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This is the timeline of the Unified Setting of /tg/. It is divided into periods based roughly on how long Events are to be added as they are agreed upon. Some events may be missing.

Age of the Draconians[edit]

Thousands of years ago

  • Gods create the Draconian race.
  • Draconians advance in magical capacity, and build a vast magical empire
  • Some of the lesser races begin to establish civilizations
  • Draconians discover existence of the Gentry. The war begins.
  • Corgyn race created by the Gentry.
  • Elven civilization rises.
  • Draconians create necromancy as a weapon for dealing with Gentry.
  • Gentry becomes bored and the war ends. Draconians proclaim themselves victorious.
  • The Scaled Court descends into madness.

Ageless Years[edit]

  • Bahamut wars with other Draconian sorcerers.
  • Draconian Bahamut creates Reis, the first of the Faestir.
  • Elves split into the Sidhe, Caele, and Wila.
  • Vaess uth Bahamut created as elite troops.
  • End of the Draconians. Many were presumably killed by Vaess uth Bahamut.
  • Reis and the surviving Faestir leave the Bahamut's camp and travel into the desert to the northwest. Leviathan creates Opossokarthel for them.

Age of the Three Empires[edit]

  • The Goblins, Sidhe, and Faestir expand their holdings.
  • Things are good for those three, other races are mostly subjugated or barbarians

Second Ageless Years/Age of Nations[edit]

  • Year zero. The Big Fuckup occurs.
    • Goblin civilization devastated by necromantic disaster. Homeland sinks beneath the waves in the Sea of Ghosts.
    • Necrostorms unleashed.
    • Water level drastically raised, flooding coastlines and creating the swamps of Vekshimar Uresh, Jiar-Jia, and the Dead Swamp.
    • Caele flying cities crash and burn.
  • Naga creates Heloraen Vosilea.
  • Kobold horde, under the direction of Tiamat, destroys Opossokarthel. Less than a thousand survivors abandon their desert home to the Kobolds.
  • Bejwaere established.
  • Tiamat abandons Kobolds, who split up into numerous camps. Each with a terrible fear of anything draconian.
  • 1532: Ambitious Gorgossan warlord invades Baetica, thinking them soft and weak. He is partially correct as the king and noble army are easily defeated, but Baetican clerks and peasantry step up and slow invasion to a crawl. Internal politics and threat of Vyntril joining the war force a Gorgossan withdrawal. Baetican clerks and peasants stay in power with tame nobility rubber-stamping their decisions.
  • 1552: Achaen king dies without clear heir. Vyntril and Gorgossa both lay claim to the kingdom. War of Achaen Succession triggers conflicts across Solaris.
  • 1573: Treaty of Federation ends Solaris conflicts. Solus emerges as the dominant power and forms the Federated Kingdoms of Solaris. Vyntril and Gorgossa forced to join at swordpoint. Other nations either allied with Solus or eager for conflict to end. A new age (for humans at least) of exploration, colonization and conquest begins.
  • 1590 to 1610: Golden Age of Human Exploration. Economic boom caused by peace and increased trade channeled into overseas trade, exploration and colonization. Engelhafen freeport founded in Everoc.
  • 1618: Humans "discover" Lindwurm, but do not claim it after objections from other powers.
  • 1653: General Rain unites the Silvoran banner.
  • 1654: The West Fofin Slaughter occurs.
  • 1670: General Rain vanishes after thirty years of rule. Sergal expansion ends.
  • 1718: Vyntril Revolution. A corrupt Oligarchy is replaced with a truer and more open form of democracy.
  • 1747: Osroene achieves independence.
  • 1752: Current day