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Draconians were created in the Dragonlance series of books and served as that world's version of orcs or Nazis: a cannon-fodder enemy you could kill without remorse.

Draconians were inspired by Dragons and inspired Dragonborn.

Unified Setting Description[edit]

An immortal race of reptilian sorceror-gods, the draconians were masters of the world many thousands of years ago. According to legend nothing was beyond their power. At a whim they could create entire races of intelligent beings, reshape continents, and turn beans into peas.

The draconians were never numerous and mostly wiped each other out in a series of wars. If any now exist they are well-hidden and do not interact with the modern world.

Their legacy however lives on. Faestir legends (which they insist is history) claim that their race was created by a draconian known as Bahamut, and that their former homeland was conquered by kobolds led by an insane draconian known as Tiamat.

Reliable information on the draconians is scarce. Most of it is culled from various myths and legends. Most of that would be dismissed as absurd, except for the fact that the reports are consistent across all cultures and races. The draconians were clearly skilled shape-shifters in addition to their other talents. They take many forms in the legends, ranging from gigantic dragons, to powerful and beautiful reptilian humanoids, to impersonating the loved ones of various servants and enemies. Reports of an impressive shadow, aura or emotional reaction, unique to each draconian, accompany many of the descriptions.

Rumors of lost draconian lairs (and maps leading to same) can be had for inflated prices in most major cities. Considering the impact such a discovery would make and the lack of same it is safe to conclude that either these maps are fraudulent, or the lairs are very well protected.


Not much is currently known about the Draconian faith.

The Scaled Court of Nine[edit]

According to Faestir records of ancient history (who are really the only source to go on) the Court of Nine was a collection of the most prominent, powerful, and most influential individuals in Draconian society. Nine mages, sorcerers and wizards of terrific power.

  • San-Saragoth- Originally the leader of the nine. When he opposed Tiamat's magical corruption, he was assassinated. Bahamut inherited his position as leader.
  • Bahamut- Creator of the Faestir race. He was allegedly the wisest, strongest and noblest of the draconians, though this information comes from the Faestir, who may be somewhat biased.
  • Belial- A powerful political figure in the draconian empire akin to a baron or knight. Known in legend for being proud almost to a fault, and for encouraging a decadent lifestyle. He was eventually destroyed, but not entirely killed. Fragments of his soul are said to have become the Nidhogr.
  • Naga- Very little is known about this figure but for the title "Persecutor of all Creatures." She is often seen as a twister of form and of life, suggesting that she may have been some kind of arcane scientist, and that she in fact created the kobolds. She is best known, however, as the creator of Heloraen Vosilea.
  • Tiamat- Rival of Bahamut. According to the Faestir she betrayed several members of the Scaled Court and murdered them in an effort to absorb their souls for greater power. She was unable to control the power she absorbed and was driven insane, taking their heads on her shoulders and developing multiple personalities.
  • Quetzal- The high priest of the main religious temple. Faestir legends depict him as a wise old man, a harsh teacher of the faith. Some suggest that the Toltecatl have an artifact of his in Rs.
  • Smaug- Best known for killing some dwarves and taking their Fortress. He was the son of Glaurung.
  • Grendel- The verse before? Have some more.
  • Glaurung- Legends of this figure are contradictory and confused, though many indicate that he was a friend of Belial.
  • Avaira- Racial legends agree on little but her name. She was a member of the Nine for only a short time, as she was appointed after the death of San-Saragoth, to bring the number back up to nine. She was killed by Tiamat soon after.

According to Faestir records (always to be considered with skepticism) and the legends of other races, Tiamat grew jealous of Bahamut. She betrayed the Scaled Court and slew many of them in an effort to absorb their power. This she accomplished, at the price of her own sanity. The destruction of the Scaled Court marked the end of the draconians as their government was shattered and the survivors (allegedly) increasingly preyed upon each other in a quest for power.

Draconian Creations[edit]

  • The Faestir race claims to have been created by the draconians.
  • Scholars have long sought to tie the lizardfolk to the draconians, but no hard evidence has been found. Lizardfolk society, dominated by their god of PROGRESS!, has no interest in their past and they claim they have no records on the matter.
  • Wyrms (aka Dragons, Wild Dragons or Feral Dragons) are believed to be a servitor creation of the draconians. This is not confirmed as wyrms have left nothing but devastation in their wake and efforts regarding them are focused on survival, not investigation.
  • Kobolds were at one point known as Tiamat's Wrath and were ruled by her. Whether they were created or modified by the draconians is unclear, but that race still fears reptiles and the number five as a result of her domination.
  • Heloraen Vosilea (The Water Forest) is said by the Faestir to be the creation of Naga, who survived the slaughter of the Scaled Court by Tiamat and fled north. Their historians say that the wild, sub-arctic jungle is a byproduct of her experiments and that she taught the elves the secrets of life-shaping. The Vanawil government denies this and claim they invented life-shaping on their own. But there are no records of them investigating the enigma of the northern jungle on their border, though they have shown special interest in the universally unsuccessful expeditions that have tried to reach the heart of the Water Forest.

Game Advice[edit]

Players: No. You can't play a draconian. It would be like dropping an Exalted Solar into a first-level D&D party. GMs: Don't use draconians to dick with your players. One Elminster is enough for the entire industry.