far more economical.

Notable Figures[edit]

Colonel Daniel Jones: Colonel Jones acts as the current leader of the Unbreakable Tritons 1st regiment. Has lead several offenses in T’au space and helped to save multiple worlds. Has fought in several campaigns with the Abyssal Jaws.

Colonel James Jones: Older brother of Daniel Jones. Was a crucial player in the destruction of Pulvis sacrificing himself, and the 2nd regiment, to make sure the world Pulvis was destroyed before it could fall to a Khorne warband.

St. Locke: Helped defend a battle barge from chaos space marine boarders. Held the line against a force of Chaos marines, killing three, and prevented the Star Krakens gene-seed from being corrupted by the ruinous powers. Was heralded by both the Star Krakens, and Unbreakable Tritons as a hero. He is considered a saint by his homeworld. He is celebrated on Sanguinala. St. Locke's defense of the Star Kraken's Geneseed Vault is seen by many both on and off of Patéras Charybdis as mantling Sanguinius' duel with the Arch Traitor Horus and his holding the Eternity Gate against the Traitors. A common depiction in the Cathedrals of Patéras Charybdis of St. Locke is rendition of a famous painting of Sanguinius holding the Gates.

Swordmaster Kit Dorn: Swordmaster of the 1st Unbreakable Tritons. More than his keen mind or swift blade, Dorn is most renowned for his near mutant appearance. Originally when he was born he was as human as the rest of his Hive. But as the years dragged on during training for the Tritons his recessive mutations came to the fore. At first his trainers and officers were unsure of what to do, Kit was a model student and Emperor fearing citizen of the Imperium. His mutations were largely aesthetic by analysis by the local gene clinics. But the Cult were themselves unsure of the situation. To punish Kit for such misfortune when he showed no signs of betrayal or heresy would open a can of worms give the populace of Patéras Charybdis.

It was decided by all parties, Kit included he would face a series of trials to prove his worth and purity.

He would slay multiple sea creatures both in and out of his armor, he withstood both mental and physical abuse by the Clergy, his very Faith in the Emperor was tested in a manner of ways. But he passed all of them with flying colors.

He has since taken command as the Swordmaster and Champion of the 1st Tritons and is seen as a model citizen of Patéras Charybdis no matter hat foreigners may say of his appearance. He has been known to duel those who bring up his appearance.

Captain Keel 'Patcher' Jorns 300th Unbreakable Tritons Deep Walker contingent

"I'll tell you youngins one thing. A 12 inch blade never loses reception"

At 83 years old, Captain Jorns is the oldest member of his Regiment, and possibly the entire Unbreakable Tritons Regiments, excluding outlier cybernetics or those who work for Inquisitors/Rogue Traders.

A veteran of numerous battles and many campaigns, his experience and insight has been invaluable to keeping so many alive. Is also affectionately given the nicknames Patcher and Grandpa for his amazing work in keeping equipment in tip top shape and his age.

Deep Walkers[edit]

The Elite even among the well drilled and equipped Tritons. The Deep Walkers are the Grenadiers of each Regiment hand picked by the Colonel of each one to spear head assaults and protect the honor of their Regiment. While typically no better equipped than the rank and file of their Regiments, the Walkers are laden with decades of experiences and skills that make them a whole other beast.

One can count of the Walkers to never ever break formation and perform feats of cunning and coordination some say to be second only to the Emperor's Angels or the Agents of the Officio Assassainorium.

These men eat, breath and sleep with laser precision discipline to hone their skills to a monomolecular edge.

The Crunch[edit]

Regiment Classification: Imperial Guard

Recruitment Criteria: Vat-Grown

Nature of Recruitment: Elite tithe

Home world: Imperial World

Home World Predominant Terrain: Ocean

Regiment Core Units: Shock Troopers

Specialization: Drill & Discipline

Loyalty Rating: Unorthodox

Special Equipment: Specialized Lasgun Pattern(Sonic weaponry)

Regiment Creed: For The Homeworld: This regiment's mission is to demonstrate the skill and steel of the homeworld to the rest of the Imperium

Regiment Friends: Adeptus Astartes (Star Krakens)

Regiment Enemies: Saharduin, T'au, Mer'orks, Deep Watchers


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