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Once upon a time, there was only one race of elves. They existed a long-ass time ago, back when there were Draconians. When the Draconians were going overboard with their magic, the leaders of each of the great clans of elves got together, and talked about what to do. Unfortunately, no consensus could be reached, and after leaving, each group of elves followed the strategy they had espoused in the discussions. One group of elves built great flying cities, kept aloft by great magics. These clans became known as the Caele, which is the Elvish word for a bird. The great magic in their cities bleached them white, and they waited above the world. The second group receded to the forests, and built great fortified cities, and strove for perfection in all that they did. They became known as the Sidhe, which is an old elvish word for a tight-ass. They used magic, but were not saturated with it, and so they remain grey in tone. The third group of clans receded further away from the Draconian empires, and set great wards to protect themselves from any magic. They were called the Wila, and old elvish word meaning mundane.