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This is the story of the origin of the world and the races therein, as related by the noted Sidhe theologist Veruliatill Derylur.


In the beginning, the gods were alone. But they desired to do more. However, they lacked anything upon which to work, and so the Earth laid down in the sea, saying "work upon my belly". And so they did.

First, the Earth created plants and forests, that they might take strength from his body, and become large and resilient. He spread them everywhere upon his body, save for his belly.

The Sun spread wide a great desert upon the Earth's belly, for it was the only place that remained, and the sun wanted it to remain bare to her caresses.

The Sky, seeing that all of the Earth had been covered, instead created Clouds, to flow above the Earth, and see all that there was to see.

The Moon saw that there was no room left above the Earth's skin, and so he reached inside of the earth, and aroused him, and caused the great mountain ranges to rise up. And then the Moon withdrew, leaving the Earth unfulfilled, and the mountains remained standing.

And none know what the Darkness made.

The Beasts[edit]

Now, after time passed, the Gods grew bored, for though they had each created a thing, their creations were inert. And so the Moon said "let us make beasts, to populate the Earth.

And so the Moon created wolves and deer, to run across through the Earth's forests and live.

And the Earth created the burrowing creatures, mice and moles and ants. And they dug into the skin of the Earth, but their claws were weak, and they could not dig deeper

And the Sky created birds, to sleep in the forests of the Earth, but fly above them in wakening.

And the sun created the Auroch, and his children, the cattle and oxen. And they ate bushes and knocked down trees, so that fields grew. And this troubled the Earth, but he did nothing.

And none know what the Darkness made.

The Races[edit]

Now, the gods saw that the animals were not inert, and that pleased them, but the animals were simple. And so the Sky said "let us create thinking creatures, that they may make their own plans to amuse us, and we will not need to.

And so the Sky created the Elven folk, and put them on a small land, that they could fill, and gave them a strong will to excel in their endeavors.

And the Earth created the Dwarves, and cast them about the mountains, and made them swarthy and strong, and steady in their minds.

And the Moon created the Gnolls, and made them fierce, and vicious, and rapine, and he put desire in their loins.

And the Sun made the Humans, and gave them the desire to rule, and to shape other things to their will. And the sun put the Humans away from the other races.

And none know what the Darkness made.

The Gifts[edit]

Now, the races went forth and did as they would, and the Gods were pleased. And yet, the Races spent much time searching for food, or striving against the beasts. And so the Sun said "let us give them gifts, that they may overcome their environment."

And so the Sun gave unto the Humans Wheat, that they might grow it any place there was water but no forest. And so the humans began to clear away forest, and grow wheat. And the Earth was displeased, but he did nothing.

The Moon saw this, and gave Weapons to the Gnolls. And they used their weapons to kill beasts that would threaten them, and to take from the other races.

The Earth looked unto the dwarves, and gave them Metallurgy, that they might burrow deep into his flesh, and use his ligaments, and perhaps eventually fulfill him and allow the mountains to fall.

The Sky saw these gifts, and in her pride, sought to do better. And she gave the Elven folk Architecture, that they might build truly spectacular edifices. And so the elves built the greatest of structures, and all could see them, and the sky was satisfied.

And none knew what the Darkness gave.

The Draconians[edit]

Now, the gods saw that with their gifts, the races thrived. But they also saw that the races traded, and in sharing their gifts, they all became powerful. And so the Darkness said something, though none know what it is, and the Gods decided to work with each other to create the greatest race.

The Moon forged a body, strong and mighty.

The Earth armored that body in scales with the might of his bones.

The Sun gave them Fire, that they could work metal and make food better.

The Sky saw these gifts, and in her pride, sought to do better. And she gave the Draconian folk Magic, that they might overcome everything. And yet the magic was too mighty, for even the Draconians could scarcely control it. But those who mastered it were the mightiest of all mortals, and so the Sky was satisfied.

And none know what the Darkness gave.

And the new race, the Draconians, took the gifts of the other races, and made them all the greater, for with fire and strength they made better weapons than the Gnolls and better picks than the Dwarves, and with strength and scale, they took more land than the humans, and with magic, they made all things greater than their counterparts, and things no other race could compare to.

And the Gods were satisfied.