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Dwarves are stout folks from Everoc who live in vast subterranean fortresses. They tend to speak rarely, and generally have iron on them. They are commonly found with beards, and love to make forge things.


Dwarf Fortresses are what the dwarves of Everoc are best known for. Their entrances often sport magma moats or waterfalls, passed by retracting bridges, and they use complex traps, killing any invader in inventive and excruciating torment. Of course, these defenses are largely unnecessary, because very few people are stupid enough to assault a dwarven fortress.

Despite the impressiveness of the above-ground fortresses, the bulk of dwarven fortresses are underground. Immense dining halls, each filled with engravings and statues, endless tunnels lined with identical cells, and twisting catacombs for those dwarves who have perished run abreast with magma channels for the forges and water for the wells, and mined-out veins of ore only complicate the subterranean landscape.


Dwarves always have iron on their person, and it plays heavily in their religious teaching. Iron is believed to protect and defend dwarves and their fortresses from evil outside influences, and is thought to be the best way to kill the vile animals which plague Everoc.


The word for a dwarf, in the dorfish tongue, is "Dorf". The commonly used pronunciation is derived from the elven "Dwarvis" meaning "short person." It is close enough in pronunciation that dwarves rarely take issue with it, and most humans are unaware that it is not actually the correct term.